Essays on the History of Arnor (Fanon and AU)): 2. History of the Elven Realm of Lake Evendim

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2. History of the Elven Realm of Lake Evendim

Long ago, before the Sun and the Moon were made and
when the Firstborn of Eru were newly come into the
World, they were summoned by the Valar to join
them in the Undying Lands of the West to dwell there
in bliss and the light of the Two Trees. But not all
heeded the call, and of those who did there were
some who strayed from the long road prefering the
wide lands and starlight of Middle Earth to the
promises of the Valar.

These were known as the Nandor, Those Who Turn
Back. And in time some of this people came into the lands
between the Misty Mountains and the Blue, that would
one day be called Eriador, and settled on the shores
of a great lake whose still waters reflected the
starry skies and was fed by dozens of sparkling brooks
and streams flowing down from the high, wooded hills
surrounding it on three sides.

And they called it Nenuial 'Water of Twilight' or,
as later Men translated it, Lake Evendim. And the
forested highlands around it were named the Emyn Uial,
or Evendim Hills. And there they dwelt through all the
long ages of the Trees and into the shorter years of
the newborn sun.

Now Celeborn Prince of Doriath was a great
huntsman. And at times he would tire of the familiar
forests of Beleriand and pass eastward over the
mountains into the wider, wilder lands of Eriador and
there dwell for a time among the Nandor on the shores
of Lake Nenuial.

It so fell out that he was there in the east at the
time of Melkor's return and so, though he shared the
Nandor's wonder and awe at the new lights of moon and
sun, he had no knowledge of what they portended and
remained at peace among his friends rather than
returning in alarm to Doriath.

Now Galadriel daughter of Finarfin was mighty among
the Noldor. And though she dwelt for a time as a guest
in Doriath and learned much of Melian the Queen she
longed for a realm of her own to be ordered by her
will and no other.

All the lands of Beleriand were already claimed by
either the Lords of the Noldor, her kin, or the Sindar
or the Laiquendi so she decided to pass east over the
mountains and to make herself a realm in the unsettled
lands beyond the Ered Luin.

And so she led a great company, for she had many
followers among the Noldor, through the passes at the
foot of Mount Dolmed and into the wide forests of
Eriador. There she encountered a wandering company of
Nandorin Elves who told her of Lake Evendim and its
many clear streams and it sounded to her like a fair
place and one where she might make her seat.

Now the Elves of Nenuial learning of the approach
of so large and warlike a company, took fright and
thought to flee into the high hills. But Celeborn
counseled against this and promised to go forth
himself and challenge these invaders, threatening them
with the vengeance of Thingol should they attempt any
violence against the people of the lake.

And so Celeborn of Doriath first laid eyes on
Galadriel of the Noldor at a formal parley and found
her very fair. And she thought that she had never seen
so kingly an Elven lord even among the great ones of
the West, and their hearts were turned one to the

From Galadriel Celeborn learned of all that had
passed, both in Aman and in Beleriand, and was greatly
afraid. Not for Doriath, safe under the protection of
Melian, but for the Nandor of Eriador who were a
simple folk and easy prey for Morgoth and his

And so he advised the Lake Elves to welcome the
Noldor and learn from them that which they would need to
know to defend themselves in the Dark times to come.
And to this they agreed on condition that Celeborn,
who they knew well and trusted, would be their lord
and protect them from both the Shadow and the strange,
fell Elves from across the sea.

Celeborn accepted the charge and he and Galadriel
plighted their troth on the shores of Lake Evendim in
the presence of all their peoples. And Galadriel
treated with the Dwarves of Belegost, who dwelt not
far away in the Blue Mountains, to delve for them
splendid halls like unto those of Menegroth and
Nargothrond. And the craftsmen among her company
adorned them with their art until Rhauth Uial, the
Caves of Evendim, were the fairest Elven dwelling east
of the Mountains and the most splendid.

Then Celeborn and Galadriel left their new realm
for a time, passing westward over the Mountains, so
they might be wed with all ceremony in the presence of
their kin. But they soon returned to their own country
and remained there throughout the long peace and
through the battles that ended it until news came to
them of the Ruin of Doriath. Then Celeborn, in great
grief and wrath, led his host over the Mountains to
avenge his kin.

He found that Beren and the Green Elves of
Ossiriand had already destroyed the Dwarf army of
Nogrod. But Celeborn and his host remained for a time
in Doriath, helping repair the ravages of war, and
even after his men has gone home he stayed on to
advise the new King, Dior Eluchil.

And so Celeborn was there when the Sons of Feanor
descended upon Doriath in the second Kinslaying and
fought with Dior against them. But the King was slain
with his wife, and his sons lost. And the little
Princess Elwing was carried away to refuge in the
south by her nurse.

Then Celeborn led such of the people who had not
already fled south, eastward to join his own people by
Lake Evendim. And the realm of Celeborn and Galadriel
was then the only great Elven Kingdom left in all
Middle Earth and they knew it was only a matter of
time before they were assailed as well.

