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Story Summary

The long Ages of an immortal life sometimes bring the opportunity for second chances. The trick is having the wisdom to make the most of them. Thranduil; OFC. Romance/Drama "Adult"


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 The Dreams of Trees 1,806 0 04 Apr 09
2 Mae Govannen 3,630 2 04 Apr 09
3 As Shines the Moon in Clouded Skies 1,320 0 04 Feb 07
4 But Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 3,163 0 04 Apr 09
5 All That Heaven Allows 2,458 0 04 Apr 09
6 Leaves of Silver; Leaves of Gold 4,136 1 04 Apr 09
7 The Heart Has Its Reasons 2,448 0 04 Apr 09
8 Fortune's Fool 1,794 1 04 Apr 09
9 The Pilgrim Soul 3,573 0 01 Jun 09
10 The Dream of Life 3,116 0 04 Apr 09
11 Epilogue: The Sundering Sea 693 1 01 Jun 09
Appx. Word Count 28,137 5  



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Darth Fingon - 09 Feb 07 - 11:02 AM

General Comment

The thing I like best about this story (and others you've done) is the thoughtful integration of your original characters.  You have a real talent for making them seem alive and real, and especially for making readers identify and care about them.  A story focusing on an OFC romantically involved with a canon character is difficult to pull off well, and I know many readers immediately dismiss these as Mary Suage based on summary alone.  But both your story overall and your original character, Sigrid, are carefully thought out, engaging, and enjoyable, and a refreshing reminder of what a well done OFC romance can be, despite the genre's dodgy reputation.


illereyn - 07 Jun 09 - 2:47 AM

General Comment

This is absolutely beautiful, Jael!  You left me sobbing into my monitor.
I'm glad Thranduil had his wife come back to him, if only briefly, and the knowledge that Legolas would soon know his mother left a very bittersweet taste.
I love the emotional arc of the story, and the characters you developed.


maeglin - 07 Jun 09 - 9:00 AM

General Comment

Wow!  That was incredible... words fail except to say that I can't think of a way it could be done any better.

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Story Information

Author: Jael

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 4th Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 05/31/09

Original Post: 01/30/07

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