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Vistula's 2006 Birthday Presents: 1. Wizard or Warrior by Mar'isu

Wizard or Warrior by Mar'isu

"Sam, what did you pack?" Frodo asked, digging behind the spare cooking gear into the bottom of the sack for the requested seasonings to go with Strider's deer.  "If I didn't know better, I'd say you'd packed Bag End in here."

"Well, I would have, Mr. Frodo," Sam replied from next to the fire where he was busy helping the Ranger clean his kill, "but Miss Lobelia glared fit to roast me when I mentioned it."

Frodo smiled at the uncommon humor from the sturdy gardener and would have laughed, but the presence of the strange man who had joined them only four days ago made him hold the laughter back.  Pippin, having no such inhibitions, giggled from his seat nearby.  "It's naught that he didn't carry to Crickhollow, Frodo," the youngest hobbit said between laughs, "and he's added since then."

"Now see here," Sam objected, wandering over to the nearest pool to clean the deer blood off his hands.  "There's none as say I can't carry a little extra if I choose."

"Indeed," Strider agreed, washing up with Sam.  "I find that sometimes, it's what you didn't think you'd need that is necessary."

Frodo, half buried in Sam's pack nodded in agreement.  The Ranger made a point.  Suddenly, his hand bumped something unusual in the very bottom of the pack.  It couldn't be . . . was it . . . a book?  Grabbing all the spices he had found and the book the Ringbearer backed out of the cavern Sam had been carrying.

"Sam, what is this?" he asked staring at the battered sheaf of parchment crudely bound together in his hand.

Hastily drying his hands, Sam scrambled to snatch the manuscript from his master's grasp and stuff it back into the pack before anyone else saw it.  "It's nothing," the gardener mumbled.  "I thought . . . . Well, if we were to see elves, maybe I could . . ." The plain hobbit shook his head.  "It's a bit of foolishness, is all, Mr. Frodo.  Nothing more."

Frodo didn't argue, respecting Sam's reticence.  Yet even as he helped to roast supper, he couldn't help but ponder what he'd read on the cover of the much-used book Sam had brought along.

There, in an uncertain, but readable, hand was set:

Troll, and Other Poems
by Samwise Gamgee.

The End, or not.

"It's out of his own head, of course," said Frodo.  "I am learning a lot about Sam Gamgee on this journey.  First he was a conspirator, now he's a jester.  He'll end up by becoming a wizard or a warrior!"

- FOTR, Flight to the Ford, just after Sam's poem "Troll."

AN: Happy birthday Vistula!  Title is from the quote at the bottom.  I corrected a few typoes, but this is essentially how it is in the forum.

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