The Golden Lion

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Story Summary

Glorfindel realizes that for years he has been the only recipient of outstanding service when no one else in Imladris seems to be. Is there someone, possibly an enemy stalking his movements? What do they intend for our balrog slayer? And what does it mean for Imladris?


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 A Golden Lion 1,626 0 03 May 07
2 Worries All Around 1,523 1 03 May 07
3 A Helping Hand? 1,497 0 13 May 07
4 The Watcher 1,873 0 17 May 07
5 Confession Is Good For The Soul 1,802 0 20 May 07
6 The Inner Fire 1,847 0 04 Jun 07
7 Collision Course 1,710 0 04 Jun 07
8 A Meeting and A Consultation 1,901 0 20 Jun 07
9 Shock!!!! 2,227 0 07 Jul 07
10 Aftermath and No Answers 1,763 0 19 Jul 07
11 A Painful Review 1,960 0 22 Aug 07
12 A Course Of Action 2,846 0 22 Aug 07
13 Painful Considerations 1,801 1 17 Sep 07
14 Homecoming 1,496 1 07 May 08
Appx. Word Count 25,872 3  



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The Golden Lion

annajackson - 07 Jul 07 - 5:26 PM

General Comment

I am thoroughly enjoying your storyline.  OC characters and romances tend to give me hives because the OC's sprout mysterious powers even the Maiar don't have and the romance proceeds straight to smut.  [Don't get me wrong, lust is great, it's just nice to see some emotion develop first]  Meren is quite believable and her 'gift' actually fits in quite logically.  Smile Perfect amount of angst for one who has loved from afar.

GAH!! I hit chapter 9 and I'm hanging by my collar from a mallorn tree.  Please update soon, I want to see where this plotbaby wanders Laugh out loud

The Golden Lion

Gilnaur - 07 Jul 07 - 6:06 PM

General Comment

Thankyou AnneJackson, what a nice comment! Glad it caught your attention and you are hoping for more soon. I do try to make my characters believable and their actions appropriate even if the story line isn't canon. I love Tolkien's world!

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Story Information

Author: Gilnaur

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 05/07/08

Original Post: 05/03/07

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