Arandil's Drabbles: 7. Third Age - Ring War - Good

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7. Third Age - Ring War - Good

Title: Taken
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Aragorn
Other Characters: Boromir

A son of Gondor, a noble man whose loyalty to his people is second to nothing. My brother in arms, he made me realize the strength left in men; there is courage yet. I know now, when I fight for this world, til my last breath, I won't be alone.

He fell too soon. His blade sang that day, but we were overcome. The enemy has claimed another fine warrior; a son, a brother, now never to be a father. His death will not be in vain; our city will not fall and the strength of men will not fail.

Title: Change in Perception
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Bilbo Baggins
Other Characters: Glóin

“Glóin!” Bilbo stood as the dwarf entered the Hall of Fire.

“At the service of you and your family.”

Bilbo crossed the hall. “Good to see you!” Only then did he notice Glóin’s worried expression. “What troubles you?”

“I fear for my son’s safety on this mission. He is sure to encounter many perils.”

“Ah, but was our own adventure not riddled with danger?” Bilbo said comfortingly.

“True,” Glóin sighed deeply, “but this is my son.”

Bilbo glanced quickly at Frodo who was conversing with his young friends. He placed a comforting hand on Glóin’s shoulder. “I understand, my friend.”

Title: Consent
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Faramir
Other Characters: Éowyn, Éomer

“You are sure he will not be angry? I have seen the man in battle and do not wish to provoke him.”

Éowyn’s laughter dispelled some of Faramir’s apprehension. “Do not worry. He will be pleased.” She turned to smile at her brother as he approached, but he went straight for Faramir.

“Is it true that you mean to wed my sister?”

Seeing the steel in the other man’s eyes, Faramir could only nod. He was so startled when Éomer vigorously grasped his shoulder that he almost missed the slight smile that had appeared on Éomer’s face. “Then it would be fitting for me to call you brother.”

Title: Healed
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person Objective
Other Characters: Pippin, Éowyn

A young hobbit burst through the door of the Houses of Healing. “Where is he? Where is Merry, my cousin?”

Éowyn walked over and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You must be Pippin. Much have I heard about your valor from your cousin.” She smiled at the confused Hobbit. “I am Éowyn, of Rohan.”

Pippin stared up at her in wonder. “You are truly as beautiful as Lord Faramir has told us.” He curtsied deeply to the astonished Sheildmaiden, who unexpectedly softened her gaze towards him.

“Your cousin is well,” she answered softly. “We both have been healed.”

Title: Precious
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Legolas
Other Characters: One Ring, Frodo Baggins

The shadow growssssss…

A whisper in my head. I thought myself immune to the call of the Ring, but it speaks to my greatest desire.

The Green wood, restored to greatnessssss…

I glance at the Ringbearer, sleeping the way mortals do, though tonight his sleep is fitful. Does it speak to him in the same way that it does to me? I set my mind against its call.

Mirkwood… Shadowsssss…

I steel myself against the images in my head; my greatest fear, my home overcome by the Shadow, and vow again to help defeat this fell device of the Enemy.

Title: Waiting
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Legolas
Other Characters: Fellowship

We wait as Gandalf thinks.

The Men are restless. Aragorn has not stopped pacing since we halted. Maybe Men also feel the absence of the light of the stars.

The Hobbits are nervous. Frodo glances behind us; for what I am not sure. Do they miss, as I do, the trees overhead?

The only one at ease is that Dwarf. Apparently unnatural beings take to unnatural places. We would be better off should he stay in this vile black pit, and not burden us with his inborn tendency toward betrayal.

Yes, as Gandalf thinks, we can do naught but wait.

Title: Doubt
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Glorfindel
Other Characters: Erestor

“Think you that Lord Elrond made a wise decision?”

Glorfindel shot a surprised glance at his long time friend. “For ages we have known each other, Erestor. Yet this is the first I have heard you question his judgment.”

“Sending the One Ring back to the Enemy in the hands of a Halfling? To me it seems like folly.”

“To many it may seem as such. But what other choice have we?”

Erestor seemed to stiffen at those words. “There are safe places the Ring could be hidden.

Glorfindel clasped his shoulder. “Until the Ring is destroyed, nowhere is safe.”

Title: Of Elves and Horses
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Samwise Gamgee
Other Characters: Legolas, Bill the Pony

“He is quite fond of you. Did you know?”

Samwise jumped when he heard the sound of the crystal clear voice speaking behind him. It was most unnatural the way the elf could appear behind you without your knowledge.

