Of Passion and Compassion

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Story Summary

In which Aragorn's remorse over a tragic past mistake keeps him from repeating it, and we learn the real reason why Denethor never loved his second son. AU pairing and alternative chronology.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Killing with Kindness 426 0 06 Nov 14
2 The Sins of the Father 201 2 06 Nov 14
Appx. Word Count 627 2  



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Of Passion and Compassion

Linda Hoyland - 06 Dec 05 - 9:20 PM

General Comment

Although I don't think canon Aragorn would have an affair with a married woman,you make your AU very plausible and give Aragorn's encounter with Eowyn a new insight.

Of Passion and Compassion

wordweaver - 21 Dec 05 - 4:27 PM

General Comment

I agree that canon Aragorn would certainly display more wisdom and self-control. 

The believability of the AU pairing in my story also hinges heavily on my rearranging of dates.  I don't believe Aragorn would have cheated on Arwen, especially as early on in their engagement as when the cannon Faramir would have been conceived.

 I do think that Aragorn's refusal to take Eowyn with him was based on the recognition that what she wanted was not ultimately in her best interest.  He regretted the fact that he could not return her love, but he knew that would destroy her.

The idea of Faramir as Aragorn's bastard son intrigued me (despite its implausibility) because he is described as being very much like Aragorn in appearance and demeanor.  Denethor's irrational antipathy for him would also be consistent with a suspecion that Faramir wasn't his own child.


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Story Information

Author: Wordweaver

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 05/26/05

Original Post: 05/26/05

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