Rangers and Pirates: 13. Elves and pirates do not mix

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13. Elves and pirates do not mix

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 13

Will glared at Jack and Aragorn as he was led down from where they stood on the mound of gold. Barbossa cast a careless glance at Will, then turned away to speak to Jack. Before he could open his mouth though, shouts could be heard coming from the other pirates, followed by the clear ringing of swords clashing.

Aragorn stiffened and turned to Jack wide-eyed, whispering, "They've found him!"

Sure enough when Jack looked up he could see Legolas trying to push his way through the mass of pirates that were trying to surround him. Jack couldn't help but be amazed at the elf's speed and accuracy. He was greatly outnumbered, but he easily took out his opponents. Jack knew though, that even though the prince showed no signs of tiring, there was no way the Legolas could keep up this pace forever.

Aragorn began to move towards his friend, but Jack quickly reached out and grabbed his hand, praying that Barbossa had overlooked the ranger's reaction. Aragorn was becoming panicked, but did his best to hide it as he watched his friend. Not taking his eyes off the elf, he whispered again to Jack. "I have to help him! Please Jack!"

Jack shook his head slightly. "You will both be killed!" he hissed back at the ranger.

Legolas swung his sword around, slicing through the throat of an advancing pirate, and then quickly sidestepped and dodged a blow from behind. He was ever so slightly off balance and another large pirate took advantage of this and shoved the prince with all his might, sending him tumbling down the mound of gold that the elf was standing on.

When he reached the bottom he quickly hopped to his feet, only to come face to face with more of Barbossa's men. Looking around for his sword, which had been lost in his fall, he spotted the steel blade mixed in with all the gold, about halfway up the pile. Legolas, being a light-footed elf, easily made his way back up the mound of gold while his pursuers slipped and slid on the loose pile of gold and gems.

Turning back around with the sword in his grasp he found that many of the pirates were looking between him and Will, who was in fact rather pale and staring wide-eyed at him. Legolas then glanced at Aragorn, who was being handed something by Jack. Legolas tried to make out what the object was, but his vision was obstructed by another pirate who had passed the two and was now making his way through his men towards the elf.

Legolas gripped his sword tighter. This man's glare was so icy it actually sent a slight chill down his spine. He must be Barbossa.

Barbossa looked around at his men before he spoke to Legolas. "You might as well drop your sword, Mr. Turner."

Jack rubbed a hand over his face, hiding his wince. This isn't good, they think he's related to Bootstrap!

Legolas frowned at Barbossa, who just smirked at him. "You aren't going to be able to save him now, so just drop your sword and take what is coming to you."

Legolas looked past Barbossa, somewhat confused, to Jack, who nodded for him to take Barbossa's orders. Sighing, he realized that no matter what he was going to be captured, plus he knew that Aragorn and Jack wouldn't let any harm befall him. Legolas reluctantly let his weapon slip from his fingers and stood as still as stone as a few pirates came up and grabbed him firmly by the arms. Nearly yanking the prince's arms out of their sockets, they dragged him down to stand in front of Barbossa.

Barbossa didn't say anything as he studied Legolas closer. His men also studied the elf prince, and took note of his pointed ears, upon which they began making fun of Legolas, pulling roughly at his ears. Legolas tried to shrug them off, but there were too many pirates to avoid, as the ones that were not pulling on his ears turned their attention to his hair and fair features.

The elf prince began to feel slightly claustrophobic as they swarmed in closer to him, yanking on his hair, clothes, anything that they could reach. Legolas finally lashed out, breaking free of one pirate's grip, smashing his palm up into the nose of a pirate who had been entertaining himself by trying to lead the elf around by the tips of his pointed ears. The man's nose broke with a satisfying crack, which just made the pirates surrounding Legolas mad, as they swarmed over the elf again, becoming more violent and unforgiving.

Barbossa just stepped out of the way and let his men go out of control taunting and torturing the one that the thought was Will's brother.

"Oh Commodore..."

Barbossa turned to see Jack standing behind him, grinning like an idiot. "Not to rush you, but there will be plenty of time to torture Turner's son or rather, sons later. The Dauntless is still waiting to be commandeered outside."

Barbossa just rolled his eyes and ordered his men once again to go and take a walk. Barbossa's men all grumbled about be ordered away from their new 'toy', but of course, none of them questioned their commodore, and began moving off on their mission to claim the Dauntless as their own.

Jack lowered his eyes when he was finally able to get a better look at the elf prince, who was being yanked up from the ground where he had been dropped. Small bruises were beginning to form on his face, and Jack was sure that there were more under his tunic as well. Legolas' hair and clothes were disheveled, and his ears bright red from being pulled at so hard. Jack finally caught the prince's eyes and flinched. The bright blue orbs were burning with hate and fury. Jack shook his head. He could only imagine how much the elf had hated having to hold back, and he had a feeling that if the two pirates holding hid arms kept taunting the prince that they were all, save for Aragorn, going to find out what an elf could really do.

