Rangers and Pirates: 14. There and Back Again

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14. There and Back Again

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 14

Elizabeth and Will stood side by side and looked between the skeletal versions of Jack and Aragorn with shock and uncertainty. Elizabeth glanced over at Will. "Whose side are they on?"

Will, who was still staring at the two, shrugged his shoulders. "At the moment."

Frowning, he watched as Elizabeth ran back a little ways and grabbed something out of the shadows. She began making her way to the ranger and elf. Legolas was forced to jump back out of the way as Jack went speeding by him with a very pissed off Barbossa right on his heels.

"Sorry!" Jack called to Legolas in apology as he nearly slammed into the elf again.

"Are you all right?"

Legolas turned his attention back to Aragorn, who had made his way over to where he had left the elf prince. Aragorn frowned as he noticed that Legolas was still shaken up, and rather pale, even for an elf. "Aragorn, what is going on? How can you be cursed?"

Aragorn shook his head. How was he supposed to explain this turn of events to his friend when even he didn't understand it? He was saved from having to come up with an explanation by Elizabeth, who came running up to him, holding out his bow, quiver, and sword. "How did you get these? They were still on the Pearl." he asked her in shock as he took them from her.

Elizabeth just shrugged. "I went back to the Pearl to try to find help, but the bloody pirates decided to stick to the Code, so the only things I could get together from the Pearl were your weapons."

Aragorn smiled and nodded in thanks as Elizabeth turned and made her way back over to Will, who was taking on three pirates single-handedly and actually doing a good job of it. Aragorn grinned broadly as he fastened his sword-belt and sheath around his waist, and was about to do the same with his quiver when he noticed Legolas staring at him with puppy dog eyes. That was when the ranger remembered that Norrington's men had taken Legolas' weapons and they had not been returned to the elf.

"Here, go and enjoy yourself." Legolas looked like a little kid on Christmas morning as he ditched his sword and took his friend's bow and quiver. Aragorn chuckled as he watched the elf take off, firing arrows (which of course hit their targets true) as he went. Legolas was so happy to be rid of his sword that Aragorn was surprised he wasn't skipping as he went. Do elves skip? I don't believe I've ever witnessed that. Aragorn was drawn from his thoughts by one of the three pirates Will had been fighting protesting that something wasn't fair before all three of them blew up. The explosion sent gold and gems flying everywhere as Will dove out of the way of the blast.


Turning in Jack's direction, he watched as Jack cut his palm with his sword and then bled on his coin. Aragorn figured that he was supposed to do the same, so he mimicked Jack's actions and then handed his coin off to Will as the blacksmith went running past, followed by Elizabeth. He started to follow as well, but came skidding to a halt behind Elizabeth when Barbossa suddenly pulled out his pistol and aimed it in their direction.

Aragorn felt his heart begin to race as he heard the pistol go off. Both he and Elizabeth stared wide-eyed at the pirate, but then when nothing happened, they came to the realization that it wasn't Barbossa's pistol that had gone off.

Barbossa looked down at his chest and then at Jack, who was standing a few feet away, his pistol smoking. "Ten years you carry that pistol and now you waste your shot."

"He didn't waste it." Will said in response to Barbossa. The pirate turned around to see Will standing on the top of the mound of gold, his closed hand held over the open chest of cursed gold. As Barbossa watched, the blacksmith opened his hand and three blood covered coins, Jack's, Aragorn's, and his own, dropped into the chest.

Legolas came up to Aragorn and watched as Barbossa pulled his jacket open, staring down at the hole in his chest right over his heart. As they all watched, blood began to leak from the wound. Barbossa looked up at Jack. "I feel.cold."

With that, the pirate collapsed to the ground, coming to rest on the pile of gold that he and his men had been hoarding for ten years. His left hand opened, and an apple fell out, landing in the water with a small splash.

Legolas sighed and shook his head, before beginning to walk over to Jack's side, following Aragorn. A golden flash caught his eye as he came abreast of Barbossa's body. Leaning over, he retrieved the dagger that the pirate had been about to use to cut Will's throat. He examined it, and with a small smile creeping over his face, found that it was identical to the one he had used and needed to perform the spell to return him and Aragorn to Middle-Earth. He stuck the dagger and sheath into his boot, and then joined Aragorn, who was standing about five feet away from Will and Elizabeth.

Will and Elizabeth looked at each other with sadness reflecting in both their eyes. A crash sounded from further in the cave as Jack tossed a piece of the treasure that he didn't want into another pile. Elizabeth finally broke the uncomfortable silence. "We should return to the Dauntless."

Will nodded with a look of betrayal spreading across his face. "Your fiancé will be wanting to know you are safe."

Aragorn and Legolas both frowned at Elizabeth as she moved past them. Neither one could believe that after everything Will had done for her; she was still going to marry Norrington. He's better off without her, was Aragorn's thought on the matter.

