Triumvirate: 15. Chapter Twelve: Shifting Pawns (Cont)

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15. Chapter Twelve: Shifting Pawns (Cont)

Unaware that this exact scenario had been played out across the globe in North Dakota in almost precise detail, Xiang Li looked at the transcript of his mistress’ telephone calls from her Shanghai apartment. He did not know why he had suddenly suspected she might be false. The thought had gripped him shortly after she had asked to come visit him in Luoning . It was a request she had never made of him before and he found it odd. After all, the effectiveness of the Luoning facility was its remote location and he doubted than Ming’s sudden desire to see him in such a wilderness had to do with her love for him.

After all, their affair was not one of the heart. He kept her in the manner she was accustomed to and she provided him with warm distraction whenever he was not on duty. There was no need to cloud the issue with strong emotions. Xiang was a career man and his ambitions would be best within reach if he did not have to worry about a family. A family required time and effort, resources he preferred to devote to his career. Ming understood this and had never asked for more then that. In the three years of their association, she had never felt the need to see where he worked though he must confess he did speak of it to her. However, Xiang had been confident she understood nothing that he told her.

Until now.

The transcripts left no doubt as to why Ming whispered sweet pleasures into his ears while taunting his flesh with her talents. Everything she had said to him was a lie, a carrot to dangle before him so that he would reveal everything he knew about the Luoning facility. She had greedily absorbed every iota of information and presented it to her superiors, no doubt for a hefty fee. A Chinese woman who had proved herself to not only a traitor to her country but also a spy for the Americans, had used him.

He sat in his office, clutching the piece of paper in his hands so tightly that it was starting to tear. There would be no hiding it. The intelligence officer who had acquired the information for him discreetly would be duty bound to report his discovery. Any chance that Xiang had of climbing the ranks was now destroyed. He would be lucky if he was not court-martialed himself for being foolish enough to succumb to the talents of a whore and a spy.

His military career was over.

Americans, Xiang thought with bitterness. Always needing to prove that they were better than anyone else. Sanctimoniously dictating to the rest of the world who could and could not have a nuclear arsenal when it was they who had been the only race to ever deploy the accursed weapons against another nation. The blood of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were on their hands and yet they presumed to tell the rest of the world how to manage their nuclear weapons sensibly? The hypocrisy of it burned into Xiang like fire.

They had ruined his life because of their games. Ming would deny everything if she did not already guess that he was suspicious. No doubt by the time he came for his revenge, she would be long gone. Running no doubt to her American masters in some extravagant place like Los Angeles or New York. Well, she was not going to escape. He was going to show her that there was no place on this earth she could run he would not find her. He would show her and the American dogs that had ruined him that he was very capable of vengeance even now. If he was damned, then so be it but Xiang was not going alone.

He would take Ming and the Americans with him.

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