Triumvirate: 13. Interlude: Stolen Moments -NC17

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13. Interlude: Stolen Moments -NC17




Authors Note:

At the request of a friend who wanted some Boromir smut for her birthday (and
who can blame her?) I've added this little interlude to the current story of
Triumvirate. The nature of the tale allows for this to be taken as either a
standalone or a further exploration of the past relationship between Tory and
Boromir. In other words, you can ignore it if you like or take it as the guilty
pleasure that it is.

If she was dreaming, then it was a good dream.

She knew she had lived another life in this age and how she had come to be here
was just as much a mystery as the everything else she had stumbled into in
recent days. Ever since meeting Bryan, she was struck with this feeling that she
had been waiting for him a long time, longer than should be possible. When she
had learnt that he had once been Boromir of Gondor, something was sparked in
her, traces perhaps of a memory from another life. When she closed her eyes to
sleep, these dreams visited Tory past memories with even more potency. However,
until now they had not been as clear to her as this.

He was here before her, Boromir of Gondor and Tory sensed that what she was
experiencing was a stolen moment for both of them. Whether or not it truly
happened this way was something Tory would never know for certain but she wanted
to share it with him while it lasted. The sands of his life were dwindling even
though he knew nothing of it and all his hopes; all his dreams for Gondor would
be another man’s accomplishments. She looked at him and saw this warrior who had
given so much of himself to responsibility and wanted him to know one moment
that was just his alone.

"Do you want me, my lord?" She asked plainly, amusing herself by the surprise in
his eyes.

A moment ago he had looked at her in a way he suspected was the realization that
she could mean more to him than he ever dreamed any woman could. He did want her
but having her put it to him so starkly caught him a little off guard. He was a
man accustomed to being in control of every situation and this one had rather
taken him by surprise. This was no mere wench to be taken in some seedy inn;
this was a lady of Anorien, a noblewoman. True, this was the first time he had
met her but their connection was there nonetheless.

"Are you always so forward?" He returned her question with one of his own.

"Time is short these days," she gazed briefly into the horizon, towards Mordor.
"The eye of Sauron rests on this city as you have said. In the face of death,
one can do nothing but live. How we live is as important as how we die. This
moment is all we might have, who knows what tomorrow may bring."

"You speak as if you are about to ride into battle," he replied, his eyes filled
with growing admiration. He had never met a woman who spoke so sincerely or for
that matter so sensibly about things.

"They say there is no difference between love and war," Tory met his gaze with a
smile, "it is only the arena that changes."

"Once again," he took a step towards her, his eyes moving over form, his body
responding to the possibility of having her, "you speak wisely about a great
many things."

Her eyes met his and in a moment of perfect clarity, there was no confusion
about their feelings for one another. It mattered little that on the other side
of the wall, a celebration was being carried out in his honor. The only thing of
any significance to him was the fact that she was here within reach and she had
given him leave to continue. He was unaccustomed to succumbing to his need with
a lady as highborn as Tory and so he was in the same uncharted territory as she.
If he were asked to satiate his needs with a simple tavern wench, Boromir would
have little difficulty in knowing how to proceed. However, since laying eyes
upon Tory, Boromir knew that this was no woman to be had and forgotten when he
rode away the next morning.

He slid his hand around her waist and pulled her to him roughly, pleasantly
surprised when she did not object to the rough handling. She met his hungry gaze
with one of similar need, the corner of her full lips crooking into a smile of
encouragement as well as anticipation. He drew in a breath at the consent given
and lowered his mouth to hers. However, he held back before he could feel its
silkiness, remaining poised over her lips so he could tease her a little and see
just how much of an adventurous spirit she had. The playful dance continued for
a few seconds, heat rising beneath the skin with each moment of near contact.
She was bending into him, her body arching enough to grind against him. The
fabric between them created a delicious friction and finally Boromir could bear
it no more and captured her mouth in a kiss of intense passion.

Her lips opened beneath him as he began exploring the caverns of her mouth,
feeling himself grow hard when her hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him
closer to her. Her soft body molded perfectly to his own as he plundered her,
his tongue dueling lustily with her own. For her seemingly delicate disposition,
she matched him with each thrust and parry of this sensuous combat, until a kiss
had so much power over him he could barely breathe. He was not inexperienced and
had shared the favors of numerous women in his time but she was fairly driving
him mad with desire and he wanted nothing but to take her right this moment.

