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Gandalfs apprentice's 2006 Birthday Gifts: 7. The Window - by Vilwarin

The window of our bedchamber in lord Imrahil's castle faces towards the west, and this is where I find her. My lady has dragged a chair over so she may sit in comfort while she is lost in her memories.

I know she does not see the crashing of the waves on the cliffs, she sees what no eye on these shores can glimpse – whether mortal or immortal.

This is the first time she has accompanied me to the falas. I was glad to know her near me, as any husband should be, but at the same moment my heart was full of worry.

Across the water dwells her kin. In our home one cannot see the sea, but here is nothing to shield her from it and I fear that it might overwhelm her.

I can only imagine how much she must miss what she has left behind. Does she regret her decision to cleave to me? My heart tells me that this is a foolish thought and not to worry.

I know that I have her love. But when I look at her, see her sad eyes gazing over the water, I cannot help but wonder. Is she happy with her life?

She has not heard me, so I softly call her name 'Arwen'.

She turns around then, away from the window, and gives me a seductive smile.

My lady holds out her hands towards me, and I come willingly to her.

We snuggle close together and our lips meet in a gentle kiss.

'So, my lord,' says she playfully, 'what has taken you so long? I was getting bored.'

For a moment I wonder how her mood can change so quickly, then I know it. It is my mere presence. Is it not so that in the end there remain faith, hope and love, and all this she has in me.

In but a few months we will have our own little family, and though we will always miss what is now lost, we both know that we may look into a bright future.

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This is a playlist collection of the drabbles written in honor of another HASA member's 2006 birthday. Stories are alphabetical by recipient.

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