The Princess and the Horse Lord

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Story Summary

A love story set in a time of war and its aftermath. These canon characters, Men and Elves, are often presented as stereotypically attractive, noble, and gifted. In this tale, interaction with a dramatically changed Arda reveals them to be flawed, passionate, funny, and conflicted as well. (New chapter (34 The Rules) added 7 January 2013.)
Story art by Greywing.
2006 MEFA Second Place, The Lúthien and Beren Award: Romance-Incomplete



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 The Houses of Healing 2,162 5 04 Sep 08
2 Of Banners and Standards 2,484 5 03 Nov 06
3 Waiting in the Shadow of Doom 1,683 4 03 Mar 06
4 At the Morannon 1,879 2 04 Sep 08
5 In Dreams We Meet Again 3,293 3 05 Sep 08
6 The Field of Cormallen 3,029 4 03 Mar 06
7 The Celebration 3,588 0 05 Sep 08
8 Of Elves and Revelations 3,044 0 05 Sep 08
9 A Long Night 4,715 1 26 Mar 06
10 Dangerous Negotiations 3,871 0 07 Sep 08
11 Minas Tirith - The Coronation 5,471 1 02 Jul 06
12 After the Ball 6,233 3 08 Dec 06
13 Into the Glittering Light of Day 2,728 0 17 Oct 06
14 The Steward and the Princess 3,173 4 02 Jul 06
15 The Prince of Ithilien 5,976 8 19 Sep 06
16 A Betrothal 7,137 4 07 Sep 08
17 Forth Eorlingas! 3,750 3 07 Sep 08
18 The Golden Hall of Edoras 3,065 2 07 Sep 08
19 Rohirric Tales and Troubles 4,835 2 29 Sep 06
20 The King's Bedchamber 2,771 3 08 Sep 08
21 Éomer and The Mearas 4,169 3 08 Sep 08
22 Road to Lothlórien 5,374 2 08 Sep 08
23 Heart of Elvendom 5,476 2 09 Sep 08
24 Family Matters 4,351 3 09 Sep 08
25 Galadriel’s Mirror 3,526 2 09 Sep 08
26 To Dream or To Portend 6,454 5 09 Sep 08
27 The Letter 3,787 1 10 Sep 08
28 Rohirrim Return 7,036 2 10 Sep 08
29 Funeral Games in Minas Tirith 3,109 9 07 Dec 07
30 The Tournament Continues 2,505 3 03 Sep 08
31 Archery and Eating Dirt 5,100 1 24 Mar 10
32 Bloodied But Unbowed 3,045 3 05 Jun 12
33 Children of Starlight 3,451 0 23 Sep 12
34 The Rules 3,138 0 07 Jan 13
35 Author's Notes 1,479 4 23 Sep 12
36 The Characters 1,155 5 23 Sep 12
Appx. Word Count 138,042 99  



WARNING! Comments may contain spoilers for a chapter or story. Read with caution.

The Princess and the Horse Lord

oshun - 04 Feb 06 - 5:30 PM

General Comment

Thank you so much for your challenging (as usual) comments on the story. First on Plot: 1) I am not 100% sure at this point that Eomer recognizes Lothiriel. 2) Imrahil arrives in Minas Tirith a few days before the Battle of Pelennor fields and I simply decided that she came and was put to work (by choice) when she got there. She wasn't any woman, but the motherless only daughter of four children of a warrior prince.

On Sindarin: IMO he would not necessarily have considered it first and foremost a language of Elves. See my updated (based on your points) Author's Notes chapter for more on use of Sindarin by men at that time.

The Princess and the Horse Lord

Ti'ana Luthien - 22 Feb 06 - 8:10 AM

General Comment

Well, I've finally read every chapter thus far - and may I say that I am continuing to enjoy it immensely? This is really well done, oshun; I love the way you've expanded Eomer & Lothiriel, and yes, I continue to like your Faramir. And your Eowyn. :D I look forward to seeing more.


Ti :)

The Princess and the Horse Lord

oshun - 22 Feb 06 - 12:32 PM

General Comment

Thank you so much for your comments. I am hoping to post again very soon. I have two chapters almost ready, which still need some revisions. These characters are demanding and seem to require more and more thought.

The Princess and the Horse Lord

telpethoniel - 10 Apr 06 - 3:18 AM

General Comment

this story is exquisite! I get that nagging feeling when I know I'm gonna be reading it soon, like I want it to come sooner :D

The Princess and the Horse Lord

telpethoniel - 10 Apr 06 - 3:27 AM

General Comment

Please write more...we must have more...this story is engrossing! I want to find out what happens :D

The Princess and the Horse Lord

telpethoniel - 13 Apr 06 - 2:53 AM

General Comment

Awesome! I could read this story forever, it's my fave on this site!

More more! we want more!

When are they going to be married?

THe language is soooo engaging

I've found nothing yet that I would clasify as Adult which you have specified, are you perhaps hanging out for the wedding night ;) :D

The Princess and the Horse Lord

telpethoniel - 31 May 06 - 3:25 AM

General Comment

*squeals uncontrolably*  Another chapter!!!!

I sooooooo love your stories!!!

The Princess and the Horse Lord

oshun - 01 Jun 06 - 2:53 AM

General Comment


Thanks for the enthusiastic comments and for reading. I should be posting a new chapter within a week or so.

The Princess and the Horse Lord

Pen 52 - 08 Jun 06 - 7:11 PM

General Comment

First of all, I would like to thank you for a wonderful reading experience. Your novel interpretation of cannon characters had me quite literally on the edge of my seat during my read.

This is not how I ever imagined Eomer and Lothriel's betrothal to be and, believe me, this is a good thing. You gave their story depth and meaning; passion, as well as love.

And there I was, all this time, thinking their marriage was more of a political arrangement then case of love at first sight. Well, you proved me wrong.

And the love triangle bit between the two of them and Ellohir was inspired.

By the way, I must say that your writing style has me a bit green with envy. Really smooth and flowing.

Great job.

Looking forward to the next installment.

Pen 52 

The Princess and the Horse Lord

oshun - 08 Jun 06 - 10:09 PM

General Comment

Thank you so much for the comment. I am glad that you like the story. The sport for me is try to have fun with story, while taking my research seriously--


The Princess and the Horse Lord

telpethoniel - 25 Dec 06 - 5:35 PM

General Comment

*taps foot impatiently for next chapter Wink *

I'm in love with this story!  ROTFLMAOWave

What do I click to get this story into this site's equivalent of a hall of fame? 

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Story Information

Author: oshun

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 01/09/13

Original Post: 02/01/06

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