Lust began to consume him and he drove her back into the wall, oblivious to the
fact that within earshot, a celebration was taking place where he was the guest
of honor. He was damned if he was going to endure any such occasion when he was
in throes of what promised to be the most passionate night of his life. Once he
had her trapped between the wall and his body, he allowed his hands to find the
shape of her breast and began kneading. A small sound escaped her but he knew it
was not pain. The soft, round flesh beneath his fingers made him growl under his
breath. He had not remembered it being so good to touch a woman in this way and
yearned to feel her bare flesh. Her legs parted slightly, allowing him to push
against her until he was certain she knew the full extent of his arousal.

His other hand delved beneath the folds of her dress, searching through the
layers of fabric until his fingertips were pleasured with the smooth feel of a
firm thigh. The silky softness of it made him groan into her mouth as his hand
ran up and down its length, finally hooking it over his hip. His hardness
pressed against her moist center and the despite the barrier of clothing, both
shuddered at the contact. She was running her fingers through his hair,
muttering his name, as he tasted her lips, her neck and nibbled softly at her
ear until her body was so aflame with desire, she hardly cared if anyone found
them here like this.

Boromir tugged at the sleeve of her dress, pulling it over a creamy shoulder.
His mouth slid down the curve of her neck, wanting to savor every inch of the
journey across her skin. The delicate material exposed her arm and freed one
plump breast to his hungry gaze. He watched in fascination as the rose bud tip
crinkled against the cold air before a gleam of mischief prompted him to capture
it in his mouth.

"Oh, my lord," she gasped as he suckled gently at the flesh, his tongue
caressing the erect tip with ruthless abandon. He tortured her expertly as he
swirled his tongue around her aroused flesh and felt her melting in his arms.
Her soft moans had become short gasps of pleasure and hearing them made him so
hard that it was all he could do to keep from tearing her clothes from her body
and burying himself deep within her warm depths.

Tory could hardly breathe as she felt his mouth torture her with unbelievable
pleasure. The rough friction of his beard against the sensitive skin of her
breast, not to mention his delightful skillful tongue was driving all thoughts
of propriety from her mind. Indeed the idea that they were doing something so
forbidden was making her slick with need and she could care less if they were to
be found rutting like animals, just long as his wonderful mouth did not stop
what it was doing.

Suddenly he pulled away, raising his head so that he could meet her gaze once
more. Tory felt her stomach contract in protest at the end to that sweet,
suckling pleasure but the dark shade of his green eyes told her that he was far
from done with her yet.

"I think we should retire from this place," he said huskily, his voice so low
that it made her hair stand on end and sent a fresh surge of wanton lust through
her. "I want to be inside you, my lady, but not like this, not here. You deserve
better than to be taken like some wench in the dark. I want you in my bed. Will
you do me the honor?"

"As if you need to ask," she said abruptly and kissed him hard to confirm her

His lips crooked into a wry smile, one that was filled with warm affection
rather than hungry lust. For an instant, their encounter became more than just a
meeting of flesh but rather, the promise of something that would last beyond the
night, that could hold them in its grip forever. She smiled at him as she
adjusted her dress to a more acceptable state of modesty before Boromir took her
hand and led her off the balcony. Taking the side exit, he led Tory away from
the other guests, down the darkened corridors of the White Tower to his suite of
room. For a moment, Tory thought they were like two naughty children running
away to indulge in some mischief.

Their arrival at his private chambers went unnoticed. Tory doubted anyone would
begrudge the Captain of Gondor if he chose to indulge himself in the company of
a lady the night before his departure, particularly when the journey was long
and fraught with peril. She stepped into the room, allowing him to close the
door behind her as she studied the dimly lit room. Soft light from candles
greeted her eyes as she entered his inner sanctum and a sliver of curiosity
crossed her mind at this insight into his private self.

She was so busy observing the weapons and books that made up its contents that
he rather caught her by surprise when he snaked an arm around her waist and
lowered his lips to her neck from behind. She bent back into his soft, sensuous
mouth and felt his hands gliding slowly up her sides before cupping both breasts
in his hands and began caressing them softly. Tory closed her eyes as she felt
him tease her body with his expert touch, delighting in the sensations coursing
through her body. It felt like an eternity before he gently eased the dress from
her body. The silken fabric slid of her shoulders and fell around her legs as if
she had stepped into a pool of satin. Tory heard Boromir’s breath catch as he
stared at her nakedness and smiled at his reaction.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered softly as she turned around to face him.
Tory saw Boromir’s eyes raking over her form with lust and affection. She smiled
at him and felt that it was time to torture him for awhile. Taking a step
closer, she began to disrobe him, noting his quickening breath when her hands
made contact with his skin. As she pulled his tunic from his body, she planted
soft kisses against his chest and felt him tremble at the pleasure of it.

