Carpe Diem: 3. The Promise Rings

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3. The Promise Rings

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.” (Seize the present day, trusting the morrow as little as may be.)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize--- It all belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien or New Line Cinema.

Author's Note: This is fan fiction and if you spot any time, fact or event mistakes/differences, it means I have manipulated it to flow with my story. I will try to stay true to events and characters but I have taken liberty with them in certain places. I apologize for any grammar/Sindarin/spelling mistakes--- I am only human. :) Saying this, reviews are of course most welcome! So is constructive criticism. The setting is roughly many years after the departure of Celebrian but many years before the arrival of Aragorn. Enjoy the story.


Chapter 3: The Promise Rings

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” –Helen Keller


“Noro lim!” Elladan urged his horse on. Legolas followed.

The sun had set and the stars were coming out. The crisp coolness of a winter evening hung in the air. The smell of the snow covered trees was fresh. The two young elves inhaled the clean air. As they rode swiftly, their elven-horses made light imprints on the freshly fallen snow. It was so peaceful that one would doubt if evil would ever be around.

“Elladan,” Legolas cried. “Look at this.”

The Mirkwood elf was pointing to disturbance in the snow. There were many footprints and they both knew at once; orcs! But there was another set. At first glance, they appeared to be elven footprints. But instincts told them differently. The footprints were leading into the woods.

“Quietly,” Elladan ordered Legolas.

The horses slowed down as they travelled slowly into the forest. In almost an instant, the atmosphere changed. Whereas when they travelled along the path, they felt safe and tranquil. But as soon as they entered the forest, darkness loomed upon them.

“I don’t like this,” murmured Legolas.

“You’re right,” Elladan glanced around them. “Something is not right!”

“So uh, El,” Legolas began, “I heard about the fight--- Elanor and Alcarin, right?”

“I agree with Elanor, mellon-nin,” Elladan rolled his eyes. “Alcarin is really--- well annoying at times! What makes it worse is that she cannot stop tagging me!”

Legolas sniggered and suddenly stopped.

“Elladan, this isn’t---” Legolas was suddenly cut off with a cry of pain.

He saw that Elladan was looking at him confused. Legolas gasped as the searing hot pain grazed his mind. It was like a burst of fiery fire in his head! Something was trying to draw him deeper in the forest. Yet Elladan, the Sindarin elf was unaffected. Legolas felt like he was slowly losing control of his actions.

“Legolas, what is it?” he asked, worried.

“Go- back!” gasped Legolas, still clutching his head in pain. “Can’t hold on any longer!”

“I- I- don’t under---” Elladan winced as a sharp, searing pain gripped his brain--- Suddenly, it stopped! The pain went away as quickly as it came. But his companion, Legolas was still in much discomfort.

“We must turn back!” Elladan ordered quickly as soon as the pain faded.

But Legolas wasn’t listening. He simply sat on his horse, clutching his head in pain. Elladan grabbed both reins.

“Noro lim! Noro lim! Yrch!” he pushed both horses.

They were being pursued! Elladan felt his heart fill with hatred as the elven ears picked up the sound of orcs chasing after them. Keep going! he told himself, They are gaining on us! He glanced at his friend. Legolas was rendered helpless in pain. He saw the path ahead of them. Just as he burst out of the woods, the orcs leaped at the two elves.

Quickly unsheathing his sword, Elladan slew the orc nearest him. He felt a sudden rush of adrenaline--- the same feeling he always shared with his brother after rescuing their mother from these horrid creatures. The sons of Elrond fought orcs with intensity like possessed demons. Elladan looked down at his left hand. There was a band… his mother’s golden ring. He shook himself out of his stupor.

As Elladan defended both of them, Legolas was slowly returning to his senses. The pain and the fire were at last fading. Soon, he gained control once again.

Drawing his bow, Legolas drew an arrow. Cleverly piercing the orc a few feet in front of him with the arrow, he then used the same arrow to shoot another orc. There were about 20 orcs in total. In a few minutes time, they all fell down defeated.

“Aughhh!” Legolas gave a battle cry as he pulled the sword out of the orc he had just pierced.

The creature gaggled… and then laughed.

Elladan furiously came forth and was prepared to decapitate the wounded orc. But Legolas put a hand up to stop him. He seized the neck of the orc.