"Ummm. why don't you let Strider keep an eye on the two brothers."

Barbossa just shrugged and Jack took that as a 'yes'. He nodded to Aragorn, who needed no further prompting as he quickly jogged over to the elf and retrieved his friend from the pirates clutches. The ranger led Legolas back over to where Will stood with his jaw still hanging open. Legolas didn't acknowledge his look-alike as Aragorn loosely bound his hands behind his back.

The ranger tied the bonds so that they were tight enough to fool the pirates walking about, but also loose enough so Legolas could easily slip his hands out when the time came. "I am so sorry, mellon nin." whispered the ranger softly, so that only Legolas could hear.

Legolas nodded slightly. "It's not your fault; it's mine for being so careless."

Aragorn chuckled lightly. "This will make a great story for my brothers." He didn't wait for Legolas to respond before he went over to the pirates who had been holding Legolas again and retrieved the elf's sword.

For some reason, Barbossa couldn't stop smiling as he sat on the largest mound of gold and watched Jack rummage through their loot. "I must admit, Jack, I thought I had ye figured. But it turns out you're a hard man to predict."

Jack turned around and approached Barbossa with his entertaining gait, which Legolas hadn't really noticed until now. Legolas reacted much the same way that Aragorn had and bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud.

"Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. honestly. It's the honest ones that you have to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly.stupid."

That being his signal, Legolas slipped his hands out of the ropes and quickly untied Will's bonds, just as Jack and Aragorn tossed each of them a sword. Will managed to crack a slight smile at the elf in thanks as all four moved off in different directions as they fought.

Barbossa grinned evilly at Jack and took a step closer to him as they fought. "You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters."

Jack spun away with Barbossa following, both of them making their way up a ledge where they continued to fight until Barbossa suddenly stopped and stood up straight. "You can't beat me, Jack."

Jack was, of course, not listening and took the opportunity to impale Barbossa through the stomach. Barbossa looked to the right and sighed, before he pulled the sword out of his gut and plunged it into Jack's chest.

Both Legolas and Aragorn looked up at the sound of Jack gasping in shock, and to their horror, they saw Jack stumbling back somewhat, gripping the handle of the sword impaled through his body.

Out of the corner of his eye, Aragorn saw a pirate quickly coming up behind Legolas with his sword raised and ready to behead the elf. Aragorn pushed his friend out of the path of the blade just in time, but he didn't move fast enough to get out of its path himself. In an instant, Aragorn saw the flash of the silver blade and then felt the sickening sensation of it slicing through the soft, unprotected flesh of his throat.

Aragorn went wide-eyed as he automatically gripped his throat and felt the warm blood run freely down his hand and begin to soak the front of his tunic. Aragorn collapsed to his knees gasping for breath. He knew something wasn't right.he should be dead by now, but his body just burned with the intense need to get oxygen back into his starving lungs.

To Aragorn, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, but of course it wasn't and Legolas was kneeling next in front of his friend in an instant as Will and Elizabeth, who had apparently escaped the Dauntless, worked together to try and keep the pirates away from the two friends.

Aragorn collapsed against the prince with tears running down his cheeks as he struggled for breath. Legolas tried to calm the young man as he shook violently against him but was failing miserably. Aragorn's lungs finally opened up and he inhaled deeply, causing him to cough uncontrollably.

"Take small breaths Estel.breathe with me."

Aragorn listened to his friend and after a few moments he had calmed himself and was finally breathing along with Legolas. Aragorn blinked rapidly as he pulled back from his friend, who had obviously shed a few tears, fearing that the ranger was dying.

Legolas reached out and touched Aragorn's once-severed neck, which was now completely healed and looked as though it had never been slit. 'Estel.how.I don't understand?!"

Reaching into his pocket, Aragorn pulled out the object Jack had handed him earlier. Barbossa had been watching the scene unfold. Now he frowned and looked back to Jack, who had stumbled into a shaft of moonlight coming in from the top of the cave. The cocky pirate was now like Barbossa and his crew, nothing more than some rotted flesh and clothes on bones.

"That's interesting.isn't it, Aragorn?" Aragorn by now had risen to his feet and made his way over to the nearest patch of moonlight. The ranger stepped directly into the moonlight.

The sight Legolas saw would haunt his sleep for years as he watched his friend suddenly transform into a rotted skeleton. Aragorn, however, was oddly amused by the transformation and laughed as he looked at his skeletal hand. "That is interesting."

Reaching into his pocket, Jack pulled out his piece of the treasure and revealed it to Barbossa, flipping it back and forth on his fingers. "We just couldn't resist, mate."

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