“Begging your pardon, Mister Legolas, but I can’t say as if I understand.”

“Bill,” the elf said with laughter in his eyes. He rubbed the horse’s nose, eliciting a happy sounding whinny from the animal. “He has never had a kinder master.”

Sam was glad for the dark. It would not do to blush in front of one of the Firstborn.

Title: Twenty Three
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Denethor
InstaDrabble Words: mock, books, finite, play, knots, impartial, twenty-three

My books mock me.

For all their number, their information is finite. They speak of how wars of old played out, but not how to quell the knots of tension mounting now in the world. I turn to them for answers and they give me none.

Twenty three days have past since I have last seen my eldest son, my pride, my heir. Fell have my thoughts become of late. I perhaps am not impartial, but I would he have stayed here where he is needed rather than journey off to consort with elves about the meaning of mythical dreams.

Title: Warrior
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Boromir
InstaDrabble Words: four, completed, pristine, altered, maternal

The pristine morning was too beautiful to mar with battle, but the whims of the fates can not be altered. Our journey almost completed, it was a pity it had to end this way.


I refused to feel the pain spreading. The Halflings must be protected.


I was a warrior. I am a warrior.


I felt the earth beneath knees I hadn’t realized I fell on. It was only a matter of time before arrow number four hit. The haze began to grow and I felt death’s maternal embrace as the last of my consciousness slipped away.

Title: Lesson in Swordplay
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Aragorn
Other Characters: Boromir, Merry, Pippin, Legolas
InstaDrabble Words: down, body, bell, truth

I watch as he teaches them to fight. Parry, parry, strike. A swing misses its mark and they jump on him to bring him down; two small bodies trying to pin a much larger one. The truth is he’s allowing it. I wonder at how he became so good with the younger ones, having no children of his own. They really have taken to him, and he to them.

“That’s enough, gentlemen.” Suddenly I find myself on the ground beside the three of them.

A warning bell goes off in my head just as the Elf cries, “Crebain from Dunland!”

Title: News
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Thranduil
Other Characters: Mirkwood Elf
InstaDrabble Words: injury, respect, to put, praise

“He has sustained minor injury, my lord, but he is well.” The messenger watched nervously as the king put down his carven staff.

“Praise the Valar.” he whispered, almost to himself, before turning to the envoy. “And how have you news of my son?”

“A missive was received today, sire, from the Lord and Lady…” Before he could finish, the king was on his feet, striding towards the open door.

“I shall travel there to see him with my own eyes.”

“With all due respect, my lord,” the messenger held out a shaking hand. “They ask that you remain here.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Legolas
Other Characters: Aragorn

“I thought to find you here.”

The Elf knew who approached before he even heard the voice. Aragorn stood beside the white tree, the reflection of starlight in his eyes despite the worried crease of his brow.

“You need not remain.”

Legolas raised an eyebrow. “Your celebration has but started.”

“You know what I speak of, Legolas. You stay for me, and Gimli, yet your heart has already departed. Follow it, if you must, for I know the call of the sea is strong.”

Legolas approached Aragorn and clasped his shoulder. “Not as strong as my love for my friends.”

Title: A Chance Meeting
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Boromir
Other Characters: Maglor, Gondorian Soldiers

“Someone approaches, my lord.”

Boromir stirred from the light sleep into which he had fallen. They had left Gondor that morning so it could be one of their own, but there was always the possibility of encountering an enemy, even this early in a journey.

An old man, judging by his haggard appearance and his gait, with the hood of his cloak pulled over his head entered the camp. Definitely not a Gondorian soldier, thought Boromir.

“Would you be so kind as to allow an old harper rest, in exchange for a song.”

Boromir eyed the minstrel warily. “Pull down your hood, old man, so we might see your face. If you are friend, you may stay, but leave off singing, for we travel through dangerous lands.

The old man laughed, a sound at odds with his appearance, for it was the light tinkling laugh of the young. “Dangerous lands? You know not danger.”

He sat on the ground next to Boromir and removed his hood. Boromir found himself staring into the fair face of one of the Firstborn. Faramir should be here, he thought with a pang of regret.

“Allow me to play you a song,” he said, pulling a small harp out of his pack, “in exchange for a message brought to Elrond, whom you travel to see.”

Boromir held out a hand. “No singing, please, my lord.”

