Entrapment: 10. And So, In The End

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10. And So, In The End

A hand rested on Legolas' shoulder, and he resisted the urge to swat at it as
he would a spider under the eaves of the Woodland Realm. In fact, he had to fight
the urge to use a knife, like he would have used with some of the larger pests.

Turning, he faced mirror images of the same face. "Elladan and
Elrohir" he said, mentally thinking that the word "pests" had
been too light. These two had proved many times their prowess in the arts of
mischief, particularly on various New Year's Eve celebrations in Minas Tirith
after the War of the Ring. Yet beside them stood one with whom he was not

"My dear elf, might I offer you some of these?" he identified the
person standing before him as Elros, due to the elf-like stature but human skin
tone. "I have heard they are a delicacy brought from another world by the
Valar. I believe they called it choco'lat. Can I not entice you?"

Suspiciously but with good grace, Legolas thanked Elros and helped himself to
one of the proffered morsels. He had to admit, the small rosettes of brown
substance were surprisingly good. Almost addictive, he thought, as he reached
for another.

Elladan (or was it Elrohir?), who still had not removed his hand from his
friend's shoulder, said "Honestly, Legolas. You have been courted and
counseled this night by more royals and nobles than are in a deck of
cards!" The glee in Elrohir's face - or was it Elladan? The similarity really
was infuriating at times - showed that they had been enjoying the prince's
torment far too much.

"Indeed, brother, and they have all brought up very
interesting reminiscences of our dear prince's youthful days. Actually, we have
been enjoying recording and ferreting out further details. Your father and
grandfather were true well-springs of information." Elrohir (was it he?)
was quick to add "And as it was, we have long held information that would
be most useful to us this night. It might even be of some value. Especially to
you, Legolas. I dare say the Master Archer Tanglinna would truly enjoy learning
just who it was that painted his hair green that most productive New Year's
Eve, do you not agree brother?" Looking over to their left, the twins and
Legolas saw the Master Archer speaking in earnest to Brethil, one of Legolas'
oldest friends.

"Indeed. Such information would be most valuable. It would behoove our
friend to ensure that such information was not forthcoming."

"What a good idea, brother." Then, turning to Legolas, he asked
"Now what would you have that would ensure our lips were sealed?"

"A long knife. Or perhaps my bow. Then again, my fists would be quite
effective as well, I imagine," said Legolas, but to little avail.

"No, no. That would never do. But there is a little tale you


"No? Are you sure? Perhaps we should ask Master Tanglinna."

"Ah, but *dear * Elrohir" and he quickly added, just to be sure, "and Elladan. Master Tanglinna is already well aware of who put that green dye in his hair. After all, the twin sons of Elrond are well renowned for their herb lore. They would know exactly what plants could be used for what dyes. And as we were in Imladris at the time, the son of a king was instructed to be on his best behaviour. You see, *dear * friends, you were not the only one busy this night. As I recall, I might have accidentally let slip some crucial information about the event to my good friend Brethil in anticipation of any less-than-innocent maneuvers of yours." Indeed, Brethil had been prepped even ere Gimli had let slip about the tree stump. Legolas and his friend Tavor had felt that the twins were well due for some over-delayed retribution for past pranks. This made the impending approach of the Master Archer all the more sweet.

Tanglinna, meanwhile, was storming over towards the twins. Sensing his mood,
the twins wisely decided it was best not to attempt a denial until the Master
Archer had cooled down a bit. Watching them calmly flee his wrath, Legolas
turned his attention back to the chocolates.

Elros, however, moved slightly back with a knowing grin. Yes, they were good.
Addictive, even. Especially to one so stressed as Legolas. It was good to be
the brother of the greatest and most learned herb-master in Middle Earth.
"Now, my dear lord. Perhaps we might talk a while."

"Of what did you wish to speak, Lord Elros?" Legolas' eyes never left
the tray of chocolates.

"I have heard that you had a brief encounter that has most of those here
rather intrigued." Moving backwards slightly, Elros pulled the tray just
out of polite reach of Legolas' hand. Oh, yes, chocolates were addictive.
Perhaps he would finally be able to out-do his brother and earn a larger space
on Vairë's tapestry.

Unfortunately for Elros, though, Celebrimbor, Beren, Finrod and Finwë chose
that moment to walk up to Legolas. It seemed the crowd was growing impatient as
the night was waning and a warm dawn light was spreading in from the eastern
windows of the Hall. These three joined Elros and Legolas, who took the moment
of distraction to reach and delicately grab another chocolate from the tray.

Celebrimbor took Legolas slightly aside, and whispered, "I have something
here that might interest you, young one." He held a small gold band,
intricately carved between Legolas and himself. Unfortunately, the ring's
allure called to those around them. Recognising the whispered enticements,
Finwë´, Beren and Finrod quickly grabbed the ring and Celebrimbor roughly,
telling him in no uncertain terms that they were not going to allow another
"incident" with a ring to happen. Celebrimbor stormed off in a huff,
muttering darkly about "unappreciative hooligans not recognising

"Dear Legolas," said Finwë´, "we were wondering if we might
present you with an offer. You have a tale to tell, as all here know. We have
something that surely even you could not deny."

With that, Beren delicately drew out from within a soft leather pouch a
sparkling jewel the likes of which Legolas had never seen. Its sheer beauty
drove any further thoughts of chocolate from his mind. Beren held it out in his
palm as his two companions closed in around Legolas and the jewel, shielding
the sight from the rest of the crowd. They would not let another ring of power
be used. But apparently, they hand no such compunctions against the jewel in
their hands. "A Silmaril?" Legolas whispered in awe. "Ay, a
Silmaril" said Finwë´.

