Feelings of Superiority

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Story Summary

For the "Equality and Discrimination" Challenge.

I could not decide on a culture to showcase, so here are six drabbles, three for Men and three for Elves.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Númenorean Largesse 110 0 16 Jan 07
2 Tall Lords of Rhovanion 107 0 16 Jan 07
3 Acquiring Merit 98 1 16 Jan 07
4 The Slopes of Taniquetil 100 0 16 Jan 07
5 Acts of Creation 100 0 16 Jan 07
6 Kept Promises 106 1 16 Jan 07
Appx. Word Count 621 2  



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Feelings of Superiority

Crowdaughter - 17 Jan 07 - 1:59 PM

General Comment


what a enlightening and well crafted series of drabbles. Each and every one is very telling of the mindset of their speakers in their own way, and each of them fit the challenge perfectly. Very greatly done! Thank you!

Feelings of Superiority

DrummerWench - 17 Jan 07 - 9:26 PM

General Comment

Excellent and appropriate vignettes!  I really liked them all.

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Story Information

Author: Gwynnyd

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/16/07

Original Post: 01/16/07

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Elena Tiriel's favorite drabbles (vignettes of precisely 100 words), drabble multiples, or drabble series from Tolkien fanfic; a very personal and eclectic list of drabbles at HASA that have touched me in some way. See Inspiring Stories for a list of favorite stories of other types.
Included because: An evocative set of drabbles depicting the prejudices of various peoples of Arda.


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