Arandil's 2005 Birthday Presents!

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Story Summary

(1) Feanor. Anything about Feanor as long he is not protrayed as evil!Feanor. Angsty Feanor is fine. Fluffy Feanor, Adult-Situations Feanor, Forge-smut - whatever. Also, his two eldest sons would be cool. (Maedhros and Maglor). (2) Legolas and Thranduil - happy father/sonness. Or either one by themselves. (3) Elladan and/or Elrohir - either by themselves or together. No Arwen. She's worse than T.B. (aka Galadriel). (4) An evil drabble - from an orc's perspective, or the MoS, or Sauron , or the ickle dark lord himself, Morgoth - anyone from the "other" side... Extra points if Morgoth abuses Sauron somehow. Extra EXTRA points if it somehow involves the shaving of Galadriel's head. (5) And if anyone wants to write me a drabble where Glorfindel kicks the crap out of Arwen for stealing his horse, more power to you.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 What Feanor Didn’t Get by Gandalfs apprentice 108 0 01 Sep 05
2 Claws - Elena Tiriel 341 0 13 Nov 14
3 Hard Tack - by Tanaqui 102 0 13 Nov 14
4 Strong Spirits by Gwynnyd 104 0 13 Nov 14
5 The Dead Keep It 188 0 26 Sep 05
6 "Luceo, Non Uro" - by JunoMagic 284 0 27 Sep 05
7 Glorfindel's Revenge 142 0 01 Oct 05
Appx. Word Count 1,269 0  



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Story Information

Author: Arandil

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 10/01/05

Original Post: 09/01/05

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