Sworn Brothers: 5. Chapter 4 Justice

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5. Chapter 4 Justice

The three of them went to Gil-Galad to tell him of their plans and ask his approval. Gil Galad agreed with their plans and gave them his approval.

“It is good that you are willing to do this to help your friend. Loyalty and commitment are signs of maturity,” said Gil-Galad. “I suggest you ready; you will leave as soon as the summer celebrations are over. Galadriel, Celeborn, I hope that you will stay for celebration, I’m sure the elflings wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“Aye, we will,” said Celeborn. “A hasty departure is the last thing Thranduil needs.”

Elrond and Elros went to prepare for the journey. Galadriel gave Celeborn a look. She had hoped to get Thranduil to Lothlorien as soon as possible, but she knew he was correct.

“How fares the elfling?” asked Gil-Galad. “I have seen many human children blame themselves for their parents’ actions. I have done my best to help the ones I find. Yet, despite my best efforts, some go on to become child abusers themselves.”

“He has to be told it wasn’t his fault,” said Galadriel. “I treated the eye. I’m sure Celeborn will treat the marks on his back when the elfling bathes tonight. Then the full extent of his injuries can be seen more clearly.”

“Some of those scares are old and though they will fade, they will never leave him,” said Gil-Galad.

Galadriel nodded.

“I think, if looks could kill, Greenwood would be with out a king,” Gil-Galad commented dryly. “And even the Valar would not be able to find the responsible party.”

“I think the Valar would not be celebrating over this,” said Galadriel.

“Nor do I think they would mourn Oropher’s demise,” said Gil-Galad. “But the only elf Oropher wronged was Thranduil. His people are very loyal to him. “

“I think he has wronged the whole Elvin race,” said Galadriel. “I have never seen anything so horrid in my life.”

“You have not seen those who Morgoth held imprisoned with in the dungeons of Angband,” said Gil-Galad darkly.

“You will not tell me!” said Galadriel. “I have had enough horrid images for one day.”

“Nay, dear lady, I do not wish to remember,” was all Gil-Galad would say about that and Galadriel was relieved. “What do we do about Oropher, we cannot afford to estrange him or his people. Taking his son from his, what a major blow to his pride, was not enough.”

“Has he said as much?” asked Galadriel.

“No, but I know him,” said Gil-Galad. “Or I thought I knew him.”

“I think you are right,” said Galadriel. “I have an idea. Have him give up his parental authority over Thranduil. But how do get him to do so is another matter.”

“I know how,” said Celeborn who had been silent until then. “Leave it to me, I will be back with in an hour.”

Galadriel nodded and left him to it.

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