Rangers and Pirates: 12. hunting Barbossa

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12. hunting Barbossa

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 12

"You may want to let your hair down mate."

Legolas frowned slightly as he looked at Jack. "Why?"

Jack began pointing out that the now not far off solders probably weren't going to take to well to him because of his and Will's resemblance and that it wouldn't help matters if they took notice to his ears and the whole elf thing came into discussion.

Nodding Legolas freed his hair of the braids holding it back letting it fall over his ears. But to their dismay the breeze kept blowing the elf's long hair back and leaving his ears exposed. Jack laughed as he watched Aragorn and Legolas try and situate his hair over his ears but to no avail. Aragorn grumbled in frustration when an idea hit him.

"Maybe you should try walking backwards!"

Grabbing Legolas by the shoulders, he turned him around so that the elf's back was now to him and stepping in front of him he began pushing Legolas backwards the wind now blowing the elf's hair into his face and as Aragorn suspected covered his ears but left the poor elf with a seriously bad case of shore hair.

Legolas rolled his eyes and pushed Aragorn's arms away from him and glared. This is humiliating!

"I am NOT walking backwards Estel, I look ridiculous!"

Aragorn jokingly rolled his eyes. "Fine have it your way you prissy elf!"

Jack's eyes widened. Oh no, please don't tell me these two are gonna fight too! But much to his relief the two didn't go on but just laughed lightly at the jest. After a few minutes Jack's attention was drawn from the two friends by some shouting coming from the small group of solders running towards them. Once they spotted Legolas most came to a dead stop. Jack sighed and turned back to the two friends as Elizabeth ran up to the solders. "Get ready to have some fun elf boy."

Aragorn watched as they hauled the elf over the railing of the Dauntless and pinned his arms behind his back. Aragorn was honestly amazed at the men's calm reactions to Legolas, most just ignored the fact that he looked like Will, Denial, while others whispered quietly amongst themselves. Legolas glanced at Aragorn, the elf's tolerance already beginning to run low as the soldiers began to drag them both closer to Governor Swann and Norrington, who were both arguing with Elizabeth about going back and saving Will.

"The boy's fate is regrettable but then so is his decision to engage in piracy."

Elizabeth looked at her father in disbelief. "To rescue me, to prevent anything from happening to me."

Jack pulled away from the men holding him back and made his way to Elizabeth's side. "If I may be so bold as to interject my professional opinion. The Pearl was listing near the scuppers after the battle. It's very unlikely she'll be able to make good time. Think about it, the Black Pearl, the last real pirate threat in the Caribbean, mate. How can you pass that up?"

Aragorn sighed as Norrington's face again became smug.

"By remembering that I serve others Mr. Sparrow, not only myself."

Aragorn smiled wickedly deciding to interrupt Norrington again since he had seemed to love it so much before. "Well if you serve others you will most certainly be doing them a great service by riding them of this pirate threat, would you not?"

Legolas chuckled as Norrington narrowed his eyes at the Ranger and opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but instead turned and made his way up the stairs followed by Elizabeth.

"Commodore, I beg you. Please do this, for me.as a wedding gift."

Jack, Aragorn and Legolas just stared at them with blank expressions while a smile appeared on the Governor's face.

"Elizabeth. Are you accepting the Commodore's proposal?"

Elizabeth was quiet for only a moment as she stared at the Commodore. "I am."

Legolas and Aragorn both screwed up their faces with Aragorn mumbling "eww" while Jack spun around and talked excitedly.

"A wedding?! I love weddings...drinks all around!" Jack once again faced Norrington, who of course was giving him a dirty look.

Jack smiled meekly and held out his hands in front of him. "I know.clap him in irons, right?"

Norrington looked between the three of them. "Mr. Sparrow, you and your two friends will accompany these fine men to the helm and provide us with the bearing to Isla de Muerta. Then you three will spend the rest of the voyage contemplating all possible meanings of the phrase 'silent as the grave'. Do I make myself clear?"

Aragorn rolled his eyes and called Norrington an ass, while Jack infromed Norrington that he had made himself inescapably clear. Legolas just continued to glare at the men around him who were whispering insults thinking he couldn't hear them. He was beginning to hate this place more and more with each passing second and prayed that this would all be over soon so he and Strider could finally get out of here, although this place didn't seem so bad with all the rum. Legolas cursed Elizabeth, why did she have to burn the rum?!

Legolas paced the room he was sharing with Aragorn and Jack, playing with the sword he had been given by one of the soldiers. He skillfully twirled the thin bladed sword in his hand and sighed, wishing he had his daggers and bow with him.

Aragorn didn't favor his sword either. He was used to his heaver broadsword and just altogether hated the lighter and in his opinion flimsy blade, which lead into a fifteen minute rant about how he was going to ring Barbossa's neck for not giving him back his weapons. Jack just smiled cockily and proudly stated that he had gotten his back, which earned him a pillow in the face from Aragorn.

Legolas laughed as Jack tossed the pillow back at the ranger, who easily dodged it and stuck out his tongue. Legolas had the suspicion that the fight was about to go all out when one of the guards Norrington had posted outside their room told them that they had reached their destination and to make their way above deck.

Aragorn swung his legs over the side of the bed and made his way over to Legolas, while Jack moved over to the chair in the corner of the room by the window to retrieve his pistol and sword. While he buckled his belt Jack watched the two friends again and had the feeling that like Aragorn had done, Legolas was keeping something about himself secret. Jack rubbed his chin.

"So Legolas, what exactly is your role in this Middle Earth?"

Legolas turned and faced Jack, who was watching the elf intently. "Are you also a Ranger, or royalty?"

"Prince." the elf answered with a small smile.