“Speak now and I will ease your passing!” ordered Legolas.

The orc gaggled and chuckled. “He is coming,” the creature croaked. “And he hates elves! Ha, ha---”

It choked and then laid motionless on the path.

Legolas frowned, “What---”

“We must leave,” Elladan said shortly. “At once!”

“Yes,” Legolas finally said as they galloped off. “I sense great evil--- it is near us! Let us put as much distance in between. Noro lim! Ride on!”

“Let us take our scouting south!” declared Elladan.

The further they rode, the less prominent the evil. But neither one would forget what happened that night.


The next morning, the elves of Imladris bid farewell to their guests. Thranduil of Mirkwood departed with the woodland elves.

“Good-bye, Arwen!” grinned Elrohir. “We will meet again, very soon.”

“Good-bye, Daeradar, Daernaneth,” Elrohir exchanged farewells with his grandparents. The Lord and Lady of Lorien were returning to their realms.

“Namarie,” Galadriel said, briefly taking Elrohir’s hand. She bent down and spoke to him in a low voice.

“May your promises always remain unbroken. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.”

Then, the delegate of Lorien departed.

Elrohir shook his head. Daernaneth always speaks in riddles. ‘May your promises always remain unbroken.’ He suddenly looked down at his hands; the promise rings. One was from Elanor, the promise of always waiting for her. The other one… was from his father. It was a silver ring with ‘Elrohir’ engraved in Elvish. Elrond had given one to each of his sons as a promise to Imladris, to him, most importantly, representing them as his sons.

A few days later…

Elrohir walked through the Last Homely House absentmindedly. He ended up in front of his father’s study. He knocked.

“Enter,” replied Elrond.

Elrohir walked in and saw his father in company of Glorfindel.

“Is there something you want, my son?” asked Elrond.

“Adar, I was wondering if I may go to Moria?”

“Moria?” asked Elrond, clearly confused. “Whatever for?”

“I heard about what happened,” explained Elrohir. “I thought with the hostile relationships between elves and dwarves, I could go with or without company to smooth some things over. After all, Adar, they know me well and I think they trust me.”

“If you heard what happened, then you must know that I cannot allow you to go to Moria.”

“But Adar,” protested Elrohir. “I can handle myself! If I’m careful, no ill fates will befall me! I don’t see a reason why not!”

“And have you heard about the Balrog? About how the two soldiers who perished?” snapped Elrond. “You may be able to handle dangers but a Balrog is beyond your comprehension.”

“I thought I said, ‘Speak to dwarves’, not a Balrog!” Elrohir shot back in frustration. “I will discuss things with the dwarves and go no where near the creature!”

“I am not allowing this,” Elrond said, flatly. “Elrohir, you cannot leave Imladris to go to Moria and that is final!”

But Elrohir was taken over by reckless rage.

“If it were Elladan, you would go along with the suggestion!” he yelled hotly. “I can take care of myself just as well as he can!”

“He is older,” Elrond said flatly. “Do not bother arguing.”

“Older by 5 minutes!” Elrohir threw his hands up into the air. “When has he ever bested me in competition?! We were always equal and we’ve gone on all the missions together! Whatever he can handle, I am certain I can too! I plan to go to Moria.”

“You will not,” Elrond folded his arms angrily. “As the Lord of Imladris, that is an order.”

“When has that ever stopped me?”

“You wish to defy?” Elrohir was not sure of the tone of his father’s voice. It was deadly quiet.


They had both forgotten that Glorfindel was in the room.

“Naneth would be more reasonable,” Elrohir continued. “She listened to my side of the story all the time! At least she had faith in me!”

“Uh… Peredhel?” Again, Glorfindel was ignored.

“Celebrian would not want you to get killed!” Elrond snapped back. “If she were here, she would hope for your safety! She would wish for you to remain alive! Celebrian wants---”

What Elrohir said next, he regretted the moment the words came tumbling out.

“Thanks to you, we don’t know what she wants!”

The room was so quiet you could hear the intakes of breaths.

Oh no, why did I have to say that?

