Trading Pledges

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Story Summary

Courtship negotiations are always tricky, but in a time of war? A dwarf-woman makes her choice. A prequel short for the Dûnhebaid Cycle, and a birthday present for Aranel Took. MEFA 2008: First Place in Dwarves: General.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Trading Pledges 4,145 7 06 Mar 08
Appx. Word Count 4,145 7  



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Trading Pledges

Alassante - 30 Jun 08 - 11:00 AM

General Comment

I wanted to leave a copy of my MEFA review with the story so here it is.

This is a very sweet story by Adaneth. I'm not a dwarf expert nor do I know alot about the early Third Age so it was nice to see a little snippet of what life might be like for the dwarves getting ready for the War of Dwarves and Orcs in Third Age 2792. Plus this is my first romantic story about a female dwarf! I enjoyed Adaneth's story and her characterizations were wonderful for a short fiction. The story about making the shirt and the specialness of the shirt plus her OFC's choice on who to make it for was really unique and I enjoyed it alot. The exploration of dwarf customs is new to me so I am not sure if this is based on canon or just Adaneth's own universe but I am interested to read more about it plus Adaneth's writing is so engaging that you could not help but be intrigued about what happened next for Aud, the female original character, as well as Trekk, the original male character. When the story ended I found myself wanting more so hopefully Adaneth has more on this couple. Plus I got a little bit of an education about dwarves, a race I have not read much about.

Trading Pledges

Adaneth - 08 Jul 08 - 9:18 AM

General Comment

Thanks for commenting on Trading Pledges, Alassante!

The exploration of dwarf customs is new to me so I am not sure if this is based on canon or just Adaneth's own universe . . . .

My take on Dwarves is as close to canon as I can get it, but the problem is that Tolkien wrote much less about Dwarves than Elves or Hobbits.  There is wonderful stuff buried in the HoME volumes, but at some point you have to start making up things to fill in the gaps.  Especially when you write about dwarf-women.  Grin

Someday I will write other shorts about life among the Firebeards, but in the meantime, if you want to read about Auð's brother and sons--and more about Auð herself--you can find them in my Dúnhebaid Cycle: Rock and Hawk, Fair Folk and Foul, Of Like Passion, and the current WIP, "After Stormy Seas." 

For those of you who are already following along, I have just updated Chapters 8-10 of "After Stormy Seas," and hope to have a new chapter to you soon.



Trading Pledges

Adonnen Estenniel - 17 Mar 11 - 8:08 AM

General Comment

I quite enjoyed this. In this piece you've managed to show a more intimate side of one of Tolkien's less explored races, and you managed it well. The writing itself was superb, the content was unique and interesting, and on the whole the piece had a certain depth to it that was wonderful.

Lovely piece.

Trading Pledges

Adaneth - 17 Mar 11 - 11:06 AM

General Comment

Thank you for such a complimentary comment, Adonnen!  I've put in a lot of work, these last few years, trying to get Dwarves to open up a little.  This was the first real crack in the armor, and I'm very pleased by how well it's holding up as my Dûnhebaid Cycle continues to develop.

My new WIP, the sixth story in the Cycle, will pry open the lid on a few more dwarven boxes, but I need to get a little further along before I start posting chapters.



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Story Information

Author: Adaneth

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/14/08

Original Post: 11/11/07

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