Tory smiled at the sight of Boromir at her mercy and decided she would like to
torture him further. A streak of the devil ran through her and she maintained
her kisses in a downward descent, relishing the sight of his jaw slackening with
anticipation as she neared his erect manhood. She could see it pressing against
the fabric of his breeches and knew that he was extremely aroused by the mere
promise of what she would do to him when she reached her destination. He began
caressing her hair gently, in slow, languid strokes.

"You do not have to, my lady," he said attempting to be chivalrous because as
much as he wanted her to do what she intended, she was still a lady and deserved
to be treated as such.

"I know," she said coyly before laying her palm upon the hard erect flesh and
drawing from him a sharp intake of breath when she began to caress it. "I want
to," she answered though Tory was certain that he knew nothing except the feel
of her hand torturing his cock. Another satisfied feeling ran through her as she
lowered her lips to him.

Oh Gondor, Boromir thought as he felt her lips drawn him into her mouth.

The warmth heat surrounding his manhood forced a groan of absolute ecstasy from
his lips even before he knew he had opened his mouth to utter it. Instinctively,
he thrust his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt in her throat and
thanking all the gods in the world when she accepted him without gagging. There
was a slight pause as she contended with his length but then she began to suckle
him mercilessly and he could no longer think anything at all.

"So good," he muttered softly, unaware he was speaking the words as she bobbed
vigorously up and down his length, her lips contracting so tightly around his
flesh that he could feel her lips on every inch of his cock. His fingers
entwined in her glorious red hair until they had fallen into a rhythm which
confused who was taking charge and who was being pleasured. He heard her utter
soft sounds of enjoyment as she treated him to this most sensuous of oral
pleasures and felt his head swim as his control begin to slip.

Forcing himself to open his eyes, Boromir was treated to the erotic feast of her
lips sliding up and down his manhood as she held him by the root. Her tongue
would lave the underside of his shaft and culminate her oral torture with
powerful suction around the tip, He watched her lips glide over his thick shaft,
culminating on the swollen glans and nearly died at the sight of her tongue
probing into the slit. Her hand caressed his swollen balls while the other held
his hip still, ensuring that he could do nothing but endure her mouth and the
sensations she was bombarding him with.

Very soon, he was thrusting so powerfully into her mouth that he was damn near
to losing control entirely. For a man who thrived on being in complete command
of himself and his situation, Boromir knew that he could not let this happen. As
much as he wanted her to finish him and by Elbereth, he wanted it terribly, he
wanted this experience to be wonderful for both of them, not just him. This
woman had touched more than his body by her sudden appearance in his life, she
had awakened a hidden need to be loved by someone who would be there when the
warrior’s day was done and only the man remained.

Thus with the same strength of will that had earned him the title of Captain of
Gondor, Boromir reached for Tory and gently pulled her upright. The loss of
those wonderful lips against his hard member almost brought a sob of
disappointment to his lips but he refused to mar the intimacy of their coupling
with such selfishness. Boromir genuinely cared about her as more than just his
sexual partner of the moment, she was someone he could come back to.

"Would you share my bed, my lady?" he asked breathlessly, his control barely
contained after what she had done to arouse him.

"I would share everything with you, my lord," she teased.

He kissed her gently on the mouth following the gift of her redundant consent,
his hands resting on her hips as he guided her to his bed, his lips teasing her
with each step. They were both naked and in their retreat to his bed, their
bodies rubbed against each other in sensuous friction. Each brush of flesh
against flesh was stoking the fire at the core of them into an inferno neither
could withstand. By the time they reached the bed, Tory was so ready for him she
could hardly believe it. She could feel her insides aching with warmth and
moisture, the dampness between her legs corresponding with the hard ridge of
flesh pressing against her belly.