Elrond marched over the room in seconds and stood before his youngest son. Elrohir couldn’t meet his father’s eyes. He was filled with a sense of dread. Slowly, he stared at his father. Elrond leered down upon the younger elf, who flinched. He had never seen his father this angry. His father’s eyes were cold and his body stiff. He was standing so close to Elrohir… For a fleeting moment, Elrohir thought his father was going to hit him. But no, Elrond would never raise a hand on one of his children--- and he didn’t.

Glorfindel shifted uneasily as the two elves stood there for quite some time. Finally, Elrond spoke.

His voice was so cold, “Get out.”

Elrohir was out of the room before you could blink. No one had ever seen Elrond that angry at a family member. Elrohir raced through the corridors of the Last Homely House, tears in his eyes. He knocked into people and they gaped at him, running like the wind. I don’t care, he thought as he ran down the steps and charged into the dark night. I cannot stay here any longer!

Meanwhile, inside the Last Homely House, the people were murmuring. They had heard the shouting and they saw their prince run out of the house. Most couldn’t even remember the last time there was an episode like this involving Lord Elrond.


Elrond huffily sat down in his chair.

“Peredhel!” Glorfindel repeated, more insistent this time.


“I do not understand why you are snapping at me,” Glorfindel said crossly, folding his arms. “If I may say so, Peredhel, that did not go very well. Are you listening to me?”

“What is it?” Elrond said again, feeling impatient.

“Come, Elrond, mellon-nin!” Glorfindel threw his hands in the air. “I think perhaps you should speak to your son. Soon, before situations get worse. Maybe you should have listened to him a little more. Elrohir is for the most part a sensible and valiant lad. Have more patience, Peredhel, have a little more faith!”

“I won’t deny that Elrohir was wrong and imprudent in some of his comments,” continued Glorfindel. “Though I’m sure it would have helped if you just listened and reasoned peacefully."

“Glorfindel, are you saying that as a ruler, I was too harsh to ensure safety on one of my people?” Elrond asked, coldly.

“No,” Glorfindel replied flatly. “I am saying, that as a father, you also have a responsibility over the well-being of your son, not only his safety.”

Elrond sighed. In a pained voice, he said, “He said Celebrian’s departure was my--- He blamed me for not sending---”

“Elrohir spoke in anger and frustration,” Glorfindel cut his friend off sharply. “He did not mean it and I saw at once that he regretted it. Elrohir rarely loses control and says things he ends up regretting. Therefore, I do believe he owes you an apology. All I am asking is that you speak to him, calmly and no shouting. Do it tomorrow morning, before the departure of the Imladris Guard.”

“Glorfindel? Do you believe he can do it?” asked Elrond after a long hesitation.

“I have no doubt he can,” replied the golden-haired elf. “No, I do not think he should go to Moria--- but he has gone on many journeys and has handled about everything Elladan has. He has proved his courage and heart beyond expectations. Elrohir can accomplish great things, as can his older brother. You forget, Peredhel, that I raised both of them with you and Celebrian. They are family to me.”

“Glorfindel, did you fear for yourself when you faced the Balrog?” Elrond asked the peculiar question.

Glorfindel was silent, then… “Very afraid, in more ways than one…”

There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“Elladan and Legolas.”


Out in the wild, earlier…

They rode silently for quite some time. Finally, Legolas spoke what both had been thinking for a while now.

“By Valar! I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I.”

Legolas looked flustered. “What did the orc mean by, ‘He is coming. And he hates elves!’? Who is coming? What were those orcs doing in the forest? What was the evil we sensed? Why was I suddenly in immense pain and felt like my head was going to burst all of a sudden? Why did it feel like someone lit a fire in my brain?”

He paused, “And why was I so much more affected than you? I was literally searing with pain and had gone out of control of my body, while you felt only a flicker before it subdued?”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer any of your questions, mellon-nin,” shrugged Elladan. “I am just as confused. We best be heading home. We need to tell my father immediately, perhaps he can answer some questions for us.”

“Elladan, it was frightening,” Legolas frowned. “I lost control of my mind and my actions! Yet the culprit was not near me--- we did not see him. The pain was like- like 100 knives of fire stabbing at your mind all at once. It was horrid! Even now, I still feel the aftershocks though the pain has faded. But you say that it didn’t affect you.”

