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Lords of Gondor: 9. Boromir

"Boromir! Boromir, you bad boy, come back here!
Somebody stop him!"

Aragorn turned from the parapet to see a small,
golden haired bundle of energy hurtling along the
Citadel wall towards him, bent and scooped it up as it
tried to dart past.

Bright blue eyes glared at him for a moment from
beneath thunderous brows, then the small face relaxed
into a puckish grin. Accepting defeat, but only for
the moment.

Aragorn grinned back. Suddenly the child's face
changed into a Man's. Strong and handsome but deathly
pale, fair hair dark with sweat and plastered to his
head, blue eyes full of pain both physical and
spiritual. Aragorn felt a desperate, powerful grip on
his shoulder and the chill of future grief and guilt
upon his soul.

He blinked and was back in the present, the child's
face laughing into his. But the memory remained.
Something terrible was going to happen to Boromir when
he came to manhood and he, Aragorn, was going to be
there to see it.

The Lady Finduilas arrived, breathless, dropped her
skirts and reached for her son. "Bad boy! Musn't run
away from Mama like that."

Boromir just went on grinning, cheerfully

Aragorn handed the boy over, carefully burying the
foreseeing in the deep places of his mind. The Lady
Finduilas had no little insight and he would not
poison her joy in her small son with grim previsions.

"You have quite a handful there, m'Lady."

"Don't I know it! Thank you, Thorongil." she
slanted a sidelong look at him. "You know something of
children I see. Are you perhaps a father yourself?"

He shook his head. "Not yet, m'Lady." *nor ever I
fear* "But I am a most experienced uncle. My elder
sister's boys were about your Boromir's age the last
time I saw them." he blinked, suddenly reminded of the
passage of the years. "They must be Men grown by now."

Her blue gaze sharpened. "You have served Gondor
for some twenty years now, Thorongil, have you not
visited your home once in all that time?"

"Alas no." he answered carefully. "The distance is
very great."

"Yet you have travelled far into both Rhun and
Harad in Gondor's service." she observed. "And I am
sure the Lord Steward would willingly grant you leave
for a journey home, however long it might take."

"The Lord Ecthelion has ever been a kind and
considerate master to me." Aragorn replied.

Of course she ignored the evasion. "But to ask such
leave you must also say where you would go and you
will never give us such a clue to your origins."

He made the only answer possible. "Lady, from the
very begining I have made it plain there are questions
I cannot answer."

"Cannot or will not?" Boromir wriggled restlessly
in her arms, bored by all this talk over his head.
Aragorn unpinned the adamant star he wore on his
shoulder and offered it to the child as a diversion.
But his mother would not be so lightly distracted.

"Will not, I think." she said softly, blue eyes
boring into his. "There is no Man living who has the
right to command you." she blinked, frowned. "I don't
know why I said that," looked at him challengingly.
"Yet it is true isn't it?"

Reluctantly he nodded. "It is true I am my own
Master, yet I am also a servant and not free to follow
my will."

"You do not speak of Ecthelion." she said flatly.

"I do not." continued carefully. "Lady, please
believe that whatever I am, I am not your enemy or
your lord's."

"You will be his death." she said flatly. Then took
pity on the stricken look in his eyes. "Not by your
own hand, or even by your will. But you will bring him
to death, Captain Thorongil. You know I speak true."

"No!" he took a deep breath. "Men are the masters
of their fates, Lady. It is true certain actions of
mine, should I undertake them, could well lead to
Denethor's death. But I am resolved against that
course." He met her eyes straight, the strange light
that ever lurked in his gleaming brightly. "You, and
your Lord, and Gondor are safe from me, my Lady. You
have my word on it."

She sighed. "I know you mean well, Thorongil, and
that Denethor had treated you badly. But it is hard
for him to see what should be his given to a
stranger." he made a gesture of protest but she swept
on passionately, not giving him a chance to speak.
"My husband is a great Man but no one appreciates him
as they should, not even his own father! I am the only
one who really understands him."

"The Lord Denethor is fortunate to have such a
devoted advocate in his wife." Aragorn said gently.

"He needs me." she agreed softly. "I saw as much
when I still a little girl in short skirts and braids.
I knew I was the wife for him, if only he'd wait for
me." smiled. "And he did."

"As I recall it took some little prodding before he
saw the girl had become a Woman." Aragorn said with a
glint of remembered amusement.

Finduilas laughed out loud. "More than a little!
Men can be such fools, even the wisest of them."

"All too true." Aragorn agreed ruefully.

"Finduilas?" they turned and looked up to see
Denethor frowning down at them from the battlements of
a nearby tower. "What are you doing here?" there was
surprise, even disapproval in his voice and eyes but
no suspicion. Denethor's follies did not include
doubting his wife, even when he found her in
conversation with a Man he regarded as his rival and

"Papa!" Boromir crowed delightedly stretching out
his arms towards his father. "Papa, papa, papa!"

"Yes, dear, it's Papa, now be quiet a minute and
let Mama talk." continued to her husband. "The next
Captain-General of Gondor took a fancy to inspect his
future command over his mother's objections. Captain
Thorongil was good enough to catch him for me.

"The little devil." his father said, proud and

"As strong willed as his father." Finduilas agreed.

"And persistent," Aragorn put in, "mark my word,
m'Lady, he'll try again the very next chance he gets.
And again, and again until he gets what he wants."

"That is like his mother." Denethor smiled, the
presence of his adored wife and son mellowing him
enough to be pleasant even to Thorongil.

"I know." Aragorn agreed ruefully.

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