Out of nowhere, Aragorn heard Legolas chuckle slightly. Looking around to see what the elf was laughing at, he saw Jack, arms laden full of treasure, with a crown perched on his head, walk over to Will. The pirate looked at Will. "If you were waiting for the opportune moment.that was it."

Jack then walked over to Aragorn and looked him up and down. "You're missing something, mate." The pirate dug through the pile of treasure in his arms and pulled out a second crown.

Aragorn narrowed his eyes, trying to warn the pirate with his gaze. He'd better not stick that thing on my head. Jack apparently didn't see, or chose to ignore, the look Aragorn was giving him and sure enough, placed the elaborate white and yellow gold crown on the ranger's head.

Stepping back a few paces, he cocked his head to the side and looked Aragorn up and down again. "It's a fittin' look for you mate; well you know, since you are a king." he turned away from Aragorn. ".now if you'll be so kind, I'll be much obliged if you'd drop me at my ship."

Legolas chuckled again as Aragorn continued to glare at the retreating pirate, while Will was now pestering them all about whether or not Strider really was a king. Aragorn grabbed the crown off his head and then, much to Will's amusement, chucked it at the back of Jack's head. The crown sailed through the air and hit the pirate perfectly. Will doubled over laughing as Jack began scrambling around to gather up the trinkets that he had dropped when the crown hit his head. Thankfully, Aragorn hadn't thrown the crown very hard, so Jack didn't get any injury from the crown.

Legolas laughed and informed his friend that he was hopeless as he jogged over to Jack to make absolutely certain that the pirate was fine, while Aragorn joined in on Will's uncontrolled laughter. "Jack, are you okay?"

Jack looked up to see the elf, and then over his shoulder. "I'm glad to see those two have finally bonded."

Legolas frowned slightly. "Jack, in case you didn't get it the other night, Aragorn isn't exactly proud of his heritage and tries to keep it quiet."

Jack sighed, realizing that he had maybe gone too far. He prepared himself to receive a lecture from Legolas, who instead just patted him on the shoulder and handed him the last of his treasure. "Let's get you to your ship before it's too late, mellon nin."

Legolas and Aragorn both rolled their eyes as Will ran through the events that had been unfolding in Middle-Earth and where they were now and tried to piece them together, for the eight time in a row. Legolas didn't really mind his double, he had certainly taken to the whole elf thing a lot quicker than Elizabeth (although not by much) and it wasn't hard to figure out that Will was a good man. He had a good heart, but he was just too suspicious of people.

The questions came to a halt as they exited the cave, only to find that the Black Pearl and its crew had sailed away, leaving Jack behind. Legolas laid a hand on the pirate's shoulder in sympathy as Elizabeth expressed hers. "I'm sorry, Jack."

Jack remained unmoving as he continued to stare off into the distance. "They done what's right by them; can't expect any more than that."

Will lowered his eyes and shook his head, while Aragorn voiced what they were all thinking. "They are stupid pirates and it's a stupid code!"

Aragorn pulled Legolas off to the opposite side of the room and slipped into the elven tongue. "Let's bring Jack back with us. Norrington will kill him if he stays here."

Legolas, once again wearing the black robe he had arrived in, looked back at Jack, who was lighting the candles they had found with Elizabeth, while Will watched the door. Having no other choice, they had gone back to the Dauntless, where Norrington had lectured Will and informed Legolas, Jack, and Aragorn that they should start contemplating, 'silent as the grave'.

Not long after this, the four were dragged down to the room that all of them except for Will had occupied earlier, where they decided that they sooner Aragorn and Legolas returned to Middle-Earth, the better.

"I know, but I don't think Gandalf will appreciate us bringing him back.besides, do you think he would even go?" Legolas asked.

Aragorn shrugged. "We'll never know unless we ask.I can't just leave him behind."

Legolas nodded. "I know." Turning from Aragorn he made his way over to Jack and asked him to go with them.

Jack was surprised by the elf's question and was very tempted to take him up on the offer. After all, the governor had already pardoned Will, and of course nothing was going to be done to Elizabeth, but he was still doomed to be hung when they returned to Port Royal. But then he started to have second thoughts. He knew that he would be staying with Legolas, or more than likely, Aragorn, and even though the ranger's elven brothers seemed like a world of fun he would always feel out of place living among elves. Besides, the life of a ranger most certainly didn't appeal to him. He looked past Legolas to Aragorn, whose face was full of pleading, and slowly shook his head no.

"It's a generous offer, but I would never be happy there, much like you two would never be happy here." Legolas nodded in understanding. This was the answer he had been expecting. He would have been very surprised if the pirate had accepted his offer.

"But you are fated to die here!" Aragorn protested in distress. After everything that they had been through he considered Jack a good friend, and he couldn't just go home knowing and living with the fact that Jack was going to be killed.

Jack smiled slightly and pushed past Legolas, making his way over to Aragorn. Once he stood in front of the ranger, he placed one hand on each of the ranger's shoulders and forced Aragorn to look into his eyes. "We both have fates awaiting us Estel."

