One Year As A Brandybuck: 6. Veggie-Lifting

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6. Veggie-Lifting

“Acacia Brandybuck, your parents will hear about this!”

Acacia could hear dogs barking and quick rustling of the corn behind her.

“Quick, Acey! Run!” Merry was several yards ahead of her, but had stopped to look back. He stretched out an arm to pull her along, dropping several carrots in the process. He still had an armload of vegetables, so he barely noticed.

The young girl clutched the edge of her skirt with both hands. It was filled with vegetables, which somehow managed to stay in as she ran. She wasn’t worried about modesty, since she knew to always wear pants under her skirt whenever they went out veggie-lifting.

“He saw me, Merry!” she said when she caught up with him.

He shoved her forward. “I know he did. Run!”

They careened through the field, the sounds of their pursuers ever gaining. Panic grew on Acacia’s face.

“Merry, I think we’re lost!” she said in what she hoped wasn’t too loud a voice, “And Farmer Maggot’s almost on us!”

Merry just flashed her a cocky smile, or would have if he hadn’t been smacked across the face by the corn whenever he looked anywhere but forward. “Don’t worry. I know just where we are. We’ll reach the fence any sec—ahhhhh!”

Acacia saw him disappear right in front of her. She had but a split second to wonder where he’d gone before she found herself tumbling down the side of a hill. She rolled for several seconds, veggies flying everywhere, before she reached the bottom.

“Oomph!” She landed hard on something a bit softer than she was expecting. She looked over to see a pair of feet sticking up in the air. A look to the other side revealed a mop of blond hair. Suddenly she realized she was sitting on Merry’s back and jumped up. “Sorry!”

He just groaned. “I think you’ve broken my back, you great oliphaunt!” He rolled over to look up at her. He tried to appear injured, but didn’t pull it off well.

Her apologetic look disappeared and she kicked him in the side. “Ha! I’m smaller than you! Besides, I’m not the one who led us off the side of a cliff!”

He sat up, brushing himself off. “It was a slight embankment,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant. He looked back up at it, adding to himself, “that I don’t remember being there before. I should really make a note of that.”

Acacia watched as a couple large melons rolled down the hill. She scrambled to get them. “The veggies!” She spotted some carrots and cabbages lying around and gathered them, as well. Merry joined her in collecting all the vegetables they could salvage from their fall. They ended up with a rather large pile.

“Look at that,” he said, “Really, Acey, I’ve never known any boys so good at veggie-lifting as you. Not even Frodo. I suppose there are some good things about being a girl.” He gave her skirt a tug as he said this. She punched him in the arm and smiled when he winced in pain. He’d taken to calling her Acey several months ago, soon after the party. She rather liked it, really. She’d never had any nicknames before. Well, none that bear repeating, anyway.

Loud barking interrupted their ‘discussion.’ They looked up the hill to see the dogs still hot on their tail.

Merry scrambled for the vegetables. “Quick, Acey, lift up your skirt!” She raised an eyebrow at him. He realized what he’d just said and blushed. “I just meant, you know, for the we can...just...oh, you know what I mean,” he stammered, annoyed that she’d gotten him embarrassed.

She smiled and started loading the loot into her giant skirt bundle. They took off down the path.

The dogs reached the bottom of the hill seconds later. They started chasing the hobbits, but Acacia turned around and nailed one in the head with a potato, though she dropped a couple cabbages in the process. The dog was dazed enough to stop in its tracks. Merry grabbed another potato and chucked it at the second dog. He didn’t even need to make sure it hit the mark. As soon as he threw it he grabbed Acacia’s arm and ran.

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