"But how did you get it?!?"

Finwë was quick to set the trap "Ah, but that would be telling. Though I
would not grudge the tale, nor the gift, if you would reciprocate."
Legolas looked deeply at the jewel. He stood paused, not committing himself in
any way, but affecting a posture that suggested consideration.

Beren's enthusiasm, as Legolas had anticipated, drove him to commit a vital
sin. He took what he mistook as awe and agreement, and committed to his tale
before receiving any promise of reciprocation from Legolas. "After
escaping with Lúthien, we fled back to her father. It took many months, and
along the way we rested in the generous hospitality of a jewel-smith on the
fringes of Doriath. When we finally reached the king's halls, I presented
Thingol with a jewel to match his every expectation!"

Caught up in the excitement of finally releasing this long-held secret, Finwë´
finished by saying "All that trouble afterwards and Beren had the real
thing hidden away the whole time! Thingol never even checked it!"

"Did he not? Really, and here I thought the jewel I so carefully removed
from your inner cloak lining whilst you seduced my daughter was the real thing.
Hmmph, silly me."

With dread, Finwë and Beren turned to face the smirk on Elwë Singollo's lips.
"Sorry to disappoint you, lads, but one does not marry a Maia without some
caution and sensibility!"

"Well, they may contest the provenance of the one jewel," said Finwë,
wrapping his arms around Legolas' shoulder, "but I wrought the things. I
can offer you a real one, if you like, Legolas."

Coming up behind him at that moment were the sons of Fëanor, who snorted in
grudging admiration of the King Thingol Singollo's keen eye and quick hand.
Like others before them, they began to shower Legolas with offers of jewels,
wealth, rich and lavish foods and wines if he would only reveal the tale.

"We will seek out even the blessed Silmarils, if it would be to your
liking, Prince Legolas."

"Oh, no you don't!" rang the chorus. Finrod was the first to state,
plainly and unequivocally, "We all remember what happened the last time.
You will do no such thing!"

"I DON'T even WANT a Silmaril!" cried Legolas, but his voice was
drowned out completely. This really was infuriating. And just what do they
see in the blasted things?
he thought, regarding the somewhat gaudy
jewel over which Beren, Finwë and Elwë were still arguing.

The Hall had erupted into a cacophony of voices. They had failed while trying
to attack Legolas piece-meal, and they now decided to attack him all at once.
Offers, bribes and threats melted into one very loud argument. Throughout all
this, those of the Black Barrow seemed eager to egg on some of the more
notorious personalities who had, on some occasion, strayed towards their
circle. Isildur, Boromir and even Saeros were particularly focused upon.

Where Saeros and Fingolfin goaded Legolas, challenging him to combat one on
one, Brandir tried to befriend the Prince, offering counsel against the
faithless and long cursed. But as was ever his fate, his counsels to Legolas
went unheeded. Enerdhil offered to create another stone like Elessar, one that
would forever capture the radiance of the sun on fairest flowers.
Unfortunately, Celebrimbor heard this, and (being distracted from his attempts
to woo Legolas with a jewel) challenged Enerdhil to a contest of creation. The
collective gathering sighed in exasperation, before continuing their offensive.

Fingon threatened to unite his house against the prince. To that, Gil-Galad
offered to form an alliance against the house of Fingon, while Glorfindel
offered suggestions on how to convince the Valar that reincarnation really was
a good idea. Even Finarfin tried to use a word of sympathy for Legolas
struggles in Ithilien to extricate the tale from Legolas, though his words only
melted into the overwhelming thunder of voices.

Legolas stood absolutely still. Not even the slightest tremor broke his tense
form. And with all the commotion, no one noticed the danger.

Orodruin be damned. Legolas was about to explode.

As the fervour of conflict rose to an almost violent height, Legolas drew in a
long breath and then, with a strength rarely seen from this normally mild and
jovial elf, bellowed out "E.N.O.U.G.H!" style='font-weight:normal'>

The Hall was silent once more. But Legolas was far from finished.

"I will NOT reveal anything more. I will not concede to favours, threats,
temptation, bribes, blackmail, nor to guilt or obligations to friends and
family. If one more person so much as looks in my direction, calls me 'dear' or
touches my shoulder one more time this night, so help me I will NOT be held
accountable for my actions. Now SURELY you must all have something better to
talk about after ages of history on Middle Earth?!?"

The silence that hung about him dragged on longer than it should have, and
Legolas wryly thought Well, I guess not. With that, he headed for
the Western-most door and stormed through it at a pace that practically dared
someone to follow.

His footsteps rang back through the silent Hall. A few began to shift their
weight, uneasy with the lengthy and empty silence.

"Well, it looks like our friend is more resistant than we thought"
Said Elladan. "Oh, well. If he is truly unwilling to speak of it, perhaps
we should seek out another who knows the tale. I have heard it said that there
is one, a human female with a name fitting royalty who knows it. Perhaps she
would be more accepting of our gifts..."


As all the crowds eagerly departed from the Hall in search of this young woman,
four rather contented figures lay in a heap at the floor under an empty table.

"Well," said Frodo, "that kept them busy for a while.

Merry grunted in satisfaction and agreement. "All I know is, I'm worn out.
I never want to weave through another crowd with a tray of wine glasses again.
It was quite unnerving."

"At least you didn't have to lead him back in to all that" said Sam,
licking at some icing on his thumb somewhat miserably.

"Pip, are there any more of those pastries left?"

"Nope. Not a crumb."

"Oh, well. No matter. I don't think I could eat any more without exploding."

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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