Jack just smirked. I really know how to pick them. "Oh I see. Well we better get going; don't want to keep precious Norrington waiting." With that Jack pushed past the two friends and began making his way up the stairs.

"You have some odd friends Estel."

Aragorn chuckled and patted the elf on the back as he began to follow Jack. "You're telling me."

Jack, Aragorn and Legolas were all seated in one of the small boats with Norrington, trying to figure out the best course of action.

"I don't care for the situation. Any attempt to storm the cave could turn into an ambush."

Jack inched his way closer to the Commodore. "Not if you're the one doing the ambushing. I go in to convince Barbossa to send his men out in their little boats. You and your mates return to the Dauntless and blast the beeJesus outta them with your little cannons, aye? What do you have to lose?" The pirate placed his hand on Norrington's shoulder.

"Nothing I'd lament being rid of." Norrington said, pushing Jack's hand off his shoulder with the barrel of his pistol.

Jack looked over his shoulder at Legolas and smirked evilly "Now, to be quite honest with you, there's still a slight risk for those aboard the Dauntless which includes the future Mrs. Commodore..."

Legolas caught on to what Jack was doing and nodded his head in agreement when the Commodore turned to him and Aragorn. "And what exactly is that Mr. Sparrow?"

After Jack briefly filled Norrington in about the pirate situation, he agreed to let the three go in and face Barbossa and to all of their amusement, especially Legolas', instructed that Elizabeth be locked away in his cabin.

Aragorn couldn't help but laugh. They were now pretty far into the cave and Jack still had a devilish smirk on his face as he rowed while Legolas was all out smiling. The last time he had seen him smile like that was when he had had the little run in with a baby skunk about a year or so back. Jack rowed the boat up onto the shallows and led the way up to where he and Aragorn had scouted out the unfolding scene.

"Remember what I told you Legolas; Norrington's men weren't as bad as we expected but Barbossa's will most certainly kill you. Just wait until Aragorn and I make our move."

Jack looked at the elf who at the moment was staring at Will with his jaw dropped. Jack began snapping his fingers in front of the elf's face gaining his attention.

"Did you hear a word I said?"

Legolas just nodded as he went back to staring at Will. Sighing, Jack and Aragorn began making their way through the sea of pirates towards Will.

"Beg your pardon, excuse us."

Will stood leaning over the gold pieces with a dagger digging into his throat and Barbossa chanting. "Begun by blood, by blood undone..." Barbossa stopped when Will called out Jack's name, and looking up sure enough was Jack approaching them with the ranger not far behind.

Barbossa shook his head in disbelief. "S'not possible."

"Not probable." corrected Jack.

Will stood up straighter and looking around realized that Elizabeth wasn't with them. "Where's Elizabeth?"

"She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our words really, except for Elizabeth who is, in fact, a woman."

Barbossa rolled his eyes. "Shut up! You're next." Barbossa pushed Will back down and again placed the knife against his neck.

"You don't want to be doing that, mate."

Barbossa looked up and replied sarcastically. "No, I really think I do."

Jack shrugged. "Your funeral."

Barbossa moved the knife blade away from Will's neck and both straightened. "Why don't I want to be doing it?"

Jack began to move forward. "Well because..." Jack swiped one of the pirate's hands off his shoulder before he continued ".because the HMS Dauntless, pride of the Royal Navy, is floating just offshore.waiting for you."

Barbossa's men all grumbled at the news as Jack and Aragorn made their way up to Barbossa who was looking at them skeptically. Jack smirked.

"Just hear me out, mate. You order your men to row out to the Dauntless; they do what they do best." This drew a laugh from the pirates. "Bob's your uncle, Fannie's your aunt; there you are with two ships. The makings of your very own fleet. 'Course you'll take the grandest as your flagship and who's to argue? But what of the Pearl? Name me Captain, I'll sail under your colors, I'll give you ten percent of me plunder and you get to introduce yourself as.Commodore Barbossa. Savvy?"

Barbossa nodded and looked like he was seriously considering it. Then he gestured towards Will. "I s'pose in exchange you don't want me to kill the whelp."

"No, no, no at all by all means, kill the whelp. Just not yet. Wait to lift the curse.until the opportune moment. For instance..." Aragorn and Will both watched as Jack picked up a few pieces of the gold and began throwing them back as he spoke. "...after you've killed Norrington's men. Every.last.one."

Aragorn noticed Jack pocket a piece of the treasure. What is he up to now?

Will frowned, but Aragorn could see a hint of understanding dawning in his eyes. "You've been planning this from the beginning.the both of you have, ever since you learned my name."


Aragorn nodded slightly and shrugged his shoulders. "Pretty much."

Barbossa looked Aragorn up and down. "And what part does the lad have in all of this?"

Jack smiled and placed his arm around Aragorn's shoulder and pulled him closer. "This here is my first mate."

Barbossa nodded "I want fifty percent of your plunder."



"Twenty-five and we'll buy you the hat.a really big one. Commodore."

Barbossa nodded. "We have an accord." Jack smiled and turning, he faced the crew and began ordering them to the boats when he realized that Barbossa was actually still in charge. "I apologize, you give the orders."

Barbossa just smirked. "Gents! Take a walk."

Aragorn watched as the men smiled and turned to make their way out of the cave. "They're not going to the boats?"

Legolas shifted around uneasily as the pirates approached his hiding place, there were no real good places to hide here and the elf cursed at the fact he was exposed and vulnerable. He scooted back a little further accidentally knocking a few rocks back. Legolas prayed that the pirates hadn't heard, but to his dismay, a few closest to him had. Legolas looked for a quick way to escape but he quickly realized that he had literally backed himself into a corner and would have no other choice but to fight these men.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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