Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth

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Story Summary

Here is a series of Fairy Tales for the various races of Middle-Earth--some for Men or Elves, Dwarves or Hobbits. Each chapter is one complete tale. New! Ch. 17, "Fair and Foul", a tale for Elves and ... others.



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Prologue--Sam's Book of Tales 597 0 26 Jan 10
2 The Sorceress 2,180 0 14 Aug 05
3 Spiderwebs 1,359 1 21 Jan 07
4 Cloak-Ties 1,205 2 06 May 06
5 Birds and Feathers 1,349 2 20 Nov 05
6 The Bear 933 1 05 Feb 07
7 The Lady in the Water 2,367 2 11 Jan 07
8 Shadow and Fire 527 3 13 Jun 06
9 The Swans 2,422 3 22 Jul 06
10 The Wooden Boy 1,274 1 13 Aug 06
11 The Heart of the Mountain 1,495 2 05 Feb 07
12 Day-Bright and Night-Dark 1,877 3 01 Sep 07
13 The Seeing Stones 2,389 2 29 Sep 07
14 The Troll Bridge 739 0 15 Mar 08
15 Tree and Star 1,083 4 08 Jan 09
16 A Son of Eärendil 3,685 2 26 Jan 10
17 Fair and Foul 4,112 6 26 Jun 11
Appx. Word Count 29,593 34  



WARNING! Comments may contain spoilers for a chapter or story. Read with caution.

Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth

DrummerWench - 29 Jan 12 - 9:09 PM

General Comment

Thank you, Lynx of Isengard, for reading and commenting on my various little tales!  I'm so glad you like them.  *thinks* I don't believe there's much bloodshed in my tales--I'm a bit squeamish that way!  If you like tales involving Dwarves, check out Adaneth's stories: start with Rock and Hawk.  About Snow-white and Rose-red, heh, I took some left turns away from that, right?

Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth

Leonora - 30 Jan 12 - 10:28 PM

General Comment

Hi DrummerWench, it's Tilly from Mark Reads.

These are diverse and lovely! After the one you linked to I read them all. They're not only fun in their own right, but also from picking out the influences and admiring the way you put them all together and transform them. I especially loved "The Swans"; it's like the expanded origin myth I always wanted for the house of Dol Amroth but could never articulate for myself. Smile

Fairy Tales of Middle-Earth

DrummerWench - 01 Feb 12 - 1:28 PM

General Comment

Thank you, Leonora, for your kind and thoughtful comments!  I'm so happy you read and enjoyed my stories, and that you liked the way I play with the fairy tale tropes and traditions.  I was going to post a link to "The Swans" during --- where Legolas sings about Nimrodel, but got busy, etc.  Maybe when we meet Prince Imrahil I'll have another chance ...

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Story Information

Author: DrummerWench

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Ongoing Serial

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 06/26/11

Original Post: 04/30/05

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