Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice: 57. Epilogue

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57. Epilogue


The people, gathered around the White Tree, fanned out to the very edges of the escarpment, and waited in silence.

Their King, Elessar Telcontar, stood on the steps of the Tower. He was clad in black mail girt with silver, and he wore a long mantle of pure white clasped at the throat with a great jewel of green that shone from afar. Upon his head lay the ancient crown, shaped like the helms of the Guards of the Citadel, save that it was loftier. It was all white, and the wings at either side were wrought of pearl and silver in the likeness of the wings of a sea-bird, for it was the emblem of Kings who came over the Sea. Seven gems of adamant were set in the circlet, and upon its summit was set a single jewel the light of which went up like a flame. Tall as the sea-kings of old, Elessar stood, a light about him.

Next to him, the banner of the Tree of Gondor and the Seven Stars and Crown of Elendil waved in the breeze. On the King's right side stood Mithrandir, dressed all in white. On Elessar's left stood the Steward of Gondor, Faramir of the House of Húrin. Still garbed in the colors of the forest, his tunic displayed the White Tree. He held the Rod in his right hand. Standing on the steps on either side were the Halflings. Frodo and Sam, Merry and Pippin, garbed in finery, yet with no shoes upon their feet. Legolas and Gimli stood, side by side, behind Frodo and Sam.

Elessar began: "Today we look forward, to Gondor's future, and the future of Men, Elves, and Dwarves. And," he smiled down fondly upon the four before him, "Hobbits." They stirred and the crowd burst into applause. Elessar waited.

When the cacophony quieted, he spoke further. "It is customary, at the turning of the year, for the Lords of Gondor to meet and remember those who have fallen. However, I deem it impossible to begin rebuilding our city until we have remembered the valiant dead who have made this day possible. Therefore, I proclaim this day our Day of Remembrance.

One bell, the highest placed in all of Gondor, tolled out. The people bowed their heads.

Elessar began the litany of names.

The King's voice droned on………….. and the bell echoed each name.

Théodred and those of his Éored
Déorwine and his Six Knights
The King's voice droned on… and the bell echoed each name.

Dunedain of the North:

And the King's voice droned on long into the night… The bell echoed each name.

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