Annals of the Dúnedain - Of House Halvarís: 3. Of the Children of Rían

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3. Of the Children of Rían

Of the Children of Rían

The baby Halvarís was born to Rían in the evening of the first day of Víressë of the year 1941 of the third age. Kallam had just barely arrived from his duty in Gondor to hear the wail of the newborn son. Halvarís was the firstborn of Kallam though some said he was born early. But he was healthy and fully grown newborn, and it was rumored among the elder womens gossip that Kallam had taken Rían before their marriage. No thought or account was given to the Celebration of Captains ceremony and banquet of Midsummer's Eve the year before. Lady Rían's interest and time early on at the ball with a young lieutenent commander named Silvanís was not reckoned with, for he had left that banquet after a very public confrontation with Hollinstad, Rían's father, who had expressed his desire for his eldest daughter to accompany the Captain of the King's Guard, Kallam. Rían had argued with her father, and wished to leave with Silvanís, but adhered to her father's wishes so as not to further embarrass him further. She remained at the banquet and ceremony in the company of Kallam for the remainder of the evening until King Araphant & Prince Arvedui summoned Hollinstadt and Kallam to a private chamber to discuss that which Kallam was sent to Gondor for. Rían took leave of Kallam and her father, saying she was tired and was returning to her chambers for the night. Nobody but her sister Ráinna knew that Rían had slipped away later that Midsummer's Eve, for she had awakened to her returning in the early morning hours.

In the fall of 1942, Rían bore Rénnia, firstborn daughter. In the fall of 1947, their second daughter, Kéllia was born. It was not until the year of 1956 did Rían give birth to Sirionna, their third daughter. Kallam loved his wife and children greatly, and for her part she loved her husband to a degree. Though she loved her daughters very much, Rían did not look at them the way she looked at her son Halvarís. A sparkle in her eye could seemingly be noticed when she would look upon him where only a fondness could be seen when she looked upon her daughters. It was though her eyes held both a deep longing and a deep sadness in the love they poured upon him. It was the only outward sign Rían ever gave differently to Halvarís than the other children. To all other eyes he was Kallam's son, and Rían would hope to die with the secret inside her.... the knowledge that Halvarís was Silvanís's son!

Kallam would always favor Halvarís, his firstborn and only son. Halvarís grew up his father's son, but he would always take time each day to sit and talk with his mother and sisters. He was well learned in lore and elven scripts, but became well skilled in battle tactics using sword and knife. He would be a Guardsman to the King like his father. While Rían was with Sirionna in the weeks before her birth, a dream came to her that spoke of dark days and terror. It was a jumble of scenes in her head, and it ended with a vision of a woman strange coming to her. Almost all she knew was gone, but this woman was with child. It then faded to two soldiers tall and grim in battle, then blood and ice. The first soldier fell and the blood was his. The second did not fall, but he sank out of sight in a field of ice. Rían awoke in a chill, and the maidens tending her wrapped her on blankets and calmed her. Shaken, Rían slowed her breathing, Halvarís and Kallam came into her room in concern, and Rían looked deep into each of their eyes. She could not say what she saw as the knowledge of the visions quickly faded deep into her mind, but for some reason Rían knew that the line of Silvanís would endure while the line of Kallam would not.

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