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Journey's End: 1. Introduction

This is dedicated to all of you who asked for a sequel about Legolas coming home, becoming part of his family, and growing up after his early adventures.

This story is a sequel to 'May the Valar Protect them'. It may not make sense if you have not read the first story.

To recap the story, a group of elves from the Woodland Realm of King Thranduil travel to Esgaroth and on to the Iron Hills for purposes of trade and a little rest and relaxation. The time period is the end of the Watchful Peace, and the countryside had seen relative peace for over 400 years. The group is attacked by Orcs near the Iron Hills, and take refuge in a nearby cave. This incident marks the beginning of the end of the Watchful Peace. Narawen, the Queen, is pregnant and gives birth early after being stabbed with an orc dagger. Legolas is born. A decoy camp is set up near the cave, for it is expected the orcs will return. The Queen, her attendant Tathiel and three children are left alone in what is thought to be a secure cave with Alagos, warrior son of the King and Queen, to guard them.

The orcs are repelled, but during the night the cave is attacked through a secret entrance. Narawen and Alagos are killed, and Tathiel and the three children abducted. This starts a two-year journey for the four that takes them through the Iron Hills, a terrible winter they spend confined to a cave, an awful journey to the Sea of Rhûn and the village of Agar, until they finally escape. Orcs and shadow return to Mirkwood from the East, and Tathiel and the three elflings are caught in the middle of it. A search party has been tracking them for two years, and just when all hope seems lost for them, the search party rescues them. They still have a tough journey home. They arrive back in Mirkwood when Legolas is just past his second year.

The list of characters from 'May the Valar' follows. Many of them will not be in this story, but they may be referred to so I have left them.


Family of the King

Thranduil* ------King of Mirkwood the Great
Narawen* ------Queen of Mirkwood the Great, killed the day Legolas was born

Bregolas------- Eldest son; name means fierce, wild leaves; warrior; heir to throne
Lathron---------Second son; name means listener; wise beyond his years
Celebrinduil----Third son; craftsman
Alagos*--------Fourth son; warrior; name means storm of wind, killed the day Legolas was born
Elenath --------Daughter; novice warrior, name means starry sky
Elumeril*-------Daughter, child, name means blue rose
Legolas---------infant son, abducted on his day of birth with Tathiel, Tinánia & Eärundra

Urithral*-------Advisor to the King
Ethiwen*§-----Wife of Urithral, warrior of Mirkwood
Tinánia*-------child of Urithral and Ethiwen, abducted with her sister, Tathiel and Legolas
Eärundra*-----child of Urithral and Ethiwen, abducted with her sister, Tathiel and Legolas

Rawien*§------Captain of Mirkwood
Elryndel*-------Warrior of Mirkwood, killed in the Iron Hills
Orchalthon*----Warrior of Mirkwood
Sadron*§------Warrior of Mirkwood
Laerion*§------Warrior of Mirkwood
Tathiel ---------healer and attendant to the queen; abducted with the three children
Calardan-------Craftsman of Mirkwood

*Characters were part of the original group who traveled to Laketown

Search Party (marked with §)

Bellion§--------Warrior of Mirkwood
Meren§--------Warrior of Mirkwood
Elunell§--------Warrior of Mirkwood
Lachthoniel§---Warrior of Mirkwood
Galithon§------Captain of the King's Guard
Varandil§------Warrior of Mirkwood; Healer

Members of Bregolas' patrol that saved everyone in the end

Galthenin-------Captain of Mirkwood
Aranu----------Captain of Mirkwood
Camnesta------Chief healer to the Realm; travels at times with warriors.

Characters from the Iron Hills

Balak-----------Man of the Iron Hills
Ban-------------Father of Balak; chief of small village
Ain-------------Dwarf they meet near the ore mines in the Iron Hills

Village of Agar

Tal-Elmar-------son of Hazad of Agar
Hazad-----------youngest son of his mother, Elmar
Guryn-----------brother to Hazad
Patel------------son of Hazad
Nurnan ---------son of Hazad

Sarn------------shopkeeper in Agar
Balwyn --------wife to Sarn

Thanks for reading!

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