Shadow: 38. XXXVIII

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Legolas slept on for the better part of two days. His progress was quicker than Elrond had dared to hope, and his spells of consciousness were spent in quiet conversation with Elrohir or his father, speaking of events since their last parting.

On the third day, he was allowed, much to his delight, a brief sojourn into the gardens. He had never been happy with being contained in a place, and it came to be such that Elrohir chanced across the fair Elf, dressed in flowing white robes, wandering the pathways of the garden. The sight caused him to breathe in hard. Legolas had his hair let loose, and there was such an ethereal air of peacefulness that Elrohir had to blink to make sure it was not a hallucination.

"Legolas," he whispered.

The Elven prince looked up from his examination of a flower and smiled, a sweet, gentle smile.

"I see ada has consented to your venturing out of the room," Elrohir said, recovering quickly from his initial wonderment. "It seems you are enjoying every moment of your freedom!"

"Ai, Elrohir, I am most at home with trees and beasts. Surely you know that to keep me locked within four walls would mean certain death!" The Elven prince laughed, his face showing the joy at having been allowed outdoors. "For there exists no better healing than that offered to us by the earth."

Elrohir nodded mutely, aware of the heightened level of affinity with the earth Legolas possessed.

"Do not fret, Elrohir, for it is something one comes to learn if one is willing," said Legolas. His eyes twinkled suddenly as an idea hit him. A wide smile slowly spread across his face.

"Nay, Legolas, not another of your schemes!" Elrohir recognised the look for what it was.

Legolas grabbed his arm and led him through the garden, ignoring half-hearted protests erupting from his mouth.

Coming up to an oak tree, Legolas grabbed his friend's palm, placing it on the broad trunk.

"What do you feel, Roh?"

Elrohir frowned, unsure of what he was driving at.

"What? Legolas?" he asked, uncertainty in his voice.

Legolas pressed a finger to his lips, silencing the stem of questions. "Let yourself go, Roh. Feel."

The younger son of Elrond closed his eyes, concentrating hard on the tree. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, all he felt was a rough bark.

Legolas placed his own hand over his friend's, and silently called upon the magic. He did so quietly and gently, aware of how new Elrohir was to this, afraid of overwhelming him. He heard the astonished gasp, as an inexplicable warmth filled them both. Then, slowly, Legolas removed his palm.

After a while, Elrohir opened his eyes, filled with wonder and amazement as he regarded the bemused blue orbs. He had felt it, a strange, pulsing, throbbing sensation, full of emotion, wisdom, strength, and grace. The link was maintained for a brief instant after Legolas let go.

"It is there, Elrohir, you need only to learn how to listen to it," said Legolas, his eyes filled with appreciation as he lightly stroked the bark.

"What else can you do, Lass?"

Legolas smiled secretively and picked up an acorn from the ground. He knelt down on a patch of soft soil, and buried the acorn. He then pressed both palms to the earth, and seemed to fall into a light trance. After a few minutes in which he remained unmoving, he broke off contact with the ground, and Elrohir had to stop himself from crying out in surprise as a tiny shoot began to fight its way out of the Earth, slowly but surely, before stopping as two juvenile leaves were formed.

"Might I remind you that the gardens of Imladris are still under my command, Prince Legolas of Eryn Galen!" A soft voice chided, announcing the presence of the high-Lord, his eyes twinkling as he beheld the pair, Legolas looking triumphant, while his son's eyes were wide with astonishment.

"Ada!" Elrohir exclaimed, barely unable to contain his excitement.

"I seek your forgiveness, ada, I did not mean to alter your immaculately kept garden!" said Legolas, mischief in his eyes.

"Did you not see what he did?"

"Indeed, you possess skills I have never before seen, tithen ernil. However, I am afraid I must insist on putting an end to your fun, and that you must return to your chambers."

"Ada!" cried the fair prince, dismay upon his face. "I have recovered fully!"

