Shadow: 50. L

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50. L

"Let me clarify this again. Four Elves, one Dwarf, three broken ribs, a broken ankle, countless cuts and bruises?" The newcomer laughed as he entered the room.

"Gwenophor!" Legolas cried, sitting up in his bed.

"Ai, Legolas, I see you have not lost your attraction for mischief!" the dark-haired Elf replied, coming forward and embracing his friend. He looked over to the adjacent bed.

"This, I presume your partner-in-mayhem? I trust he is as good as the twins themselves! To think a mere Dwarf could reduce you to such a stage!"

"We were trying not to harm him!" Esendri was indignant in his defence.

"How fare the twins?" Legolas asked eagerly, gingerly testing his bandaged ankle. He found it not able to take his weight, and scowled in annoyance.

A brief cloud passed over the handsome face.

"Their injuries have been superficial. What worries us is that Elrohir has shut himself in his chambers and has refused to speak to any, not even his brother."

The Elven prince frowned, it was not like Elrohir to behave in such a manner. It was usually the other way around, with Elladan throwing the tantrum and his younger brother doing the playful coaxing.

"I would attempt to go to him, if the Healers would allow me out," Legolas said.

"Do not pin your hopes on that happening!" Elladan entered the room, carrying a tray of food. "From what I understand, you two are the stay here until ada says otherwise. He does not wish for you to be let out into the dark and scary world outside!"

Legolas glowered at his words.

"And I presume you were let free? Might I remind you that the sons of Elrond have as big a part to play in this misdemeanour as us Silvan Elves do."

"Ada has made up his mind; Elbereth knows that he can easily out-stubborn you, my little prince!"

"What then of our lesson?" Legolas demanded.

"Do not fear, neth pen. Ada has agreed to give them to you here shortly after supper."

"Tis glad to know even Lord Elrond fears the wrath of his Highness!" Gwenophor interjected. "Well, I best leave you younglings to brood about today's defeat while I prepare for tonight's banquet!" He ruffled the hair of the blonde Elf in a bid to annoy him further, and was out of the door with one last grin.

"Glorfindel and ada have been in discussion with Mithrandir all day."

"What news then, of the Dwarf?" Legolas asked, managing to drag himself over to Esendri's bed, where he sat down and started eating.

To their surprise, Elladan let out a laugh before proceeding with the explanation.

"Well, as you might have guessed, the Dwarf was not willing to talk. I thus decided to feed him something straight out of Roh's personal stores."

"Echui?" Legolas said, a gleam in his eye.

"Ai!" Elladan said, before explaining to the puzzled servant. "Roh invented a concoction of powerful herbs, one that he very aptly termed, 'awakening', for it was meant to rouse a Dwarf from his stubborn state of denial and follow the path that is the rightful one!"

"That Dwarves obey whatever Elves say?"

"Quite rightly so!"

It was then that Legolas realised the oddity of the situation. Usually it was Elrohir who came up with such ideas, for the younger twin had a stronger streak of mischief within him. Now, everything seemed the wrong way around, as he absently listened to Elladan continue. Elrohir had locked himself in his chambers, and had not come to visit Legolas, which was stranger yet, considering how he was usually the first to fuss over the Elven prince whenever he hurt himself.

"And next the Dwarf revealed that he had been sent to spy upon Imladris." Elladan was saying as the blonde Elf returned back to the present. "He was told to kidnap someone who had been given leave to enter our city. This revelation disturbed ada a great deal, and he started to quiz the creature incessantly. However, by this time, the effect of the herbs had worn off, and the Dwarf was soon back to his cursing, spitting self. I had used up the last drops of Echui, and it would take time to brew more, so ada left it at that."

"Tis an interesting story, Master, Elladan. One wonders why the Dwarf set out to kidnap little Daniya."

"It is strange, but ada did not elaborate. He was most agitated as we left, too worried to even enquire after Elrohir's absence."

"That must mean something," Legolas muttered.

"Well, I believe Lord Elrond would reveal it in good time, if it were important," Esendri said.

"Indeed, Esendri, you speak the truth. The mortals are resting in their chambers, no harm other than the shock dealt to them. For now I must take my leave, as I am required to make an appearance at the banquet tonight."

The Silvan Elves thanked him for his visit, and settled down to quiet chatting as soon as the other left the room.

Making his way down the corridors, Elladan headed purposefully for his twin's chambers, bumping into a frazzled maid along the way.

"Master Elladan, Master Elrohir has refused to acknowledge our requests for him to attend the banquet! Lord Elrond is too busy to attend to this matter personally!"

"Calm down, Nithwair, I shall speak to him, then!"

Once he reached the doors of the room, Elladan banged loudly on them, knowing well that his twin was inside. Upon getting no response, he tried the handle and found it unsurprisingly locked. A second round of banging yielded no results.

Sighing, Elladan whipped out a spare bit of metal from one of his pockets, and had the door open in an instant. Stepping into the room, he found that his twin had not even bothered to react to his break-in, and was lying sprawled on the carpet, staring up out of the window, a look of complete disinterest in his face.

Elrohir had known it was his twin the moment the banging started, but refused to respond. Annoyance rose in him as the lock was picked, but even then he had refused to move. A whole afternoon of brooding had sent him into a deep sulk, and he was not about to be roused from it so easily. He felt disgust and anger at himself, and every time he closed his eyes, the thought of how he had betrayed the trust of his dearest friend tormented him.

"Roh, this will not do!" Elladan strode over to his twin, who managed a spaced-out look in his general direction.

Elladan quickly picked up a jug of water and emptied its contents all over the motionless Elf, who was quickly jerked out of his brooding.

"Dan!" he spluttered.

"About time you get yourself out of this black mood, Elrohir!" the older twin said, pulling a set of formal robes out of his wardrobe and throwing them as his infuriated brother.

"What is the matter, Roh?" he enquired more gently when he saw that Elrohir was very upset.

"I do not wish to speak of it!" the younger one exclaimed.

"And you complain so about how stubborn Legolas is!" teased Elladan.

His words, though light and in jest, had a strong effect on his twin, who leapt up to his feet, eyes flashing dangerously.

"What did you come here to achieve, gwanur?" he asked icily.

Taken aback, Elladan blinked. What had he said wrong?

"Ada requests our presence at tonight's banquet, which is about to start in a matter of minutes," he said.

The words seemed to cause Elrohir to calm down, and he let out a long sigh.

"I do not suppose there is anyway out of it?" he asked hopefully.

"As always, Roh, you know what ada would say!" Elladan gave a small grin, knowing how much his brother detested such functions.

The younger twin gave a resigned nod, indicating that he would be present. While he thought such formal events a waste of time and effort, Elrohir always felt that he was obliged, as the son of the high-Lord, to attend and suffer, and faithfully attended every one of them.

Elladan's smile widened, as he saw that his brother had acquiesced to the request.

"I too, shall require a change of garments. You might want to dry out your hair as best you can!" he said, receiving another glare in return.

Sindarin Translations: Gwanur - brother

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