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The Strength of Your Love: 8. Chapter 8

Author's Chapter Notes:

Some of you guys might notice that the timeline is off. I did it on purpose because i want the cerin amroth event in this story since it was not in the movies. So i move between the movie and the book trying to find a plot and timeline that works.


Arwen's POV :

It has been three weeks since you left Lorien. I spent my days wandering the grounds, visiting the places we went to together. The beauty of Lorien did not ease the anxiety in my heart. I longed for you Estel. I want to be near you, hear your voice and feel your skin. I missed you. Where are you now my love? Have your duties taken you far?

I was to return home to Rivendell, Estel. Father summoned me home. Something was coming he said. I was glad to return home, the place where our love blossomed. I found myself sitting aimlessly in the gardens staring at the trees where you hid before. I walked to the library and found the old books you read, touching them as you did. It might be my wild imagination but I could smell you amidst the musky leather bindings. This is what I did when nothing else came to mind but you...

Father told me of the founding of the Ring of Power. Oh, Estel... Your destiny draws near. I would have you claim your identity and be the great man you are. Where are you Estel? Where have your duties taken you? Are far away from me, my love?

I spent my nights alone, thinking about you... about your kisses. My heart would thump in my chest as if you were touching me, kissing me. Do you feel that my love? It is our soul connecting. My days were spent wishing you were here with me. I was lonely and I missed you terribly. Father told me of your coming. You had company with you, it seemed. Though you were still days away from Rivendell, I would go out to meet you! Yes, my Estel! I would find you and we will be reunited once again.

I rode hard for a few days. Fear loomed in my heart as I heard the Nazgul nearby. Are you safe Estel? Are the others safe as well? I will find you my love and aid you. Look to my arrival. I will reach you soon...

At last I found you, with your guard down, looking for something on the forest floor. Mischief stirred in me as I placed my sword upon your chin. You looked up to me, with knowing eyes and a slight smirk on your face. Alas, our meeting was not on a happy note. The Hobbit, Frodo was injured and with the Nazgul behind you it was impossible to think of anything else but the bleak future. I will take him with me. I will ride hard and fast. I will keep him safe.

Trust me my Estel. I will not let you down. Trust me like you did before and we will be together again. Come to Rivendell, where the power of my people can help heal you and your companions. Worry not for young Frodo for I will make sure with my life that he survives. I love you Estel and I cannot wait to be in your arms once again...

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Romance and maybe some drama... :)

Why This Story?

Such a beautiful story about Aragorn and Arwen!


Story Information

Author: luthien85

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 08/21/10

Original Post: 08/11/10

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