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Dear Diary: 5. 8. Thrimidge 1368

8. Thrimidge 1368

Dear Diary,

I cannot believe my luck. There are tears swimming in my eyes threatening to spill over. Drogo will surely be thinking I have mused over my fears again until they made me cry, but that's not it.

I just received the greatest of all gifts a mother whose child has not yet been born can get. I could feel my baby. I have perceived my child before this and understood that my body has changed because I am pregnant, because there is new life growing within me - but this time it was real. I could actually feel a little hand or foot punching against my womb. Never have I felt anything more wonderful, never received more bliss than I have this very afternoon. My child is alive and very energetic too!

My little one; we have taken a very important step. Never before did I feel the life within me as clearly as you have shown me this afternoon. You know how happy I am, don't you? You do not mistake my tears for sadness, but know they are from joy.

Your movements have ceased, my dear. Are you sleeping again or just resting? Do you feel my hand when it rests on my belly just as I feel you?

I cannot wait to tell Drogo. He will be beside himself with joy. Even now he can spend hours with either his hand or his head resting on my belly and I wonder what will happen once I tell him that our child is a little scrapper. I guess he will not leave my side again until he has felt the little foot or hand as well. I cannot blame him, being so very excited myself. I could sit still and wait for my child to wriggle all afternoon. But I have housework to do.

Gilda is coming tomorrow to check on us and she is bringing my brother with her. I wonder how much Rory already knows, how much Gilda has passed on to him. Does he share my fears? Even if he does, he will not show it, being the kind, caring brother he always has been. Yet my news will touch his heart. He will know from it that there is now more hope for a new heir than there has ever been; a new little Brandybuck - or rather a Baggins mingled with a respectable amount of Brandybuck-blood. My little Baggins. I can not wait to see his face when he learns of it.

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Author: Lily

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Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Drama

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Last Updated: 08/22/06

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