Shameless Revisited: 3. Revenge and Release

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3. Revenge and Release

Chapter Three - Revenge and Release

Jahi looked around the dark room- she had been allowed to eat, and had been given clean clothes as well- a long trailing gown, of white satin. She was shocked to have been dressed in such a beautiful garment, but certainly had no complaints.

And then, Grima had taken her by the hand – cold, and clammy, was his grasp- and led her to this upper chamber. It was not the bedchamber- she would never forget that room as long as she lived, and the mingled terror and desire of it.

No- this was altogether different.

The grills and latticework of the windows were draped, covered with black. The room was unnaturally cold, and she shivered, feeling a deep sense of dread and anticipation.

And then- suddenly before her, as if he had simply appeared in thin air, stood the White Istar.

His face was stern, and cold, and yet- there was a different look, now as well.

Remarkably, he bowed slightly to her- very slightly. And she saw a hint of a smile under the black and grey beard.

His eyes bored into her, and her knees felt weak. He was looking into her, into her very mind and soul. She knelt down to him, in awe.

The deep voice rumbled from him: “So- treachery- and in my own midst! What did that worm say to you- will you tell me, or must I pull it out of you?”

With no hesitation at all she told him everything, Grima’s plan to escape- to take her with him- and to betray the White Wizard to Theoden, in return for sanctuary.

Saruman smiled down at her, approvingly.

His Staff was in his hand, as it usually was, and he leaned it against the wall.

“Ahh…I see. Come here.” He held out his long taloned hand to her, and she took it.

He bade her to stand again, and then he spoke slyly:

“You did well to tell me of this. Grima shall learn his lesson, but in good time. Do not tell him that you divulged this!”

Jahi nodded mutely, still taking in the sight of him. He was very tall, and that faint glow was still about him, seeming to come from within him. She could detect a distinct aroma of musk, some dark and sensual scent, and she shivered slightly.

“My Lord..” she whispered- “I am yours to command.” He frowned, and then smiled again.

“Yes- so you are.” He reached out his hand and took her by the shoulder, and then the other. “ I prefer you- I think- in the first position!” He pressed down, and she found herself kneeling once more, only now directly in front of him.

“And you shall do my Will?”

“Yes, my Lord. I seek to please you…”

With forced bravado, she reached up to him, and carefully- cautiously- touched the fabric of his heavy, intricate robe. He made no response, only watching her.

“I- I would please you in every way, my Lord- if you will allow me to…”

Utterly impassive, he spoke through clenched jaw, his voice tight:

“Proceed, then.”

Swallowing back hard on her fear, she boldly caressed him through the cloth, and it did not take long to find his cock, already hard, already huge, though hidden in the endless robes.

Without realizing it, she licked her lips, and managed- with some difficulty- to find the opening of the outer robe, and then the inner mantle. Still, he said nothing, but she could hear his breathing grow louder, and much heavier.

With trembling fingers she took hold of him, her heart thudding painfully with excitement. She leaned forward and took the heavy organ in her mouth, savoring the taste of it- somewhat salty, and very clean- she could smell fresh traces of some exotic soap- she was not surprised to find he was very dutiful about such things.

She did not glance up at him from her position, but she felt his hand on her head, fingers digging gently into her hair. And then, both hands, pulling her forward, urging her to take it deeper. He moved slightly now, ever so subtly, shifting in and out of her lips.

She heard a very soft groan from him, almost inaudible, really.

She strained to take him down even more, the size of his prick stretching her mouth as she did so. With a supreme effort, she took nearly two-thirds in, and her fingers trailed into the bristly silver hair around it. She noted, through heavily lidded eyes, that he was not entirely silver haired here, either- there were traces of jet black around the edges.

He held her head firmly with both hands, and moved her back and forth, more urgently now.

“Swear your loyalty to me…swear it!” he gasped, suddenly, and she understood, and as the flood of his pleasure erupted, in vast and vigorous spurting, she drank it in, as much as she could manage, the creamy fluid dripping down her face, and from her lips.

He lifted her again, then, and motioned to a long low table, laden with books and papers. He went to it and unceremoniously swept it all off, and then gestured to Jahi-

“Lie down- now!”

She obeyed without question, and lay back submissively, legs opening instinctively

He knelt then, and pulled her towards him, moving her legs around his shoulders, as her gown fell back off her body.

She cried out as she felt his rough beard on her thighs, and his tongue suddenly thrust into her. “Ahh…my Lord..!”

Unmindful of her response, he attended to the matter at hand, as she writhed under him, moaning. Incautious in the pleasure of his fearfully skilled ministrations, she reached down and drifted her fingers into his long silky hair.

He did not seem to mind- or perhaps, he was simply too occupied.

His tongue was as wise in lovemaking as it was crafty in speech, and she was soon on the very brink of ecstasy.

Her head was spinning, and she tried to make it last…wanting this pleasure to linger, it was beyond belief.

But when he traced one long fingernail over her clit with excruciating gentleness, as he licked slowly near it, she felt it come, with a thunderous crashing inside of her, and she did scream, then, her hips bucking under him.

The world nearly went black, but she finally swam back to sanity.

He stood up gracefully, still with that inscrutable look of bored calm.

She could only look at him, finding speech impossible at the moment.

She closed her eyes, in bliss and exhaustion, and when she opened them, she no longer saw Saruman, but there was someone standing there. Lurtz!

She gaped at him, and as he pulled her forward on the table to him, he muttered, in a deep growl:

“The Master has given you to me…for this moment…it is his Will…”

She could smell his heavy, animal scent, not unpleasant, but fierce, powerful. He did not ask either her permission or her thoughts, but only did as allowed by his Master- and she had been given to him, to enjoy.

He opened her legs round him, not brutally, merely with urgency, and she suddenly felt his large – very large! – cock pressing against her drenched opening, and with a soft grunt he pushed inside her.

She whimpered quietly, as he stretched her open, thrusting slowly, taking his time…it was not painful, but neither was it pleasure- it was a strange mingling of the two, somehow.

Lurtz breathed hard, loudly, not lying down on her, but simply holding her up to him, as he stood. The table was creaking ominously with his movements- she looked up at him in subjection and silence, taking in the rippling muscles of his belly and arms. She began to enjoy it, as she gazed at him. He was quite beautiful, in his own savage way.

He spoke no more, only panting heavily, like a rutting stallion; of a sudden, his blazing eyes closed, and he pushed all the way into her, his nostrils flaring- with a deep throaty snarl, he spent inside her, and she felt the warmth of it, far hotter than she had ever felt before. He pulled back out of her, silent now, and his seed began to pour out of her.

And then he turned and left, leaving her to stare after him in weary wonder.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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