From the Ashes

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Story Summary

The courtship of a laundress in the Houses of Healing and a Rider of Rohan . Original characters; cameo by Eomer. This started as a birthday drabble for Aliana and just would not be contained. Some semi-explicit het. Unbelievably romantic, considering I wrote it.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 From the Ashes 2,062 0 12 Jan 06
Appx. Word Count 2,062 0  



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From the Ashes

telpethoniel - 21 Feb 06 - 2:18 AM

General Comment

This is very poetic, and I'm a published poet (hard cover book form) this is very well written

Keep up the good work 

From the Ashes

Werecat - 05 Mar 06 - 6:06 AM

General Comment

Hi there!

Better late than never, I guess. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your story when it passed review. It was about time someone gave original characters a chance. :)

Thank you for sharing this with us,


From the Ashes

EdorasLass - 07 Mar 06 - 6:11 PM

General Comment

Telpethoniel - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


From the Ashes

EdorasLass - 07 Mar 06 - 6:12 PM

General Comment

Werecat - anytime's a good time for feedback :) .   I keep trying to think of something else to do with these two characters, because I like them myself, but so far, no nuzgul. Glad you liked it!


From the Ashes

DKP - 23 Oct 06 - 5:10 PM

General Comment

I was in the mood for a romance when I saw this in the Featured Story section, and what a reward! I fell in love with Mereneth and Renward. You fleshed out these OCs beautifully and gave them such a sweet courtship. It was nice to see, as Eomer said, "...that happiness has come of this war." The ending was very sweet, and I also thought you handled their first night together particularly well. I hope you find more stories for them - surely there's something to be written about a "regular" Gondorian making a new life in Rohan?


From the Ashes

RiverOtter - 24 Oct 06 - 7:59 AM

General Comment

Bravo!  This is excellent with the shifting points of view.  The epilogue is poignant with Renward and Mereneth expecting a child while each thinks of the future and their love for each other.

From the Ashes

EdorasLass - 24 Oct 06 - 9:14 PM

General Comment


I'm glad to hear that you liked Renward and Mereneth - I was a bit hesitant to post something that had almost no canon characters in it!

I haven't really written anything post-War, but if I do, I'll make an effort to include these two OCs, because I really like them, too.


From the Ashes

EdorasLass - 24 Oct 06 - 9:16 PM

General Comment

Hiya, Riverotter!

 I'm still never quite sure where this story came from - it's so different in tone than the type of thing I usually write. Glad to hear you liked it, and  thank you so much!


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Story Information

Author: EdorasLass

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 01/19/06

Original Post: 04/30/05

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