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Celeborn and Galadriel

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Silver and Gold : 7. Chapter 7

Celeborn, his hair still dripping,
stood in the doorway of the study. 
Luthien looked up from the gameboard and waved.

looked up at him thoughtfully.

Finrod began, “why don’t you go bother my sister?”

            The little
princess blinked her dark grey eyes. 
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Finrod lied conclusively.

Luthien stood, bowed very gravely, and dashed off down the hall.

her go, Celeborn grinned.  “She always
makes me smile.”

withheld a number of tempting comments about what else might make Master
Celeborn smile, expending a great deal of will power in the process.  “Have a seat,” he bade, beckoning towards
Luthien’s place.

Celeborn surveyed the layout of pieces. 
“It seems the princess has you on the run.”

            “If you’d
care to take over for her, I think you’ll find yourself less advantaged than
she was.  You’re not at all little and

            “In that
case, I might as well let her finish her own game,” Celeborn retorted

grinned at him.  “Let’s be honest, shall
we?” he began, leaning forward far enough to prop his elbows on the table.

Celeborn replied, blinking.

            “Just what is
going on with you and my sister?”

let out a deep breath and leaned back in his chair.  “If I knew how to answer that, I would be more than happy to…”

Celeborn,” Finrod chided, “you agreed to honesty.  Now, deliver.”

met his eyes frankly.  “Galadriel is…”

Finrod concluded dismally.

yes,” Celeborn admitted.

should’ve know.  You know, I think every
one of our first cousins was smitten with her at one point?  You’re perilously close to that yourself,”
Finrod realized, sitting up a little. 
“You’re Thingol’s nephew, you said?”

actually,” Celeborn amended.  “His
brother Elmo is my grandfather.”

            “And his
brother Olwë is mine.  Two generations
off.  Slim margin, Celeborn.”

nodded, looking mildly troubled by this.

            “What I’m
getting at,” Finrod continued, “is that the last thing Galadriel needs is
another person obsessing over her beauty. 
She’s been through it.”

            “I’m sure
you’re correct,” Celeborn began carefully. 
“And I imagine that the next to the last thing she needs is a brother
intent on telling her what she needs?”

Finrod told him, very seriously, “is irrelevant to this discussion.”

entirely,” Celeborn disagreed. 
“Galadriel undoubtedly knows her own mind,” he pointed out.

Finrod agreed vehemently.

surely she would’ve dismissed me quite forcefully, had I been only an admirer
of her beauty.”

Finrod stated, leaning back in his chair, “is a good point.”

            “I rather
liked it myself,” Celeborn retorted modestly, grinning.

            “And what
is also a good point,” Finrod parried, “is that even Galadriel herself is not
immune to a fair face and a clever tongue.”

Celeborn said flatly, leaning forward, face very earnest.  “Galadriel is … an intriguing person.  The more I talk to her… the more I want to.   She… impresses me, and frustrates me, and…
fascinates me.  I’m fond of her.”

snorted.  “So am I.”



Finrod gazed in loving awe at the
map in his hands.  He sat in perfect
stillness, as though the slightest movement would shatter a dream.

paused at the study door.  “Finrod?”

            He looked
up, eyes shining, grinning like a little boy.

perfect,” he told her quietly.  “There’s
a system of caves along the river Narog. 
The placement is ideal – better than Menegroth!” he exclaimed
enthusiastically.  “All I lack is my own
Maia, and –”  Finrod abandoned that line
reason at a stern glance from his sister, and cleared his throat.   “At any rate, we can set out at first
light.  Thingol has agreed to help with
architects and labor, and I would like to survey the site as soon as
possible.  The sooner we get started the
better,” he concluded, voice rising in an excited crescendo.

light?” she echoed softly, then quickly ducked her head to avoid her brother’s

“Galadriel, this is what we’ve
dreamed of.”  He stood from the desk and
faced her.  “This is your ambition and
mine.  And yet you look as though I’ve
just torn out your heart.”  Finrod took
her chin in his hand and forced her to face him, but she kept her eyes
downcast.  “This is about Celeborn?”

Galadriel looked up quickly, denial
on her lips and confirmation in her eyes.

Finrod silenced her with a
look.  Their relationship had been that
of equals so long, that she could almost forget that the older brother she
adored could command her respect and attention with the merest expression. 

“You’re in love with him.”  It wasn’t a question.

Galadriel opened her mouth to
respond, but Finrod cut her off with an irritated gesture.

“And you’re planning to be a
stubborn fool and refuse to change your almighty ambitions and plans?  Forever is a long time to spend alone,
Galadriel,” he told her sharply.

“Do not act as though you would know from experience,” she retorted
pulling away from his grasp.  “You are style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>hardly alone, just because that Vanyar…”

“Amarië chose what she believed
in.  Than happened to be obedience to
the Valar over me.  I can not and will
not find fault with her for that choice,” he asserted quietly.

“Nor will I hesistate to.  It shows the shallowness of her devotion to

“I loved her.  I still do.”

“No one doubts that, Finrod,”
Galadriel said softly, putting her hand on his shoulder.  “It was she who left you.”

“Only as much as I left her,” he
contradicted, shaking his head.  He
looked up and smiled at his sister. 
“Finwë’s line has a strand of stubbornness as wide as the Ered Luin, and
about as perilous.  It is not often we
meet one as stubborn as ourselves.”

Slowly, she returned his
smile.  “A day?”


“Can you delay our…your…departure a
day?  I just need a chance to speak to
him of this.”

“Of course.  But, Galadriel…” he began.


“You know… any decisions you make
at this point aren’t irrevocable,” he said with a cynical half-smile.  As
your decision was
, she thought, not liking the melancholy sheen in her
brother’s eyes.  He let his fingers
slide across the map.  “I won’t be far
from Doriath.”

She nodded.  “I know. 
But…  I want my decisions to

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