Bound by Duty

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Story Summary

Lothiriel cannot refuse a request from her King. But marrying a stranger tests her sense of duty to the limit. She then has to deal with those who did not want a Gondorian for a queen.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 An unwarranted proposal 6,256 1 11 Sep 07
2 A calm acceptance 6,369 2 11 Sep 07
3 An interesting journey 5,724 1 11 Sep 07
4 An understated welcome 5,816 1 11 Sep 07
5 A rude awakening 5,032 0 11 Dec 06
6 An evenful afternoon 3,615 1 09 Dec 06
7 A worrying interlude 4,125 0 12 Dec 06
8 An intimate exchange 4,418 0 14 Sep 07
9 An undeniable pleasure. 2,923 0 29 Dec 06
10 A triumphant morning. 4,418 1 04 Jan 07
11 A ride on the wild side 4,510 0 14 Jan 07
12 An unscheduled return 3,985 0 21 Jan 07
13 A dangerous plan 3,492 1 29 Jan 07
14 A painful departure 3,835 0 07 Feb 07
15 A chapter of misfortune. 5,010 0 11 Feb 07
16 Chapter 16 5,569 0 31 Oct 08
17 A waiting game 4,440 1 27 Feb 07
18 A time for healing 4,181 1 07 Mar 07
19 A question of postponement 3,118 0 11 Mar 07
20 A surprising confession 4,724 0 14 Sep 07
21 Epilogue 2,867 1 21 Mar 07
Appx. Word Count 94,427 11  



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Bound by Duty

AndreaH - 23 May 08 - 2:26 PM

General Comment


This is my favourite of your Lothiriel and Eomer stories, because it follows them after their marriage, as they get to know each other and she settles into life and being Queen. I suppose because it's about her real life, after the happily ever after.

Thanks for the stories,


PS I am also enjoying Tides of Destiny very much!

Bound by Duty

Lady Bluejay - 23 May 08 - 11:16 PM

General Comment

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your comment – Bound by Duty is the only story so far that follows Éomer and Lothíriel after their marriage – since they did not really meet until the day before it sort of had to! Laugh out loud

But if you keep with me until Part 3 of Tide of Destiny then that will be a flit through Lothíriel's life as Queen – right up to the end. Glad you are enjoying it. LBJ

Bound by Duty

Pengolodh - 27 Oct 11 - 5:37 PM

General Comment

I think this a great fleshing out of the classic Tolkien habit of writing a throwaway line about someone's wife. How you followed their relationship from political marriage and showing how it evolved into something more was just about as perfect as I've ever seen it written. And I really like how it all came from Lothiriel's perspective, rather than trying to keep switching between the two. Seriously, fantastic job!


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Story Information

Author: Lady Bluejay

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 10/31/08

Original Post: 11/13/06

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