The Falcon and the Star

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Story Summary

It is March 15, 3019. After the longest week in his life, Aragorn is called by Gandalf on an errand of mercy. One weary warrior meets another in the Houses of Healing and other, farther places; and their lives will never be the same. Most of the story (but not all) from Aragorn's POV. Some dialogue unavoidably quoted and paraphrased from Return of the King. Bookverse.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Prologue 679 0 12 Mar 07
2 Part One 5,249 0 12 Mar 07
3 Part Two 4,269 0 12 Mar 07
4 Part Three 1,436 0 12 Mar 07
5 Author's Notes 611 0 23 Mar 07
Appx. Word Count 12,244 0  



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The Falcon and the Star

Linda Hoyland - 23 Mar 07 - 7:34 PM

General Comment

It is great to see this wonderful story here on HASA.

The Falcon and the Star

jgmsccc - 23 Mar 07 - 7:49 PM

General Comment

Thanks Raksha.  I really enjoyed this story.  I didn't even notice the spelling of the word grey (authors notes)

The Falcon and the Star

Alastiel - 22 May 07 - 8:43 AM

General Comment

That was beautiful, poignant, and... well... there was just something so penetrating about the way you told your story. It touched me in ways I can't even begin to explain. And the way you explored Faramir's character was indeed profound.

This story is a gem! Thank you for sharing it.

Violin Ghost / Alastiel

The Falcon and the Star

annmarwalk - 13 Sep 09 - 5:56 PM

General Comment

This is a very beautifully written story, and just as moving on the second reading as it was on the first. Your portrayal of Aragorn is particularly rich - how exhausted he is in the aftermath of a week of constant tension and battle, how he wants nothing so much as to just close his eyes and rest for a moment, and how unquestioningly he accepts his responsibilities when reminded of the adage, "The hands of the king are the hands of a healer."

The imagery of Faramir, wandering helpless in the desert of his feverish mind, beset with the demons of guilt and despair, is very powerful. I'm not generally one for religious allegory (and I'm not even sure of how much you meant, here) but the arrival of Aragorn, ready to absolve Faramir for his imagined sins, and take up his burden, is a tremendously moving moment in the story. The scent of athelas brings refreshment to the body and spirit, a breath of saving grace and peace for all in need, and the scent of hope for all the people of Minas Tirith. 

The Falcon and the Star

Raksha The Demon - 05 Nov 09 - 1:41 PM

General Comment

What lovely comments, Ann; thanx much! I didn't really set out to write religious allegory so much as to expand on what Tolkien wrote, and explore the beginning of Faramir's relationship with Aragorn.  There was definitely an intense struggle for Faramir's soul and life; one that I don't think he could have won alone.  I see Aragorn as lightening/sharing Faramir's burden, and by so doing, lightening and sharing the burdens of Gondor.  And of course, you're also right about the effect and scent of hope that Aragorn brings, with his use of athelas as well as his own deeds.

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Story Information

Author: Raksha

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 03/23/07

Original Post: 03/12/07

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