One Ring to Bind Them

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Story Summary

An adult Tolkien fanfic pairing Celebrimbor and -- Sauron in fair form. How Sauron once seduced the Elves, the making of the Rings of Power, and the downfall of Eregion. Series Warnings: Rated NC-17. This series darkens as it progresses. It includes graphic sex, slash (male/male) eroticism, consensual BDSM, violence, torture, and character deaths.

Mithril Awards 2003 - Winner - Voter's Choice Best Silmarillion
Mithril Awards 2003 - Runner-up - Best Silmarillion
Mithril Awards 2003 - Runner-up - Best Drama


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Author's Introduction and Dramatis Personae 633 0 16 Jul 02
2 Part Zero: The Fairest 1,661 0 16 Jul 02
3 Prologue: The Elessar 1,600 0 15 Jul 02
4 Part One: The Fellowship of the Jewel-Smiths 6,919 0 16 Jul 02
5 Part Two: Coupled Power 6,916 0 16 Jul 02
6 Part Three: The Center Cannot Hold 5,844 0 16 Jul 02
7 Part Four: One Ring to Bring Them All 8,421 0 18 Jul 02
8 Part Five: They Knew Themselves Betrayed 10,476 0 16 Jul 02
9 Epilogue 1,155 0 15 Jul 02
10 General Story Notes 666 0 16 Jul 02
Appx. Word Count 44,291 0  



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Story Information

Author: Tyellas

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 2nd Age - Rings

Genre: Drama

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 01/11/06

Original Post: 07/12/02

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