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First Age
Stories: 24
Owner: oshun
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 14 Sep 14
My Time of the Trees and First Age favorites
Fairer Than Ivory, Silver, or Pearls
Stories: 7
Owner: AngelQueen
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 02 Mar 14
A selection of some of the best romances in the archive.
Favourite Legolas Fics
Stories: 6
Owner: Azalais
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 25 Nov 10
Stories which show something a little bit different, or bring out what I love best, about the One Elf...
Faramirist Favorites
Stories: 6
Owner: Raksha The Demon
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 25 Dec 09
Some of my favorite tales of Faramir
Fëanor and Nerdanel
Stories: 9
Owner: Meril
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 06 Mar 07
My favorite 'ship. Stories about them.
Faramir and Éowyn
Stories: 3
Owner: Meril
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 06 Mar 07
My favorite human 'ship. Stories about them. Various characterizations and interpretations.
Fantasy of Manners
Stories: 12
Owner: DrummerWench
Type: Reader List
Last Update: 05 Sep 06
The Jane Austens, Georgette Heyers and Oscar Wildes of the Tolkien fanfic world.
Favourite Hobbit Stories
Stories: 3
Owner: Hobbit Haven
Type: Workshop/Group List
Last Update: 10 Apr 05
Just trying out this format with some stories I've enjoyed. Patti Baggins
Members of the workshop are encouraged to add links to their favorite stories – if the author is not a member of the workshop, please contact the HAWorkshop Admin to request authors be added to the workshop - or to add one story of their own to this playlist. To add a story to the playlist, join the workshop and from the shop main page, click the ‘Stories’ link next to the playlist name, then click the “Add Story to Playlist” link. Select the story you wish to add from the drop down list. Type the reason you are adding this story to the playlist in the box and click ‘add’. To create a new playlist - shops can have many Playlists - join a shop, or create your own shop, click the “Add Playlist to Shop” link, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Stories: 15
Owner: Marta's Playlists
Type: Workshop/Group List
Last Update: 03 Apr 05
Stories I have read and liked, dealing primarily with interactions between members of the Fellowship.
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Playlists are lists of HASA stories put together by authors and readers, just as music lovers put together lists of their favorite songs.


  • Stories in a series put in reading order.
  • A collection of similarly themed stories, such as Hobbit romance or critical essays on Men.
  • A reader's "favorites" list, complete with explanations of why the reader likes them so much.
  • A collection of stories by multiple authors.

Anyone can create a playlist!

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