Of Calimendil, King of Cardolan

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Story Summary

This is a multi-chaptered tale composed by one of the lone survivors of the sack of Rhudaur and the infamous Disaster of Cameth Brin, which took place in the early years of the 14th century, T.A. The action takes place during a time of great turbulence and instability within the sister-realms of old Arnor (c. T.A. 1300). The alliance between Rhudaur and Angmar has only recently come into existence and the name of the Witch-king is still a thing of evil rumors and little-known to most, outside of the wise. The author of the narrative is Iliandor, councilor and friend to King Calimendil, and is told in the first-person. Originally entitled, "The Rise and Fall of Calimendil, Sixth King of Cardolan", I have reduced this to the shorter title in order to comply with the rules of this website. Naturally, as most war stories go, there is a good deal of violence herein, particularly in the second half. However, I have taken pains not to present it in a way that is not overly graphic or unsuitable for most readers. Finally I wish to note that, while the plot and storyline are entirely my own, select names of places and characters within the story (ie. Calimendil, Broggha, Cameth Brin, etc.) I have 'borrowed' from an older Middle-earth gaming supplement by I.C.E.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 1. The Sibling Princes 4,241 0 19 Nov 05
Appx. Word Count 4,241 0  



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Story Information

Author: Celebrimbor32

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - The Kings

Genre: Drama

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 11/19/05

Original Post: 11/19/05

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