Middle-earth Superstitions: 29. Father of the Groom

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29. Father of the Groom

"Eldarion," Aragorn greeted his son as he sat next to him. Eldarion gave him a small smile in return. "What is it?"

"Just nervous, that's all."

"Nervous? Afraid she'll change her mind?"

"No. Yes. No, of course not."

Aragorn smiled. "Could you say it with just a little less conviction?"

"Couldn't you just go and see her for me?"

"I can't, Eldarion, you know that."

"But it's just an elven superstition. I'm not an elf."

Aragorn sighed. They'd had this conversation before and there wasn't really a good argument for it just now. Besides, if it put Eldarion's mind at rest... "Very well, I will try."


Aragorn approached the room Eldarion's bride was currently in, probably getting dressed. Upon knocking he heard a burst of laughter that sounded suspiciously like his own daughters'. He was therefore not surprised when Arwen opened the door.

"What are you doing here?" Shutting the door, she came out into the hallway, not allowing Aragorn to see in and forcing him to move backwards.

"Oh, well, I just wanted to see-"


He put on his most rational voice. "But, Arwen-"


He backed up further at the expression on her face - it was exactly like the one he'd seen many times before on Elrond's. He felt the wall at his back and decided that retreat was probably his best option.


When he returned he found Eldarion talking to a silver-haired elf.

"Celeborn! I didn't know you'd arrived."

"Do you think I'd miss the wedding of my great grandson? I came with Elladan and Elrohir."

On cue the twins appeared and Aragorn moved to greet them. It had been a while since he last saw his brothers, and he had been worried that they wouldn't arrive in time

"If you really want to see your bride, I have a way," Celeborn said.

Aragorn couldn't help from smiling, remembering Celeborn's brilliant idea on his own wedding day.

"What about that elven superstition?" Eldarion asked Celeborn.

"Didn't you know that the marriage will not be blessed with children if you don't try?"

Eldarion shook his head. Aragorn hadn't heard this one either - he was fairly convinced Celeborn was making it up just to cause trouble.

"Your father tried, and your grandfather too."

"In that case I will not be the one to break with tradition."

"Good." Celeborn smiled and leaned closer to Eldarion to whisper conspiratorially into his ear. "Now, here's what you have to do..."

Aragorn didn't need to hear the details of Celeborn's plan because it probably hadn't changed since his wedding. And it was probably not going to work this time either.

"Watch out for your own weddings," he said to the twins.

"Oh, don't worry," Elladan replied with a grin. "We'll put him on a ship first."

"I heard that," Celeborn paused in his whisper to Eldarion. "Now are you going to help or not?"

"Not me. I think I'll watch this time. But I'm sure Elladan and Elrohir will, won't you?"

"We'll get you for this, Estel," Elrohir said, but they were already being led away by an eager Eldarion.

"What if he does see her?" Aragorn asked Celeborn.

"Don't worry, he won't. But it will take his mind off his nerves for a while."

They both laughed.

"Did you try to see Galadriel on your wedding day too?"

"Now that's a tale for another time. I wouldn't want you to be getting ideas."


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