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Dotty for Dúnedain

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1. Gathering of the Grey Company
Story Overview | Go to Ch. 1
Included Because: I liked this story because it has a nicely thought out Ranger structure.
Rating: General
Status: General
2. Mering Market
Story Overview | Go to Ch. 1
Included Because: A wonderful exploration of the antagonism and friendship between two quite similar characters.
Rating: General
Status: Reviewed
3. Queen's Gambit
Story Overview | Go to Ch. 1
Included Because: The chess game provides a nice metaphor as Faramir and Arwen reach an understanding.
Rating: General
Status: Reviewed
5. Haven of Rivendell, The
Story Overview | Go to Ch. 1
Included Because: An interesting view of Aragorn's years as Estel.
Rating: General
Status: Reviewed

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Last Update: 10 Apr 05
Stories: 5
Type: Workshop/Group List
Created By: Musings on Men

Tall, dark and handsome - definite air of Númenor... what's not to like? A list of some favorite stories that include Dúnedain. Whether your tastes run to Northern or Southern Men of the West, you'll find something to suit here.

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