They met each other’s gaze with dark eyes as they reached the bed. Boromir
lowered her against the cool sheets, once again his mouth guiding her there.
When she finally lay on top of the bedding, his body moved to cover hers. Tory’s
own breathing had quickened as she caressed the strong muscles of his chest, her
palms running along his broad shoulders, as he lay poised over her. He kissed
her palm gently when it was within reach and brandished a smile so devastating
that it pierced her heart like a knife. Once again, he lowered his head to her
breasts and began to lavish his delightful skillful tongue.

Tory’s head began to spin as she felt him suckle her nipple past his teeth,
swirled his tongue around the erect nub. The sensations were next to exquisite
and she began moaning softly, as her legs parted in order to allow him a more
comfortable position between them. One of his hands snaked past her stomach
until his fingers glided over the hair of her mound, poised and ready to touch
her in that most secret of places. She arched her back languidly as she felt him
beginning to probe her insides gently. His hands were callused from years of
handling a sword but his skill in pleasuring her was no less as his fingers
explored her moist depths

His exploration became manipulation and soon Tory was moaning so loudly, she was
certain the entire host of the White Tower was aware of what they were doing
inside this room. Even if they did know, she could hardly care because what he
was doing to her was beyond belief. He teased and taunted her sensitive folds
until she had no sense of anything but the delicate strokes of his fingertips.
However, if she thought Boromir was done torturing her with pleasure, then she
was about to be wonderfully mistaken.

Boromir slid smoothly between her legs so he could really taste her. Her
intoxicating scent was heavy in the air and he would be terribly remiss if he
did not indulge himself but a little. When his mouth made contact with her
sensitive folds, Tory let out a cry of pure pleasure and dug her nails into the
sheets beneath them.

His tongue teased her erect center while his beard caressed her outer folds,
causing her to lose all sense of herself and become slave to his sensuous
ministrations. She felt his tongue pushing its way into the deepest crevices of
her body, invading and yet exploring at the same time. Her legs had wrapped
themselves around his back now and her red hair was a mane tossed from side to
side as her body transformed into nothing but pleasured nerve endings.

"Boromir," she cried out, "I can’t bear it! Please, please come inside me."

Hearing her desperate plea almost shattered what control he had managed to
maintain. He stopped what he was doing before he became lost to every thing but
the plea she had made to take her was more than he could withstand. In all his
life he had never wanted to be with anyone the way he wanted to be with her.
Pleasure was swirling around them both, consuming them with its heat until their
joining became much more than the union of flesh but rather of soul. He slid up
her body, his cock hard and aching for her, almost as much as her moist depths
needed to feel him inside. This was their moment and as much as he wanted to
savor it, to make it special, for now a hard, brutal coupling was what they

Tenderness could wait.

Boromir responded to her desperate demand by forcing her arms above her head and
pinning both of her wrists with one of his hands. The action brought her breasts
within easy reach of his mouth and he enclosed one pert nipple with his lips and
began to nibble. Tory moaned at his touch, bucking against the restraint of his
hands but also feeling her pleasure escalate at this feeling of being helpless
to his ministrations. She felt the tip of his cock probing the folds of her sex
and quickly spread her legs wider, inviting into the depths of moist channel.

Boromir’s breath caught when he felt his manhood clenched within an incredible
sheathe of tight, warm flesh. He released her hands and clenched the sheets as
he tried to restrain himself. He had to close his eyes or else he would have
climaxed immediately and for a precious few seconds, he could do nothing but
revel in the incredible pleasure of her body. He was gasping to accustom himself
to the contraction of muscles around his cock when realized that he had not even
begun to move yet. She would kill him with pleasure before the night was out.

Tory spread her legs wider, completely unaware that she had done so because all
she could feel was him filling her as none had ever done before, caring for
nothing except how deep inside he wanted to go. She whimpered, allowing the
sinful sensations moving through her body to awaken every nerve inside of her,
until all she could think of was this wanton need to have him pound into her
until she screamed.

Boromir wanted to take her slowly, to allow her to become accustomed to him
being inside of her. He was by no means a thoughtless lover and for all her
spirit, she was still very much a lady and deserved being treated as such.
However, when he felt her nails dig into his rear, pulling him deeper into her
body until he was buried to the hilt, his restraint snapped completely and
utterly. Uttering a low growl, he slammed into her hard and felt her arc beneath
him from either pleasure or pain. It was difficult to say. However, he had his
answer when she pulled him harder against her, giving him leave to pound her
into submission if need be.

