Midwinter Forfeit

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Story Summary

Finduilas seizes the chance to ask Thorongil some searching questions.

2/11/2010 - Somewhat revised, retitled, moved to winter revels instead of summer revels to better accommodate my current thoughts on the Corsair raid and characters' motivations.



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Midwinter Forfeit 5,288 0 11 Feb 10
Appx. Word Count 5,288 0  



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Midwinter Forfeit

Gwynnyd - 11 Feb 10 - 10:14 AM

General Comment

Thanks to Katydidnt, I was spurred to do the rewrite I have been meaning to do for the last five years.  Story is finally complete and out of beta.

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Story Information

Author: Gwynnyd

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 02/11/10

Original Post: 03/09/05

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Arathorn II
Finduilas - 3rd Age

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