Rangers and Pirates: 8. The chase, fight and capture

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8. The chase, fight and capture

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 8

The chase, fight and capture

Aragorn glared out of the corner of his eye at Gibbs as the older pirate helped load the cannons with silverware and various odds and ends. He smirked when the man's whiskey flask was taken from him and shoved into the cannon. Valar, he'll go into a depression without that thing.

Gibbs was on his way back up when he noticed Aragorn sitting in the corner, giving him the mother of all death glares. He cautiously approached the ranger, suddenly aware that the boy had reflexes that seemed too fast for any man to possess, and he wasn't about to be caught off guard as Will had been. Aragorn looked as cold and hard as stone, his eyes full of hate and despair, while his voice held an edge that had never before been present.

"What do you want?"

Gibbs watched the boy and sighing, placed his hands on his hips. "We need every man's help Strider."

Aragorn laughed sarcastically, and informed the pirate that since he had 'lost his mind' he was unable to fight.

"Lower the anchor on the right side, on the starboard side!" Elizabeth called. Ana Maria just stared at Elizabeth, while Will agreed with her, saying it was an element of surprise.

"You're daft lady! You both are!"

Gibbs had returned from his conversation with Aragorn and he agreed with Will and Elizabeth. "Daft like Jack!" He turned to the crew. "Lower the starboard anchor!" The crew just stared at him. "Do it ye dogs, or it's you we'll load into the cannons!"

The crew did as they were told, and lowered the anchor over the starboard side, cracking the wood somewhat when it caught and the line went tight. At this, Elizabeth ordered Ana Maria to let go of the wheel. Letting go, she watched as the wheel spun around out of control and the Interceptor began to make a full turn around to face the quickly approaching Black Pearl.

Aragorn hopped up from his seat and watched through a peephole as the Black Pearl came up alongside the Interceptor with both crews yelling at each other. He turned and looked at the faces of some of the men who were down with him and sighed. It was easy to say he didn't care about the outcome, but the fact was, he did.

Returning to his seat, he grabbed his sword, along with his bow and quiver and headed up to join the fight that was about to begin. He had just made it up to the deck when he heard both Barbossa and Elizabeth give the order to fire the cannons and swayed somewhat at the sudden jerking caused by the cannon fire.

Legolas opened the door to his chamber. "Took you long enough!"

Elrohir ran in holding a spell book in his right hand and eight small white candles in the other. "I'm sorry, I had to wait until they all went to help Elladan with his 'dislocated' shoulder."

Legolas chuckled. "He popped his shoulder out again?" Elrohir nodded and laughed at his twin. Elladan, oddly enough, was double jointed in his shoulder, and every time the twins needed to distract someone, the elder twin would pop his shoulder out of place. Legolas couldn't understand why the twin's father hadn't caught onto the trick after more than a thousand years.

"Yes, right now he is being led into the healing quarter moaning and wailing."

Legolas shook his head. He could just imagine the scene being created by the eldest son of Elrond.

A sudden shriek filtered through the halls of the palace. Elrohir smiled wickedly at the fair-haired prince. "I think they just fixed his shoulder."

Jack ducked as a hole was blasted through the side of the ship. "STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!" He frowned as he looked around at the various odds and ends scattered around his cell. Suddenly he spotted Gibbs' whiskey flask. Grabbing it he uncorked it and brought it to his mouth, intending to chug down the liquid, only to find it was empty.

Looking up at the cell door, his eyes widened. He stood and went to the door, and pushed it open. The last cannon shot had blown right through the lock on the door.

Gibbs looked down at Elizabeth, who was trying to reload a musket. "We could use a few more ideas, lass."

Elizabeth shook her head and informed them that it was their turn to come up with a plan. Suddenly, Ana Maria grabbed her and pointed her pistol at Elizabeth's head. "We'll give them her!"

Will's face turned grim. "She's not what they're after."

Elizabeth turned to Will when she realized she was no longer wearing the medallion. "Will, the medallion!" Will's eyes went wide when he remembered that he had left it on the table after he took it away from Aragorn. In a panic he left them to go and retrieve it.

Aragorn brought his knee up into a pirate's groin, then slammed the hilt of his sword down on his head when he doubled over, knocking him unconscious. He was trying to make his way over to where Elizabeth was, but at this rate, he was never going to get there.

He had just beheaded another pirate when a third came up next to him and slammed his elbow into Aragorn's nose with a sickening crunch. Crying out, Aragorn stumbled back, with one hand still holding his sword and the other clasped over his heavily bleeding nose. He recognized the pirate now standing in front of him, who was now grinning broadly at his handy work. "That was for the first time you killed me!"

Aragorn grumbled a dwarfish curse and rolled his eyes as the pirate advanced towards him with a pistol aimed at his head. Aragorn began backing away, when suddenly the pirate's eyes went wide and he fell to the ground with a sword protruding from his back. Aragorn looked up and was surprised to see Will nod at him with a small smile on his face before running off to try and retrieve the medallion.

Aragorn shook his head and continued to make his way towards Elizabeth, trying to figure out if Will really did hate him, or if the blacksmith just enjoyed being a pain in the ass.

Jack made his way up to the main deck and headed over to the railing, retrieving a swing line from another pirate. "Thanks very much."

Wrapping the rope around his hands, he swung over to the Interceptor and ended up landing by Gibbs who yelled his name in surprise. Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out the whiskey flask, handing it back to the other man. "Bloody empty!"

Jack sank down next to Elizabeth. "Where is the medallion?" Elizabeth pretended to toss the medallion, telling him to fetch it when he caught her hand, noticing the bandage. "Ah, where's dear William?"

Elizabeth looked past him and saw that the door to the lower deck was now pinned shut because of the mast that had fallen, along with several other pieces of debris. Calling out Will's name, she got up, pushing past Jack and made her way to the door.


Jack stood up and came face to face with Aragorn, who was looking much the way he had when the pirate had first found him. He had blood running down his chin and neck from his nose, and bruises were starting to form around both of his eyes because his nose had been hit so hard. "Come to drug me again, Strider?"

Aragorn lowered his eyes. "No, I am sorry Jack."

Jack's eyes grew huge and he pointed behind Aragorn, yelling, "Monkey!" Aragorn watched as he ran off and realized that the monkey had the medallion and was taking it over to Barbossa. Not hesitating a second longer he ran after Jack.

Elizabeth looked through the grated door and to her horror found Will trapped below, with the quickly rising water. He called out her name as she moved away and tried to move the planks of wood out of the way, but to no avail. "I can't move it!"

She was suddenly grabbed from behind and one of Barbossa's crew began pulling her way. "WILL!"

Will hung onto the grating, watching as she was dragged away. "Elizabeth!"

Jack lunged, trying to catch the monkey, but missed, and watched as he ran up to Barbossa and handed him the medallion.

Barbossa looked down at Jack. "Why thank ye, Jack."

Jack half-heartedly smiled. "You're welcome."

"Not you, we named the monkey Jack."

Barbossa cast a dirty look past Jack at Aragorn, who now wore a look of defeat on his face, replacing his determined look that had been there only moments ago. Barbossa smiled as he turned from the two and held up the medallion. "Gents, our hope is restored!"

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