O, Cruel Fate

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Story Summary

Accidents happen, even to the Powers That Be. A story of complete and utter chaos resulting from one small accident. Learn the truth behind Glorfindel's return to Middle Earth!


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 A Series of Unfortunate Accidents 724 0 10 Oct 06
2 Various Discoveries 1,115 1 20 Feb 07
3 Elrond, Elrond, Elrond and a Rude Shock 2,189 4 20 Jan 07
4 Observations and Experiments 1,430 1 27 Oct 06
5 Settling In 2,325 3 20 Jan 07
6 Wait and See 2,750 1 20 Jan 07
7 Complications 1,412 3 19 Jan 07
8 Of Plots and Prey 3,097 2 07 May 07
9 And It All Goes Downhill From Here 2,917 4 07 May 07
10 Intimations of Flammability 2,602 3 05 May 07
11 Of Gardens and Plots 2,844 0 31 Oct 07
12 The Healer 2,030 0 07 Apr 08
Appx. Word Count 25,435 22  



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O, Cruel Fate

Greywing - 16 Nov 06 - 4:14 PM

General Comment

Thank you all for reading and commenting!

oshun: I'm afraid your dear elf will have to suffer a tiny bit more.

erunyauve: Not very creative, the Elves of the Falas.

G.A: thanks for reading and recommending! You're a dear.

IVIaedhros: Cheers to you too! Glad it amused you for a while.

O, Cruel Fate

Greywing - 06 Mar 07 - 7:03 AM

General Comment

Thank you, Raksha and NiRi! I am genuinely pleased that it amused you, and that it didn't seem too Sueish (I hope).


O, Cruel Fate

Jay of Lasgalen - 23 Apr 07 - 5:12 AM

General Comment

I've only just found this story, but I love it!  'Girl falls into Middle Earth' tales are usually dreary and formulaic, but this is simply hilarious.  I loved Elrond on his high horse (quite literally!)  and Ellie's bewilderment at waking up in the wrong body.

I've decided not to read anything personal into this sentence: 'Heavens, who would have thought the mere sight of a good-looking fellow would cause a group of civilized women to behave like a pack of starving hyenas?'   Hmmm, who indeed??  ROTFLMAO


O, Cruel Fate

Greywing - 23 Apr 07 - 7:24 AM

General Comment

Why thank you, Jay! I am overjoyed that you like it ;) This story is highly self-indulgent, so I'm glad it has some entertainment value!

And no, nothing personal in that line at all. Nope. Cool


O, Cruel Fate

Tyleet - 10 Jul 08 - 1:26 AM

General Comment

I just have to tell you. I generally hate OCs, I hate "girl travels into Middle Earth scenarios", and I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS STORY. Like, really a lot. Thank you so much for sharing this! I can't wait for more. : )

O, Cruel Fate

lilyoftheval5 - 02 Sep 08 - 5:49 AM

General Comment

I liked the story - selectively.
I think the explanation of how she ended up in Arda was one of the most plausible ever contrived. I found Ellie's mishaps fun, but I wish there was much more.
Why selectively? Because all the happenings with Valar and in Mandos I simply skipped. I felt that they are ruining the story for me. *shrugs*

Thank you, I hope you'll copntinue to write.

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Story Information

Author: Greywing

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 2nd Age - Rings

Genre: Humor

Rating: General

Last Updated: 04/07/08

Original Post: 10/10/06

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