Raven's Song: 7. Chapter Seven

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7. Chapter Seven

Ta, J.
A/N: I should be writing OFUM – but my fever has obviously done weird things to my brain, because it keeps throwing me lines for this story!

Sindarin used:
Nîn mellon – my friend
Morn gîl – dark star


Foolish is he who frets at night,
And lies awake to worry
A weary man when morning comes,
He finds all as bad as before.
- Håvamål


Dark was the night, as always. Darker it seemed still, for the dark mood of the hunt added to it.

Another day passed, another night to halt while the hobbits slipped from their grasp. Hope was fading as their trail was, become as cold as death. Yet there was no turning back – where would they go? War was building, dark times were ahead. Legolas could feel it in his very bones, denying his mind the rest it needed.

His companions slept, though the elf feared their dreams brought them no comfort and little rest. Not for the first time Legolas wondered what their dreams were like. Were they even aware of them when morning came, or did Mortals forget them as they forgot so much else?

Did they sometimes wonder what was real and what was a dream? Did Gimli think the night before a dream? Not with a word had the Dwarf addressed it, his dark eyes on the horizon throughout the day. Whatever he was thinking, it was hidden in his eyes and the elf could not unlock it.

Perhaps there was another reason. Legolas furrowed his brow. Had he misunderstood the Dwarf's words? Had Gimli been thinking of someone else among his own kindred, someone he had desired to be there? Had his words been meant for someone else, spoken in longing to the horizon and not to Legolas at all?

What did dwarves desire? The elf used to think he knew what they desired all too well – merely gold and gems. He was not so sure any longer.

Why had he kissed Gimli? And what did he, Legolas of Mirkwood, desire? Galadriel had offered him many things, and he had not desired any of them. Not deep down. Just one thing she had said to him that he did not quite understand.

What will you chose, Legolas, son of Thranduil? Pain or the calling of the sea? Will you use the Ring to end the pain?

You will not fear death, Legolas Greenleaf. You will fear life, for therein lies the greatest pain you will know. You will find beauty in the darkness if your heart stays true.

All elves went to the sea. So why did he know her words were true and that the choice was there? Why did his lips still burn even now?

He shivered, though the night was not cold. Torn he felt, as if he had stepped into another world, calling to him, yet the familiarity of his own world called as well. Would Mirkwood give him peace?

No. For it was his heart that was torn, and that he could not leave behind. Something was growing there, something he did not quite understand.

“Nîn mellon,” he said softly into the wind.

'My friend. My friend Gimli.'

It was the truth and yet not the truth.

And the darkness in his heart grew. Where was his father to offer counsel? Though perhaps his father could offer little but knowledge of the dwarves's fighting ways. Friendship between elves and dwarves were rare and there had been none for a very long time.

How deeply did dwarven friendships run? Few of his kindred would know. Perhaps Galadriel had known, but Lothlórien was far away. As was Mirkwood.

His eyes went to Gimli's sleeping form, taking in the tired face, the mass of dark hair flowing down his back and the mass of dark beard flowing down his front. His eyes were hidden, but Legolas could see them clearly in his mind. Many elves would look at the dwarf and not find him beautiful.

Yet the dwarf was, for within him shone a dark light. Not dark and terrible as Mordor, but dark as the earth was. The earth that gave trees and grass and life and beauty beyond anything built by mortals or immortals.

And what could such a creature desire? Certainly not an elf, mind only on the sky and the stars.

Would he have kissed Gimli even if the dwarf had not asked?

The ground was soft and he sank down to it, feeling the grass under his hands. His lips burned, and his skin felt warm.

Yes, he would have. Not perhaps then, but in some other night when seeking the dark light of the dwarf. There was his answer, so obvious and yet unthinkable.

You will not fear death, Legolas Greenleaf. You will fear life, for therein lies the greatest pain you will know. You will find beauty in the darkness if your heart stays true.

“Morn gîl,” he whispered.

'Alas for Legolas! Alas for my heart!' he thought miserably. 'I have fallen for a dark star.'

Gimli shifted slightly in his sleep, turning away from Legolas. In the east the sky warned of the dawn's coming, and soon the elf would to wake them both. The hunt would go on, even though hope was faint. Friendship demanded this. Into death they would follow the hobbits as long as the trail remained.

He would have to lock his heart away and run through the sunlight as nothing had changed. Lady Galadriel was right. Pain lay in life, not death. In dreams he could have his dark star, but the dream always ended and the day always came.

And yet he would not give it up. For even with the pain, he had never felt so alive and so awake.

Dawn came.

“Awake! Awake!” he cried, jumping onto his feet.

Yet, how he wished it was not so and that the night could have lasted just a little longer, dark and painful as it was.

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