“No it didn’t. And I am just as confused. You say it was extremely painful and it even controlled you. I just felt a sharp flicker of pain in my mind but it disappeared very quickly. I sensed the evil but it had no grip on my mind.”

“The faster we get to Imladris, the better,” muttered Legolas. “Lord Elrond must know something. Let us be swift!”

Hours later, they entered the valley. Leaving their horses at the stables, the two scouts hurried towards the Last Homely House. Elladan knocked on his father’s study door.

“Who is it?”

“Elladan and Legolas,” he replied.

“Father,” began Elladan, “we have a lot to tell you…” He and Legolas launched into the story.


“Father?” asked Elladan. “Can you tell us anything about what we discovered?”

“No, I’m sorry, ion-nin,” Elrond sighed. “I do not know yet. I have an idea, but I cannot be sure. Glorfindel?”

“Yes, I am thinking about that also,” confirmed Glorfindel. “But I have no guarantee. It is simply an instinct.”

“Thank you, Elladan, Legolas,” said Elrond. “Your news is disturbing. When I have more news, I will tell you. Perhaps you should both retire for the evening.”

“Goodnight, my lord.”

“Goodnight, Father. I think I will go to find Elrohir.” His father had flinched at the mention of Elrohir, Elladan noted to himself, confused.

As they left the room, they caught a piece of conversation.

“Peredhel, you do not think---!”

“It is precisely what I think, the one we escaped from---”

“Not- him!”

Legolas yawned, “Goodnight, Elrohir, a good night’s sleep is on schedule for me.”

Elladan was just about to head for his room when he passed a window. A figure was moving towards the stables. It was Elrohir! Forgetting about his plan to rest, Elladan sprinted outside, heading for the stables.

“Elrohir!” he cried. “You’ll never believe what---”

Elladan stopped. Elrohir's eyes were bright and his face was angry. He was also armed to the last knife.

“What’s going on?” the older twin finally asked.

“Leave me alone!” snapped Elrohir. “I am leaving!”

“Leaving? Praise Iluvatar! What has happened?” Elladan asked, confused.

“Why don't you ask our father?!"

“Fine, ’Ro. Then where are you going?”

Elrohir’s nose flared. “I planned for Moria, for peacemaking. But our father apparently doesn’t not have a very high opinion of me!”
“He refused to let you go to Moria? So you’re disobeying him?” Elladan was slightly amazed. Elrohir rarely did anything against their father’s wishes.

Elrohir did not answer and simply led the horse away. He brushed past Elladan.

“I will be fine,” Elrohir said, walking away from Elladan. Elladan was left there, stunned for quite some time.

He didn’t know whether to simply let Elrohir go or not. His rational little brother was rarely brash or that decisive. Usually, it would be best to let Elrohir do what he wants at that stage. But…

The promise ring, remembered Elladan.




Celebrian cautiously walked into the room, over to her son. She sat down next to him.

"You are wearing my ring," she gestured vaguely to Elladan's hand, which bore a golden ring with a crown engraved on it. "How long has it been?"

"I never take it off, Mother," Elladan said softly. "I've been wearing it since you gave it to me, the year Elrohir and I turned 100."

"An important age," agreed Celebrian.

She hesitated. "Elladan," she began, "I came here to talk about the family. I am leaving tomorrow and…" She trailed off.

"I wish you would not depart over sea," admitted Elladan. "But I think I understand."

"Yes, Elladan," she replied. "You are my eldest child and I have seen your strength. I am certain that you can handle any bump along the road. But please look after the others for me… I have explained to them many times of my decision but it is not an easy thing to accept."

"Father will be heart-broken," said Elladan.

"They will feel as if a part of them was taken away," Celebrian looked at Elladan. "And I do feel for them! Your father, Elrohir, and Arwen will not understand--- at least not in the beginning. I hope you will always be there for them."

"I will, Mother."

"Time heals all wounds. Bear with them and give them time."

"But some pains never fade," whispered Elladan, blinking back tears. "Some people will never be forgotten. I will miss you too, Mother."

"I know," Celebrian wrapped an arm around her son. "I shall miss you all very deeply. But it is not as if we will never see each other again! In the end, we be together."

All was still at that point. The stars were shining from the dark, night sky. Lights fell down upon the valley of Imladris. Yet all this beauty could not convince Celebrian to stay. She was leaving all of this behind, tomorrow.