Jack grinned broadly when Aragorn responded to him fully at the use of his elvish name. ".it just comes down to what a man can and cannot do. For instance, I have accepted that even though I don't like it, I am fated to die. But you still have to decide what you can and cannot accept. Like, for instance, accepting whatever was in the past and becoming king, or not and sticking to the path you are on now."

Jack paused as Aragorn cast a nasty look in Legolas' direction. Obviously the ranger had figured out what the two had been chatting about on the 'great candle search'. ".you're a good man Aragorn, and your destiny is your own."

Aragorn sighed. He knew Jack was right and he hated accepting Jack's fate. But what he hated most was that Jack was right about him, but he still didn't know what he could accept. He voiced that to the older man standing in front of him.

Jack just smiled. "You'll figure it out for yourself soon enough."

Aragorn smiled slightly at Jack, who pulled him into an embrace and wished him the best of luck before he stepped away from him and went to join Will by the door.

"Are you ready Estel?"

Aragorn nodded yes to Legolas, and then made his way over to the circle of candles and suddenly froze as his foresight kicked in. When his eyes were no longer glassy, he smiled and looked to where Jack stood with Will.

"Elen sila lumen omentilmo mellon nin {A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting my friend}." With that, Aragorn turned his attention to the spell. "Tonight I consciously leave my body."

Elrond still occupied the chair next to his son's bed. It had been three days since Legolas had jumped into Aragorn's dream, and both he and Thranduil were beginning to fear more than ever that they were both lost forever, since there had been no change. The Lord of Rivendell had been slipping in and out of uneasy sleep, and he often dreamed of Aragorn's waking, so when he heard his son call his name, he dismissed it as still being one of his dreams.

Elrond's eyes widened when he felt Aragorn gently squeeze his hand, and saw that his eyes were open and alert. "Estel?!"

Elrond sat down on the bed next to Aragorn and pulled the young human into his arms, giving him a tight embrace which Aragorn returned. The elf lord pulled back from his son and looked him over. His skin suddenly looked more bronzed than it had only a minute ago, and he also noticed that Aragorn's clothes, hair, and skin all smelled of the sea. "Estel what happened?"

Aragorn cringed somewhat, then laughed lightly. "It's a rather long story, and I may need Legolas' help with the end." Aragorn nodded to Legolas, who still sat cross-legged on the floor, but was looking around the room and taking in his surroundings instead of staring off blankly into space.

"Welcome back Legolas."

Legolas smiled broadly at Elrond until the elf lord announced that he was going to go and find Thranduil and Gandalf so that they could tell their story. Legolas groaned and tried to get up, but soon discovered that after three days of sitting on the floor in the position he was in had caused his legs to go completely numb.

"Ummm.Aragorn? Do you think you can help me up?" Aragorn laughed as he slipped off the side of the bed and began trying to pull the numb-legged elf to his feet. After a few minutes, Aragorn gave up and plopped down on the floor next to his friend.

"I think you're going to be stuck in that spot forever."

"Well, after my father hears our tale of monster pirates I am never going to be leaving this palace again!" Legolas said with a sigh.

Aragorn couldn't help himself as he started laughing. Seeing an almost three thousand year old elf worried about being grounded was just too funny.

Legolas grumbled at his friend. "What are you laughing about? Do you think your father's going to be any happier?"

Aragorn just smiled. "We'll soon find out."

Two weeks later.

Aragorn scooted closer to the fire to try and chase off the chill that had invaded his body. He smiled when Legolas came to sit down next to him.

"Are you ever going to tell me what your foresight showed you?" Legolas asked, referring to their last moments in the Caribbean when Aragorn's foresight had triggered.

Aragorn just smiled and stared into the fire. It had been well over a week since he and Legolas had awoken from their 'dream'. Elrond had traveled back to Rivendell accompanied by Gandalf a few days before the twins and Aragorn had decided to take their leave of Mirkwood. To their delight, Legolas had been given permission to come and spend the winter in Rivendell.

"Well." Legolas asked when Aragorn didn't answer him.

"All right you pushy elf, I believe we're going to be seeing our dear pirate friends at least one more time."

Legolas just looked at his friend. "Are you sure?"

Aragorn yawned and lay down on his bedroll. "Well, we'll know soon enough."

Legolas shook his head and lay down next to Aragorn. Valar, please let him be wrong.


Aragorn grumbled and pulled his blanket over his head. He really wasn't a morning person. "Give me five more minutes Legolas, please."

"Umm Aragorn, I'm not Legolas."

Aragorn's eyes snapped open. He rolled onto his back and came face to face with Will. The ranger jumped to his feet. "Shit!" Looking around, he realized that he was back in the blacksmith shed in Port Royal.

"Looks like you were right, Estel." Aragorn looked in the direction of his friend's voice and spotted Legolas sitting on the ground next to the door, with his head propped in his hands.

Aragorn ran his hand through his tangled hair knocking out a few pieces of straw that had been stuck in it as he faced Will. "Where's Jack?"

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