Brothers: 7. Chapter Seven

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7. Chapter Seven

***Melkor’s POV

Is he safe?

My little lover- did he escape?

What do you mean, you have already told me!

I bade him hide, and this he did, under my very feet, under your very noses!

My gilt angel, cringing in terror, and swollen with courage, all at once, under me- as your foul host came and pursued us into the heart of our home.

He would have stayed with me, Manwë.

But I did not allow it.

Did you harm him?

Terrible will be my anger and vengeance, if you did!

Answer me!

Eonwë spared him? Good. And he fled? Ah, my heart finds joy at that.

Perhaps he will make you suffer for your crimes.

No, I do not remember what you said last.

This living death is very bad for the memory.

He watched as my feet were nearly hewn off by your lackeys. I wonder if the blood dripped onto his sweet face- he was watching through the latticework, underneath. I assume it did. It flowed quite copiously!

Did he lick it up, my last taste of myself that I could give him?

If I know my flame, he did just that. Rub it on his cock, crimson orgasm with my life fluid, moisten a long finger with it and…

Ah, how appalled you look, brother!

It amuses me.

I glanced back at him- just once- as your filth began to drag me away in chains.

Wide, scared blue eyes, twinned sapphire embers, out of the darkness.

I will tell you something: he will run you all to ground.

I will tell you something else: do you know, he used to devour my cock till he choked? Yes, choked! Could not get enough of it. But it was alright, because I saved him from that. I spared him such a glorious death. I only had to flip him onto his long back, and open those golden thighs, and…

Why do you give me that look?

It is nothing I have not done to you. In more ways than one. Yes, I have raped and ravished and forced my cock into your whole precious Arda, now!

And her maidenhead is gone, now, ripped open, forever bleeding in the dust, left to die like a spent whore.

Always, my seed in her gaping mouth!

Arda, my whore, the receptacle for my oozing flood, after she turned away, and set a cold eye on me.

All faithless whores die in the dust.

But back to my little Maia.

Let me tell you something no one else knows: when I laid into him the very deepest, and hardest, he would scream so loudly the very walls of my Keep would rattle!

I do not care if you do not want to hear this. You came to me. Why are you here, Manwë? Do you want me to do it to you?

I will gladly make you scream.

I can think of no one I would rather hear scream, than you.

What do you want, why did you wake me?

Ah, so that’s it.

Do they know you come here, and put your treacherous and lustful hands on me like this? Consorting with your ach-enemy!

Can you not find anyone else to rut? What would the little Varda Star-Lady say, if she saw you on your knees, licking my cock, brother?

It hurt you when Namo killed me, didn’t it? I saw the look on your face.

How I enjoyed that look.

I may as well tell you, I made a great show of it, so you would feel the most grief and agony over it.

Did you like my writhing, and the blood spewing? I did that at will, my beloved brother.

Namo’s sword thrust was sure and true, and I was fighting to stay in that body, to give you a wonderful spectacle. I knew it would haunt you!

No, I was dying the moment the sword went in. My heart was cleaved in two, and the body began to loosen its hold on my spirit immediately. I could have gone very swiftly.

But I strove mightily against release, yes, all for you, Manwe!

I wanted you to remember it, for a very long time.

Filthy little kinslayer!

Take it all down, you faithless creature, make amends as you may.

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