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Story Summary

AU. One less arrow at Amon Hen and things go much differently for beloved good-bad son of Gondor. A veritable odyssey for Boromir ensues, complete with manipulative Valar, exiled elves, Radagast the Brown, and a helpful chorus. Action, adventure, angst, humor. Mixed writing styles (prose and poetry), with a Greco-Roman feel. Rated for violence and adult themes. A warning to the squeamish. 2005 MEFA Award Winner: 1st place, Alternative Universe category


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Chorus I (The Beginning) 411 0 10 Aug 04
2 Recovery 3,858 0 11 Feb 05
3 The Elves' Departure 4,048 0 29 Jan 05
4 Above Emyn Muil 4,443 0 29 Jan 05
5 Chorus II (Nienna) 197 0 20 Aug 04
6 Pursuit 3,449 0 29 Jan 05
7 The Adraefan 4,499 0 29 Jan 05
8 Radagast the Brown 4,628 0 09 Oct 04
9 Honor Rekindled 3,892 0 11 Mar 05
10 The First Skirmish 4,213 0 11 Mar 05
11 Chorus III (Dream Prologue) 2,936 0 24 Sep 04
12 The March 3,465 0 17 Sep 04
13 Chorus IV (Golradir) 1,121 0 17 Sep 04
14 Mourning 4,925 0 19 Sep 04
15 The Great Tree by Moonlight 4,486 0 27 Jan 05
16 Down to Ered Lithui 3,079 0 07 Jan 05
17 Chorus Silent (Barad-dûr) 3,419 0 25 Sep 04
18 Interlude 226 0 25 Sep 04
19 The End of the Ring War 3,076 0 03 Oct 04
20 The Houses of Healing 4,166 0 22 Dec 04
21 Chorus V (Prayer Answered) 587 0 21 Jan 05
22 The Return of the King 4,262 0 04 Feb 05
23 Slow Awakening 4,591 0 22 Oct 04
24 Shadow and Thought 4,712 0 27 Oct 04
25 Imrahil and the Guard 5,887 0 03 Jan 05
26 Chorus VI (Coronation) 301 0 09 Nov 04
27 Coronation 3,395 0 10 Nov 04
28 The Citadel Courtyards 6,064 0 14 Nov 04
29 Long Day and Longer Night 7,834 0 18 Nov 04
30 An Unexpected Arrival 4,792 0 24 Nov 04
31 Reunion of Two Friends 5,090 0 22 Dec 04
32 Valanya Market 5,242 0 26 Nov 04
33 Children of the Citadel 9,578 0 30 Nov 04
34 Boromir the Mad 8,166 0 02 Feb 05
35 Chorus VII (Sprawling Considerations) 412 0 20 Dec 04
36 Edoras 5,366 0 05 Dec 04
37 Departures 8,126 0 25 Dec 04
38 The Treegarth of Orthanc (Farewells) 6,291 0 03 Jan 05
39 Saruman 5,277 0 28 Jan 05
40 Degeneration 5,521 0 07 Jan 05
41 Chorus VIII (Varda Comes to Boromir in a Dream) 827 0 06 Jan 05
42 Recovery in Imladris 4,208 1 17 Jan 05
43 Apples, Tea, and Radagast 5,042 0 20 Jan 05
44 Ill News at Bree 8,301 0 23 Jan 05
45 Chorus Interrupted (The Finish) 4,621 0 01 Feb 05
46 The Shire 5,827 0 09 Mar 05
47 Final Chorus (Another Beginning) 461 0 09 Mar 05
48 Author's Notes 1,496 0 04 Mar 05
Appx. Word Count 196,814 1  



WARNING! Comments may contain spoilers for a chapter or story. Read with caution.


painless - 02 Sep 06 - 1:24 PM

General Comment

Thank you very much for this story! It totally  blew me away. I think it's most likely the best LotR fic I've read.

Thank you!


cleis - 27 Oct 09 - 8:39 AM

General Comment

i am a new member to HASA as was not able to satisfy my thirst for boromir stories. i have decided to come back to the LOTR fandom after 5 years and was glad to see this story tucked amongst thousands just waiting to be appreciated and loved again! i am not a writer (although i have tried several times in the past only to fail miserabl!) but i do know how to appreciate a well-written, well-thought of story when i see one. i am nearly done reading all 50+ chapters of your story (without any interruptions!) and have shamelessly cried for the last 20 chapters or so.... i haven't read a more engaging, emotionally-wrought, story in a long time. I am glad that there are still writers out there like you who dare share their talent with us simple-readers.

i have loved boromir's character eversince reading tolkien's books which brings me to what you have just written

"Ah, my sweet mortal Man,
all rugged and ragged and ruined and scarred
long have I favored you, loved you as a babe,...."

he is just so flawed and noble that i think he deserves more than a passing thought in the First Book. thank you for expounding on his character and for giving him justice among the other nine walkers!

thank you also for sharing the adraefan! i have never enjoyed a group of elves in my life!

I can't wait to finish this story! i do hope that varda's whispers should suffice to pull boromir out of his rut and at the end receive his rewards as varda promised! 

thank you and i will now keep on reading! :)


cleis - 27 Oct 09 - 11:25 AM

General Comment

thank you for sharing! i am exhausted for all the crying i've did for boromir. i will surely wake up tomorrow with puffy eyes!

thank you for putting so much thought and energy to your story. all  the minor details were not overlooked! the dialogue was engaging. the dream sequences were just right. the characters well-played! can i just say that i miss Third One?

i have yet to really digest the ending of your story and will go to sleep still thinking about boromir's plight (could'nt we just sign him up for alcoholics anonymous?). he wouldn't have gotten away with going back to the bottle is he wasn't Varda's favorite! Yes, it was fitting that Frodo would be the one to see him off...

i hope you have another boromir story waiting for me :). i hope you are still writing!  thank you for this wonderful gift! 

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Story Information

Author: Aeneid

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: General

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 10/20/05

Original Post: 08/10/04

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