Coming Home to Crickhollow

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Story Summary

Back in the Shire, Merry has to confront how much the experiences of their journey changed both Pippin and himself.

"Well here we are, just the four of us that started out together," said Merry. "We have left all the rest behind, one after another. It seems almost like a dream that has slowly faded." (Return of the King, Ch. 7 "Homeward Bound"): There are memories which cannot be left behind, dreams which will not fade.

Keywords: Meriadoc Brandybuck, Peregrin Tuck, slash, post-quest, Crickhollow, Merry/Pippin, Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins

Mithril Awards 2005 - Runner-up: Romance/Erotica - Slash



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Coming Home to Crickhollow 1/3 4,765 1 21 Sep 10
2 Coming Home to Crickhollow 2/3 3,105 2 21 Sep 10
3 Coming Home to Crickhollow 3/3 3,986 0 15 Sep 10
Appx. Word Count 11,856 3  



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Coming Home to Crickhollow

Marta - 26 Jan 08 - 2:55 PM

General Comment

This is a really incredible look at how the Ring War might have affected Merry and Pippin. I like the way that Merry was expected to take up his place as heir to the Master, and your descriptions of Pippin were especially stirring. Though I like slash, M/P isn't a pairing I can usually accept like I'd like to because they're family; but this story walks the line between acknowledging that and dismissing it quite well.

Coming Home to Crickhollow

Vaysh - 27 Jan 08 - 4:34 AM

General Comment

Hi Marta -
thank you so much for this wonderful comment. It makes me very happy that I made Merry/Pippin slash possible for you ;-). Tolkien canon is very important to me, and I tried to make plausible a sexual relationship between cousins and close friends such as Merry and Pippin within canon. The medieval ideal of warrior lovers, often symbolized by the story of Amicus and Amelius, has been my inspiration for this.
Thank you for reading and commenting. You sure made my day.
- Calanthe

Coming Home to Crickhollow

Grey_wonderer - 21 Apr 08 - 3:14 AM

General Comment

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this story very much. Lovely writing and a very nice look at how difficult it must have been for Merry and Pippin to put the past behind them and move forward with their lives.

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Story Information

Author: Vaysh

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Genre: General

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 12/26/13

Original Post: 10/18/04

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