"Take care of your brother," Celebrian finally said. "Elrohir's task on middle-earth is not yet finished."

"I know."

Then she took Elladan's hands in hers. She fingered the golden ring, gently twisting it. Their eyes met.

"Whatever lies ahead, you will pull through. Should hope remain through difficult times, then the family must hold strong, together. Look after them, Elladan."

"I promise," said Elladan, embracing his mother. "I love you, Nana."

Through the window, Elladan thought he saw the stars twinkle at him. She is right, he thought. Whatever lies ahead, we will conquer and prevail. We always have.

~*~*~End Memory~*~*~

I love you, Nana… Pull through--- together--- together--- together---… I promise--- I promise--- promise--- promise---promise…

Elladan blinked. He hesistated for only a split second before rushing off with a horse from the stable. He quickly caught up to Elrohir, who was saddling his horse, packed and ready to leave. Elladan ran up to him.

"What are you doing here?" Elrohir asked, grumpily. "I told you I'm leaving. Father couldn't stop me, and you certainly can't."

"And I certainly won't try," Elladan replied evenly. "That is why I am going with you."

"You are not!" protested Elrohir, impatient. "I wish to go alone."

"That's too bad for you," said Elladan, not giving up. "Because I am going anyway. Whether you like it or not, little brother."

Elrohir glared at him. He finished saddling his horse, not speaking to Elladan, who did not attempt a conversation either. Elladan was usually more stubborn than he was and was often so insistent that reasoning was out of the question.

"Father will be angry," Elrohir told him.

"He will not," countered Elladan, smiling. "He will be happy. I am only fulfulling my duty as the older brother.

Elrohir did not reply. He glared at his brother before jumping on horseback and riding off.

"Noro lim!" he cried. Behind him, he heard Elladan riding after him.

They rode in silence for a few minutes.

"I don't need you to protect me!" Elrohir snapped, exasperated. "I can take care of myself just fine!"

"I made a promise," retorted Elladan. "I wish to keep my promises."

"You made no such promise to me!"

Elladan looked at his brother, annoyed. "Whoever said it was you I made the promise to?"

The lights of Imladris faded away. The twins rode on. When he was sure his brother could not see his face, Elrohir gave a small smile. He would never admit it, but he was almost grateful that his brother chose to come along.

"So, uh… where are we going?" asked Elladan.

"Lorien," Elrohir replied shortly.

"I thought you planned to go to Moria?" Elladan asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought you wished to speak to a Balrog."

"Nay, brother!" laughed Elrohir. "I wish to see no Balrog…"


Glorfindel of Imladris returned to his quarters after watching the Peredhil brothers leave the valley under the stars. He sighed. Elladan had made a good choice to follow his brother but Glorfindel felt uneasy about Elrohir's desire to leave.

Under such tidings, he thought, remembering the news Elladan and Legolas had brought. Though the golden-haired elf told him not to jump to conclusions, he was almost positive of the culprit behind it. Alas, let me be wrong!

Glorfindel cared about the sons of Elrond almost as much as Elrond did himself. He had helped raised them and they were almost his own sons. He always wanted to spare them as much pain as he could. But people grow up and eventually had to face the world themselves.

He bit his lip. Glorfindel remembered how sympathetic and kind the twins always were. They always had good intentions, for everyone.


The twins were only ten years old, still young children by elven-standards. They were also curious and could ask questions for hours.

"Glorfy!" Elladan cried happily when he spotted Glorfindel sitting in a chair. He opened his arms for a hug and Glorfindel picked him up.

"Hello, Elladan, Elrohir," he greeted. "How are you on this fine day?"

"Great!" giggled Elrohir, bouncing on Glorfindel's lap. "We were learning archery from Ada!"

"Um, Glorfy?"

"Yes, Elladan?"

"We have a question."

"Is it about that pretty she-elfling you are so fond of?" teased Glorfindel. "Oh, what's her name? Elcina? --- No. Oh yes, Alcarin!"

The twins exchanged glances and giggled, Elladan blushing slightly.

"We wanted to know," began Elladan, "if fighting a Balrog is scary!"

