Meril's Drabbles: 18. Survival Skills & The Big Black Thing (nuzgûl, myself, a friend)

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18. Survival Skills & The Big Black Thing (nuzgûl, myself, a friend)

Survival Skills


After applying a copious dash of balm to my ankle, I start towards the cluster of hutches on the grassy hillside. "Another new nuzgûl, how do they expect me to survive?" I grumble. "Damned nuisances! I already have stories: Celebrimbor's bugging me about Renewal, Fëanor will explode if I don't write more on Capture the Fire, and Nerdanel won't talk to me! What gives?!

"And now another #%&*ing drabble! Honestly, how can I use these ridiculous words to talk about Fëanor?!"

I stop, eyeing a doe-eyed specimen that has just popped out of thin air.

"Oh, no you don't."

The Big Black Thing by JunoMagic

I made a dash for it. Two furry things were already hanging at my ankles.

"Quickly, Allie!" I yelled for my friend.

With a lunge Allie got hold of the beast that was hiding in the grass preparing for attack.

"Got it," she smiled triumphantly. "Now back in the hutch with it and we can detach these little buggers!" She eyed her own furry attachments.

I exhaled in a sigh of relief. "I think I have some of the athelas balm left… we should be alright…"

It was then that the shadow of the Big Black Thing fell on us.

These were both instant drabbled on March 25, 2005, with the words dash, balm, hutch, grass, and nuisance. JunoMagic generously allowed me to repost hers, as we came up with quite similar drabbles. *g*

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