The Elf strummed one chord, beautiful in its dissonance, which sent shivers down Boromir’s spine. “Very well, young soldier, but I think you might have liked to hear one song.”

The Elf struggled to his feet. “But since not, heed what I say. Do what you ought, but swear no oaths.” With that, he departed, leaving Boromir and his company in a state of unease the rest of the night.

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Erestor
Other Characters: Glorfindel

I hear his string of curses long before I reach the stables. When I saw the young lady Arwen this morning, I knew something was amiss by the devious gleam in her eye. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined her audacity would reach this far.

He hears me approach and whirls around, the fire in his eyes almost as bright as the sun gleaming off his hair.

“She has taken him, Erestor! She has taken Asfaloth.”

That she has, but had she not, he would be long gone.

“Come, Glorfindel. Mayhap she has done us a favor.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person Omniscient
Other Characters: Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins
InstaDrabble Words: forge (as a verb!), friendship, cradle, tabletop

Their friendship would be sung of for ages to come, forged during the hardships of the Quest, right up and into the fires of Mordor. It was not the future they spoke of now, but the past, as they sat on the rock which rose above the molten river like a tabletop, clinging to each other as they did not cling to hope; knowing though their time was over, their sacrifice allowed the world to go on.

Cradling his friend in his arms, the one brave little hobbit felt tears sting his eyes.

“Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo?”

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person Objective
Other Characters: Merry, Pippin
InstaDrabble Words: Music, cheese smile and limit

“Hey,” Pip yelled through a mouthful, “that piece of bread was mine.”

“Was not,” Merry answered, “you took the last piece of cheese.”

“You could have offered to share.” Pip pouted at his older cousin. “At least ‘til I was full.”

Merry laughed as he bit into the coveted slice. “Your appetite knows no limits Pip. Were I to wait for you to finish, I would starve.”

“You? Starve?” Pippin snickered. “Not while Farmer Maggot has a fresh crop.”

Merry shoved the last of the bread into his mouth and winked at Pippin. “Shall we?”

“Music to my ears, Merry.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Gandalf
Other Characters: Merry, Pippin
InstaDrabble Words: glass, duty, inconceivable, circumspect

“Perhaps, dear Pip, a wizard would call the glass half full.”

Gandalf puffed at his pipe. It was inconceivable that the two young Hobbits would turn their conversation to philosophy, but here they were, dutifully washing dishes, their punishment for not being circumspect when it came to his fireworks, and having the glass-half-empty conversation.

“I don’t know, Merry. Perhaps we should ask him how he views the glass.”

Both pairs of eyes turned to him and both sets of hands stopped washing. Gandalf picked up the glass, drank the remaining ale, and tossed it into the water.

“Nice going, Pip.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Legolas
Other Characters: Haldir
InstaDrabble Words: Mark, orders, wind, strength

“Do you ever miss your mark, young prince?”

Legolas’s raised eyebrow was the only indication he heard the Marchwarden as he pulled his bowstring tighter. If he could ignore the voice of the wind singing in the trees after so many nights in the vile pit of Moria, he could ignore Haldir’s taunts.

“Your strength will fail you. You have weakened, taking orders from a mortal.”

With a twang, the bow released and Legolas spun on Haldir. Without glancing at the path of his arrow, he was sure of its target.

“You have failed, Haldir. I have bested you again.”

Title: A Simple Gesture
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: Third Person - Pippin
Other Characters: Legolas
InstaDrabble Words: mountains, mother, hair, sheen
InstaDrabble Theme: Pippin

The mountains loomed in the distance.

Shivering, Pippin hugged his cloak tighter. The rest of the Company slept, save for the elf who was on watch. His hair glimmered with a pale sheen in the moonlight; his bright eyes surveyed the surrounding area. Pippin remembered stories his mother told him as a child about wondrous elves and fearsome dragons. He searched his pack and finding what he sought, made his way to where Legolas sat. The elf looked up at him.

“I thought you might like a snack.” The smile he received was worth all the fruit in his pack.

Title: Untitled
Age: Third Age - Ring War
PoV: First Person - Legolas

Why does It call me?

I am elven; firstborn. True, I have seen fewer lives of men pass than most of my kin, but I should be stronger; I must resist. But my home, our wood, slips further into shadow and though I know them to be deceptions, the images It shows me are tempting: greatness, greenness, life.

How could something so evil promise me such good?

There have been many fell deeds committed over works of beauty and light; why can we not use this work of evil to perform acts of goodness?

No. I will resist Its pull.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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