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Recaptured!: 86. Love in a Shirt

A/N This is a slash interlude before the hobbits part company again. Not reading this will not interfere with the plot. If you don't like Merry and Pippin slash then do not read it – just pretend it never happened – all right?


Merry was a little tired although somewhat exhilarated after telling their tale to the assembled company. He wished secretly that he were as good a storyteller as his younger cousin, or better still, that Pippin could hear and speak again so that he could have told of their adventures. Merry always thought Pippin equalled cousin Bilbo as a weaver of yarns. He could elaborate better than most and had a great eye for detail. He could repeat whole conversations verbatim, imitating the accents of the participants with great comic effect. Yes Pippin would have done a far better job.

Right now though, in deference to Pippin's broken foot and his own blindness, his little cousin was both leaning on him and leading him, which was a good trick too. As long as Pip kept as much weight as possible off the foot it did not hurt too much, which saved Legolas and him as well. He felt Pippin pull him back slightly, a code they had devised which meant the path went down here and from the inclination of the terrain he decided they must be going back to where they had been sleeping.

Legolas and Éowyn had gone to see to their horses and replenish their water and food supplies, leaving the hobbits to their own devices for a short while. Merry was pulled down to sit, and realised they were back by the little heap of blankets again. Pippin snuggled next to him burrowing his head into Merry's lap.

All at once Pippin moved his head and Merry sensed that he had sat up suddenly. He bit his lip slightly as he knew the reason his cousin had pulled away from him. Unbidden, as these things usually are, Merry had become stiff in an embarrassing place. "Sorry!" He mouthed to Pippin, hoping that he was looking at him and that Pip could lip-read that one word now. Just to be sure he sent it as well.

'sorr i pip'


'i go stiff…'

'i go knowed…'

'you smiled in you head pip…'

'you be fun – make i laughering…'




'not sorr – mer we go lone way soon… we gone miss… '

'hush it wraith go hears we…'

'don't cares…'

Merry was suddenly pushed backwards onto the blankets as Pippin pinned him down with both hands on his cousin's shoulders. He opened his mouth in surprise, only to have it covered with Pippin's kiss, pressing into him as passionately as he could, taking Merry's breath away as he explored with his tongue and entwined his hands in the blond curls.

One of the unusual things about mind-linking was that you felt everything you gave and Pippin could feel himself kissing Merry and could also feel Merry being kissed. Another was that kissing did not stop you from talking.



'loves you…'

'pip… loves you well… al-wayses…'

'evrer 'n evrer?'


Pippin started to pull Merry's oversized shirt off, but the modest hobbit grabbed the smaller one's arms and kissed his nose lightly.

'not heres pip i thinks mens go sees we'

'don't care…'

'i care…'

Pippin pulled away and sat with his arms folded. Merry reached out and felt his stance and knew at once he was sulking. The older hobbit tried to enfold Pippin in his arms but he shrugged him off. Determined not to part on a row, Merry sighed and grabbed Pippin by his ears, it seemed rough but, because Merry felt it too, he knew it didn't hurt. He turned Pippin's head round and planted a full kiss on his lips. Then, while still exploring Pippin's mouth with his tongue, he began to unbutton the large shirt until he could slide it off Pip's shoulders.

'mer! now i got no thing on!'

'your i-de yum i-du… i… you think it first…'

'i best get in you shirt…'

'pip you go laugh in you head 'gain.'

Pippin, giggling silently but wickedly, crawled to Merry's ankles where his hem started and wriggled himself up inside the voluminous garment until they were face-to-face and buttoned inside the same shirt. Merry easily slid his arms out of the sleeves and wrapped them around Pippin.

Their kiss was long and sweet this time, the echoes of it reverberating back and forth between them. Merry stroked Pippin's sensitive ears tenderly then traced his face with his fingers, feeling every contour, touching the corners of his rosebud lips and gently pushing them upwards to make a smile. He bent to tenderly kiss each of Pip's eyes, touching the long lashes with his tongue, then softly caressing a kiss on each of his cheekbones. It felt nice Merry thought and he could feel that Pippin thought so too.


'yes my pip?'

'don't go!'


i know… just…'


'don't go dead…'

'oh pip!'

'please… not now…we near safe…'

'i try bested not do… you not go dead too…'

'try hard not… got come back to you mer…'


'course… promsis! …love you too much… heart go break half…'

'oh pip… my heart go half now…'

'hush now mer…'

Pippin could see the tears trickling down Merry's face and kissed his eyes and rubbed his cheek against the wetness. At the same time his hands moved over the bruises on Merry's ribcage and when he felt a sharp little pain that made them both wince, he slowly kissed his way down to the black and blue patch, nuzzling the warm flesh all the way. Then very gently he kissed and licked the large bruise without causing either of them so much as a flinch this time.

'all bettrer now?'

'all bettrer pip… i go kiss at you bruise if i see they!'

'well you not go see they…'

'but i got knowed – i listended legolas… can feel they too'

Merry caught hold of Pippin under his arms and lifted him up to be level with his face again. Then he rolled them over until he was on top. Merry gently licked Pippin's neck and planted several kisses around it, feeling through the mindlink that intensified their bond each time he found a small hurt, and giving the spot special attention gently moving Pip's head from side to side to reach everywhere, even into the nape and awkward corners. Then he eased his body down still kissing and licking all over Pippin's right side until his face was level with Pip's waist. Again Merry planted a row of kisses all along his young cousin's slender waist, feeling on his own middle that most of the caresses from his warm lips were finding their mark, both soothing the injuries and making Pip squirm with pleasure.

'i near all bettrer now'

'what bit i miss?'


Pippin's mental groan accompanied him gently pushing his erection into Merry's chest and moving it against him. Merry groaned too as he felt Pippin's sensual pleasure.

'touch you so good mer…loves you so much…'

'i knows…my pip… loves at you till al-wayses…'

Merry knew that he himself could not stop now, nor leave Pippin unfulfilled and wanting him so. He snuggled down further inside his own big shirt, taking Pip's erection in his mouth and encouraging him to push gently into his throat.

Pippin could not make the mistake of being rough, just as his cousin shared his sensual pleasure of his own warm mouth, everything Merry felt, he felt. The push of his own fullness in Merry's mouth felt as if it were in his own. He had never imagined such pleasure. They were one, body, heart and soul.

He latched his hands into Merry's hair, more for comfort than control, and gently rocked to and fro, wanting it to last forever, but knowing it would be over much too soon. Suddenly the pleasure multiplied by two as Merry held his own erection and rubbed in time with Pippin's thrusts into his mouth.

'slow… pip'

'can't… mer'


'mmm… mer please… love you… you… mer…aiiieeee!'

They both felt the delightful painful near death of orgasm wash over them, doubled by the sensation of both coming at the same time. The sensation was impossible – two orgasms at once coupled with the delight of giving pleasure as well. The feelings of love for each other were magnified into a whirlpool of emotion and unbelievable ecstasy.

They lay very still inside the big shirt, Merry resting his head on Pippin's stomach for several minutes. Eventually he wriggled back up to be level with Pip's face and nibbled the corner of a pointy ear.

Just then a polite cough sounded artificially behind them. "Would you like to try your new shirt Merry?" It was Legolas. "Éowyn remade it for you from a bigger one. Although I don't think you'll be able to squeeze Pippin into this one as well."

Pippin looked up at Merry's startled movement and saw Legolas smiling down at them. He realised the elf had probably been discretely trying not to listen to them. He grinned back.



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