A raised eyebrow was the only answer, and the lean shoulders slumped in resignation. Legolas knew there was no point in arguing with the high-Lord, and instead turned and started to head back towards the house, followed by Elrohir.

Elrond stared quizzically at the back of the retreating figure. He shared Elrohir's wonder and astonishment, having seen the Silvan Elf working with the acorn. While the Silvan Elves were known for their affinity with the Earth, this was surely something uncommon. It explained the remarkable resilience and healing ability of the young one, and also accounted for the strong, vibrant pulses that he always felt while working on Legolas. The matter would have to be more thoroughly pursued.


In the meantime, the pair of Elves made it back to the bedchamber, and sat, speaking quietly, on the bed, Elrohir still flushed from his experience.

"How came you to possess such magic, Legolas?"

"I do not know the answer, for it has been with me for as long as I can recall. Given to me by nature itself, even I do not claim to have a complete understanding of it."

Elrohir nodded, considering his words before speaking again. "Yet, you have managed to keep it hidden from us. Even ada did not have knowledge of the magic you possess!"

"I did not see the need to reveal it," said the fair prince, "It would not have changed anything."

"Do all Silvan Elves possess it then?"

"Nay, Elrohir, even my father does not know of it. It has been useful. The number of things Esendri and I have managed to pull off as a result! Only my mother had any idea of what was going on."

Elrohir noted the strain in Legolas's face, and knew that he was more tired than he would like to admit.

"You are indeed privileged to have control of such magic. See to it that it is put to good use." Elrohir handed a goblet over to Legolas, hoping he would not notice that it contained sleep-inducing herbs.

Just as he had hoped, Legolas accepted the drink gratefully, and it was only when the power of the rink started to take its effect did he realise what had been done to him. Legolas gave a weak protest before he sunk into a deep sleep. Elrohir managed a brief, apologetic smile, and caught his falling form. Covering him with a light blanket, he left in search of his father.

He came across the high-Lord of Imladris in his study, carefully examining an ancient parchment.

"Ada?" he called softly.

Elrond looked up and smiled warmly at his younger son. "I expect you have come to speak to me about Legolas?"

"Indeed. He is sleeping, for I had to administer him a strong dose of the sleeping potion. He was exhausted from the walk."

Elrond frowned at his words. "He has yet to fully recover, and is still vulnerable." He rose quickly, leaving the study, heading back to the bedchambers of the Elven prince.

Entering the room, he noted the serene face of Legolas, eyes glazed over in sleep. Elrond gently pushed aside the sheets and undid the light tunic the slumbering form wore, revealing to Elrohir a faint, calloused scar where the wound had been.

"It has healed well, but I am afraid the scar will remain," said the Elflord, rubbing at the uneven skin with his fingertip.

"Why one of such beauty be made to carry such scars, I do not fathom."

"The workings of the Valar are mysterious and unknown to us. Suffering strengthens us all and helps us grow in our beauty," said Elrond, smiling serenely at the young one, "Mayhap you do not understand it, but give it a few millennia and you will!"

"What do you know of the magic Legolas possesses? He says even Thranduil has no knowledge of it!"

"Does that surprise you, Elrohir? Indeed, I was as astonished as you were, but much less in awe of it. Such magic is rare, but fraught with danger. It is raw and undeveloped, and you should know that untutored wielders of such powers are easily led astray. It will have to be investigated more thoroughly. That aside, keep an eye out on Legolas. Do not allow any of the nightmares take hold of him. Send a servant for me should anything become unmanageable. I need to return to my preparations, for your grandmother will be arriving soon. Hopefully, Glorfindel will have returned with Esendri by then."

Elrohir's face lit up. Galadriel seldom visited Imladris, and he was looking forward to seeing his grandmother again.

"Rest assured that I will watch over Legolas, ada!"

With a watchful glance cast upon his friend, Elrohir settled himself comfortably on a branch of the tree that grew into the room through the window, before sinking into a thoughtful trance.

***** Sindarin Translations: tithen ernil - little prince

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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