So Queen Galadriel called upon the arts she had
learned of Melian and wove a great web of protection
and defense around the Kingdom of the Lake. Wakened
trees were her watchmen and birds and beasts her
messengers. And for the unwelcome intruder the paths
went all awry, leading them ever northward into wild
and barren hills.

And Morgoth did indeed assail them, even as they
expected, with a great host of Orcs mounted on wargs
and led by his servant Gorthaur, (known also as
Sauron) and his guard of werewolves. And there was
fire and war in the forests of Evendim but the
enchantments of Galadriel held and the army of
Celeborn drove the enemy from their borders, slaying
many Orcs and Wargs and Werewolves too.

And Gorthaur fled in terror of Galadriel's power
and Celeborn's sword, and filled with anger and shame
returned to his master. Fearing punishment he lied to
Morgoth claiming the Kindom of the Lake had been
overthrown and its King and Queen slain.

And the Dark Lord was decieved and turned his power
on the last stronghold of the Noldor in Beleriand,
that of Maedros and Maglor on Amon Ereb. And they were
driven into the sea and forced to take refuge on the
Isle of Balar with the other Exiles. And Morgoth
rejoiced that all Middle Earth was now in his hand,
but it was not so.

For bands of Men and of Sindar and Laiquendi still
lived in hiding in the lands of Beleriand, and at
times came forth from their secret fastnesses to do
the Enemy what hurt they could, and those hurts were
not pinpricks but great wounds. And so the battle was
carried on, not by the Noldor who had come in pride
and defiance and lay under the ban of the Valar, but
by the Dark Elves of Middle Earth and the Elf-Friends
of the Three Houses, their allies.

When the Host of the Valar came out of the West
Eonwe the Herald, its commander, refused the swords
of the Exiles for they still lay under the Doom of
Mandos. But called to his banner the Men and Elves of
Middle Earth.

Celeborn led forth his Sindar and Nandor, but the
Noldor among the People of the Lake remained behind
with Galadriel the Queen. And the host of Evendim
fought beside that of the Valar in the War of Wrath
and saw the breaking of Thangorodrim and the downfall
of Morgoth.

But when Eonwe called upon all Elves to quit Middle
Earth and go into the West Celeborn was among those
who refused. and Galadriel was one of the few Exiles
who were not forgiven, for her heart remained proud
and she did not repent.

And she returned to the Lake together with those of
their people who had also chosen to remain. But
Celeborn lingered in Lindon, broken fragment of sunken
Beleriand, to order there a new realm for the
surviving Sindar and Laiquendi. And among those who'd
sought refuge there he found the long lost sons of
Dior, Elurin and Elured, who he and all of their kin
had mourned as dead.

It seemed that after they were abandoned to starve
by the cruel servants of Celegorm the boys were
succored by birds, (sent perhaps by Melian their
foremother) who fed them on berries and nuts and small
game and led them by secret ways to Tol Galen, the
green isle where they had been born. And there they
had remained, alone save for the birds of Melian,
until the tumult of the final battles had driven them
forth to flee, like many others, to the feet of the
Ered Luin.

And there Celeborn recognized them by their
likeness to their father and by the silver fair hair
they had from their mother, Nimloth, who was his
niece. And proclaimed them the rightful heirs of Elu
Thingol and lords of the remaining Sindar. But they
were shy and wild and untaught, unfit to govern, and
Celeborn remained long with them in Harlindon,
instructing them in all they should know.

So Galadriel ruled alone in Rhuath Uial and there
were those among the people, chiefly Sindar from
Doriath, who took offense at her Noldorin ways and
many left the Lake kingdom and went eastward over the
Misty Mountains to live among the simple sylvan Elves,
away from the proud Noldor and their wars. And among
these were Orophir and his son Thranduil, later Kings
of Mirkwood; and Amdir and his son Amroth, who became
Kings of Lorien.

Returning at last to Lake Evendim Celeborn was
disturbed to find so many of his folk, including
friends from his boyhood in Doriath, gone. But those
that remained welcomed him warmly, as did Galadriel
his wife and their daughters; Lorellin and Celebrian.

And the sons of Dior came to visit their uncle and
Elured's heart turned to Lorellin, the golden haired
elder daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, and hers to
him. And so they were wedded and Elurin returned alone
to Harlindon.

Now news came to Rhuath Uial that Noldor of the
following of Celebrimbor had founded a new realm at
the foot of the Misty Mountains in the land of
Eregion. And that their city of Ost-en-Edhil was as
fair as Elven Tirion of old and that the smiths of
that land were wise in craft and makers of many
wonderful things. And Galadriel's heart was fired with
desire to see all this for herself.

And so she departed, along with most of the Noldor
remaining in the Kingdom of the Lake, to Eregion and
dwelt there. And Celebrimbor and his smiths gave her
much honor and delighted in making fair jewels for her

But in Rhuath Uial Celeborn was saddened by the
empty halls and silent smithies of his much reduced
realm. And after a few years he gave up the Kingship
to Elured and Lorellin and with Celebrian, his younger
daughter, went to join Galadriel in Eregion nor did
either of them ever return to Kingdom of the Lake.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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