Glorfindel froze. In his mind, he was reliving a not so pleasant memory.

"Glorfy?" Elrohir's voice brought him back to reality.

"Glorfy, we know you've fought a Balrog before so we know you're the best person to ask!" Elladan said enthusiastically, his eyes twinkling with innocence.

"Well, perhaps I should tell a story…" Glorfindel began, pulling the twins onto his lap.

The twins' eyes grew wider as Glorfindel lauched into the story of his fight with the Balrog.

"I fell down the side of the mountain, along with the Balrog. And there… I died. The eagle, Thorondor carried my body away and buried it. My spirit fled to the Hall of Mandos…" finished Glorfindel.

Elladan and Elrohir hugged him tightly, looking at Glorfindel with awe.


"Yes, Elladan?"

"You died…" he said doubtfully. "But you are right here in front of us!"

"My spirit did indeed go to the Hall of Mandos," Glorfindel sighed. "I was given a choice and I chose to return to middle-earth. Therefore, I was sent back."

"Were you scared when you were with the Balrog?" persisted Elladan.

"Very," confirmed Glorfindel. "You know, being afraid sometimes is normal, but being brave is hard. It takes a lot of spirit!"


"Yes, Elrohir?"

Elrohir regarded him solemnly. "I am glad you were sent back."

"Me too," said Elladan, nodding his head.

Glorfindel regarded the young elflings. He felt rushes of emotion befall him before one surfaced; it was gratitude for the young twins. Me too, he thought, me too.

"Glorfy, will we ever have to fight Balrogs and bad people like you and Ada did?" asked Elladan.

Glorfindel didn't know what to say.

"I don't know," he finally said truthfully. "But we all hope you two will never have to face such evil."

"Ada fought battles," said Elrohir.

"Yes," replied Glorfindel. "And he would do anything to protect you."

"And Nana?" inquired Elrohir.

"And your nana."

The twins were just leaving the room when Elladan turned at the doorway to face Glorfindel.

"Glorfy, you won't leave us and go to the Hall of Mandos any time soon, will you?" Elladan asked worriedly.

"I certainly don't intend to," winked Glorfindel.

"I hope you never leave us," shuddered Elrohir.

Glorfindel sighed when the twins left, wondering to himself, When and why have I become so attached to them?

Outside in the corridor, he heard a fading voice--- either Elladan or Elrohir--- say, "When I grow up, I want to be brave and win battles just like Glorfy and Ada!"

And perhaps you will, thought Glorfindel, looking outside.


So many years later, things had changed--- yet also remaining the same. Some things will stay the same forever, like the feelings among family and friends.

May the Valar protect them, thought Glorfindel, walking away from the window.

Suddenly the door burst open and a very distraught elf burst in, still trying to catch his breath. His hair was dishevelled and he looked very urgent.

"Lord Glorfindel," he gasped. "News has arrived from Lorien. Lord Elrond wishes to see you in his study, immediately!"

End of Chapter 3. To Be Continued…


Author's Note: I have a question: Does anyone have a favourite out of the sons of Elrond? Do you like one of the twins more than the other in particular? I can't decide! I love both of them! I think Elladan's personality more matches mine but that does not mean I like him better. Ooh, and I adore Elrond. J Can you tell that I am also very fond of Glorfindel? I love that golden-haired Vanyar elf! It hurts me to think about him being smoted by a disgusting Balrog! L I love Glorfy… JJJ


(Bonus points up for grabs!)

Feedback, constructive criticism, and ideas are welcome! You are also welcome to point out any obvious or overlooked mistakes! Thanks a bunch!

Coming Up Next: Unsettling News: The journey to Lorien… As Elladan and Elrohir are making their way to Lorien, the Imladris Guard catches up to them and delivers bad news. And finally, we shall know about the NEW EVIL!!! *wink* So what is this horrible evil they keep sensing?


Noro Lim!--->Ride On!



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Epilogue: A New Day Has Come

Feel free to try and guess the chapters from the titles! Note that this is not definite. More chapters may be added and titles may be changed. I'd just like everyone to know that I have a definite plan and layout.

THE FINAL CHAPTER and EPILOGUE have already been written. But I've hidden it in a CAVE, behind LOCKED DOORS, and guarded by DWARVES with AXES!

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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