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Hands of the King: 87. Appx. II - Chronology

NOTE: This chronology contains spoilers. Story years are yellow.

Year Event
2855 Birth of Turgon, Denethor's grandfather
2866 Birth of Angelimir, Adrahil's father
2882 Birth of Belemir, Denethor's uncle
2884 Birth of Andreth, eldest child of Turgon.
2886 Birth of Ecthelion II; Birth of Lady Emeldir
2890 Angelimir serves Steward Túrin; Isengar Took goes off with Gandalf
2901 Ithilien abandoned; Henneth Annun is built
2905 Birth of Thengel; Hallas born
2907 Birth of Gilraen
2910 Birth of Halmir; Isengar Took returns to Shire
2911 The Fell Winter; Angelimir returns to Dol Amroth
2912 Birth of Boromir, son of Andreth and Belemir
2914 Death of Steward Túrin; marriage of Ecthelion and Emeldir
2915 Birth of Aiavalë
2917 Birth of Adrahil
2918 Birth of Luinil
2919 Birth of Beregar's mother, Adanel
2921 Birth of Madame Morwen; Angelimir becomes Prince of Dol Amorth
2922 Birth of Morwen of Lossarnach, Théoden's mother
2923 Birth of Maiaberiel
2925 Birth of Mistress Primrose; Birth of Violet, Lark and Wren's mother
2928 Birth of Brandir
2929 Marriage of Gilraen and Arathorn; Thengel serves Steward Turgon
2930 Birth of Denethor, 25 December
2931 Birth of Aragorn, 1 March
2932 Birth of Hareth
2935 Aiavalë named Master Archivist.
2936 Birth of Miraen
2937 Birth of Borondir, son of Boromir
2940 Birth of Luinmir
2941 Bilbo begins his adventure; Smaug is killed; battle of 5 Armies; Sauron flees Dol Guldur; Adrahil serves Steward Turgon
2942 Sauron returns in secret to Mordor
2943 Marriage of Thengel and Morwen in Gondor; Adrahil meets Luinil at their wedding, ends service to Turgon
2944 Birth of Lark; birth of Forlong of Lossarnach
2945 Marriage of Adrahil and Luinil; birth of Folcwyn, Théoden's sister, in Gondor
2947 Birth of Ivriniel; Birth of Wren
2948 Birth of Théoden; Birth of Aeluin; marriage of Adanel
2949 Denethor travels in secret to Umbar; birth of Beregar (14 Jun) & Halbarad
2950 Birth of Finduilas (01 Aug); Ecthelion moves into Tower
2951 Sauron declares himself, rebuilds Barad-dur; Aragorn sees Arwen; Dol Guldur re-occupied; birth of Rose, Beregar's sister.
2952 Birth of Hilda, Théoden's sister, in Gondor
2953 Turgon dies; Thengel returns to Rohan; last meeting of White Council; Saruman spies on Shire
2954 Orodruin bursts back into flame; Ithilien abandoned; birth of Lily, Beregar's sister
2955 Birth of Imrahil; Denethor takes command of North Ithilien Rangers; marriage of Primrose and Urgon.
2956 Aragorn meets Gandalf
2957 Aragorn enters Thengel's service; Aldwyn, Théoden's sister born; birth of Iris, Beregar's sister
2958 Marriage of Maiaberiel and Brandir
2959 Birth of Gríma
2960 Belemir dies; Boromir is Captain-General; Denethor Captain of Osgiliath
2961 Birth of Magor, Morwen's son; birth of Targon, Primrose's son.
2963 Birth of Théodwyn, Éomer & Éowyn's mother
2965 Boromir killed; Denethor recaptures Osgiliath, rebuilds the bridge; marriage of Luinmir and Isilmo
2967 Battle of Langstand, Adrahil victorious over raiding Corsairs
2968 Aragorn enters Ecthelion's service; birth of Frodo; Finduilas's dreams begin
2969 Gandalf pays his first visit to Ecthelion
2972 Aragorn takes over Pelargir garrison; Halmir arrvies from north
2973 Adrahil becomes Prince of Dol Amroth
2974 Denethor meets Finduilas in early Spring; Finduilas becomes Aiavalë's guest; Emeldir dies in winter
2975 Summer invasion of Gondor repelled; winter battle at Osgiliath; Thorongil named Captain-General; marriage of Lark and Bard; Denethor and Finduilas betrothed at year-end
2976 Birth of Anna, Luinmir's daughter; marriage of Théoden and Elfhild; marriage of Rose and Baranor; marriage of Beregar and Aeluin; marriage of Denethor and Finduilas
2977 Angelimir dies; Imrahil serves Ecthelion; Rose's son, Beregond, born; Ivriniel weds Angbor of Linhir
2978 Birth of Theodred; death of Elfhild; birth of Lark's daughter, Merilin; marriage of Wren and Marlong; birth of Boromir
2979 Preparation for Umbar invasion; birth of Beregar's daughter, Finiel; birth of Ivriniel's daughter, Eärwen; marriage of Luinmir and Morvorin; death of Folcwyn, Théoden's eldest sister.

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