Boromir found himself closing his eyes and gritting his teeth to brace himself
as he felt shock waves of pleasure reverberate throughout his body the further
he slid into her tight depths. Warm suction coaxed him in with promises of
agonizing sensation when both her legs wrapped around his waist. His hand were
fisted in the sheets to keep himself from crying out. However, the sheer
intensity of sensation strangling his hardened cock was beyond belief as her
nails raking across his flesh in reaction. The pain of it engendered an equally
beatific pleasure in every inch of the journey to her sweet center.

"My lady," he managed to speak, somehow. "You have undone me," his voice escaped
him a hoarse whisper.

She could not answer because each stroke tore the sense from Tory’s world,
forced the breath from her body, until her entire soul was becoming suffused
with one thought and one thought only -- what he was doing to her. Tory closed
her eyes and in the rainbow of color she saw before her, heard distantly her own
voice crying for him not to stop. She could not remember when it had ever been
so good, when her entire soul was driven to this state of pure animal lust,
where the thoughts of her every day existence had given away so completely for
this man and her willingness to do anything for him.

If Tory was completely lost, then Boromir was no better. He began riding her
hard; penetrating her with such relentless rhythm that very soon he could not
think at all. He could hardly believe he had found this unexpected jewel and
grieved that tomorrow he would be forced to leave her. However, Boromir knew he
would leave with his heart utterly in her keeping. He had not felt this
pleasured or happy for such a long time and he was going to revel in it for as
long as it lasted. The taut muscles of his body were covered in a fine sheen of
sweat but he barely noticed. His awareness was centered on Tory’s nubile flesh
stroking him in readiness of one of the most intense releases he would ever

A pressure of sensation began to fill his cock, coursing blood through his veins
and drowning out all other awareness except the swell of extreme pleasure that
becoming so intense that nothing else seemed to matter. Pleasure. Sensation.
Ecstasy. It crowded in on him like a loud noise, until his body was so gripped
in its thrall he knew nothing else. The only thing he could do with any
semblance of consciousness was to continue his brutal strokes even harder. His
fingers dug into her shapely hips as he impaled her with relentless rhythm until
her head was thrown back and she was crying out his name like an animal howling
at the moon.

Tory was gripped with a potent mixture of unbelievable lust and deep abiding
love for this man, who had worshipped her body and pleasured her like none had
ever done before. Her body tensed and her back arched as she felt her climax
finally overcoming her. She knew she was wantonly calling out his name in
complete abandon, pleading at him to go faster and harder. Boromir was happy to
oblige and continued his penetrating thrusts until she was pushed over the brink
in all its entirely.

"Boromir!" She cried when the back of stamina finally shattered and her entire
being plummeted from the lofty heights he had lifted her. Her nails raked across
his back as she felt it sweeping over her, shrinking her world into the
singularity of sweet release. Her insides contracted around him as she tumbled
over the edge to completion, a final gift to his masterful assault upon her
senses. Boromir felt the breathe driven from his body as her climax strangled
his cock with the perfect sensation of clenching muscles until he too was
spiraling towards his own release.

"Sweet Elbereth!" Boromir groaned when he felt his seed spurt into her body.
This release had stripped him bare and he was completely lost to the rapture of
it. His warmth surged deep into her crevices leaving him completely drained in
body and spirit. However, he continued thrusting because his mind was not ready
to let go of this incredible experience he had shared with her. When he finally
was still, Boromir collapsed on top of Tory, feeling his sweat mingling with her
own as they both lay on his bed, panting with exhaustion and completely spent.

He rolled off her body and lay next her, marveling at the encounter, marveling
that he had found her. Boromir leaned towards Tory until they were spooned
together, relishing the scent of their lovemaking in the air and the heavenly
aroma of her hair in his lungs; He did not want to know another day when she was
not in his bed like this.

"I leave for Rivendell tomorrow," he said stroking his lips against the softness
of her hair. "I think I will be gone for many months, will you wait for me?"

Tory did not turn around to face him, if she did, he would have seen the tears
in her eyes. This moment was all they had; it was all they would ever have. He
was not coming back from Rivendell. His destiny lay in Parth Galen where the
tale of the great Captain of Gondor would forever be connected to the place
where he had fallen. However, he knew none of this and to him, tomorrow was
filled with hope while for her, it would always be filled with regret.

"Yes," she said softly, "I will wait for you."

If this was a dream, then it was a good dream and who was she to mar it with the


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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