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The Strength of Your Love: 5. Chapter 5

Aragorn's POV :

There you stood at the end of the path in a pale blue gown. Your hair dark against the fabric, billowing in the wind. A few strands of unruly hair brushed against your beautiful face. You smiled at me and my heart melted. I walked towards you with cautious steps, unsure of the smile you gave me. I saw the change in the curve of your lips but was it because you missed an old friend or was it more? I could only dare to hope...

My heart skipped its usual rhythm into a thunderous beat of drums as I watched you move towards me, the smile still etched on your demure features. What could this mean? You smiled at me before, yes, but this time I saw the glow that accompanied it. Thirty years had passed and yet you looked frozen in time. I have returned my love, to your arms if you will have me. I have made myself worthy of your presence. Am I worthy of your love?

Now here you are, standing before me. A slight blush on your cheeks with your eyes lowered from my gaze. You seemed so small now or had I grown? I hope I have become the man you could learn to love. I brushed the hair from your face and you looked at me. I saw the twinkle in your eyes and I knew your gaze was renewed. I never thought my chest could grow any bigger but today it did. My heart swelled up with pride and joy to stand before you, a changed man in your eyes. In the end that was all that mattered, your gaze... The way I see myself in your eyes.

My bold fingers found your chin and lifted your face, your eyes still lowered. I whispered your name and finally you really looked at me. My name was on your lips and it felt good hearing it again. Arwen my love, I have missed you. Did you know? Every night I thought of you... Did you feel me? You were the reason I forged on, the many nights I felt despair. You were the very air I breathed when I was in Mordor, a placed riddled with ashes and the air was fumes.

My bold hands pulled you closer to my body. The feel of your lithe form against my hard shell gave me comfort and a sense of familiarity. You came into my arms and placed your temple against my rough cheek. My calloused fingers caressed you hair... Forgive me... They had roughened from all my training but I am proud of them. They are the evidence of my love for you, for I trained hard to be worthy of you.

You lifted your gaze and locked your eyes with mine. The air in Caras Galadhon seemed charged with electricity tonight. My body warmed to your touch and my soul felt bolder. I leaned in to breathe your scent. I looked at you, trembling with anticipation. You close your eyes and parted your lips. I approached your rose petal lips and placed mine over it. The feel of your supple lips upon mine was wondrous. Years of longing seemed quenched with this one kiss. I was contented. Never again would I ask anything from you save this, a kiss...

But you gave me more that night, more than what I could ever hope for. When I finally released you from our passionate embrace you whispered to me the words I will never forget, "I love you, Estel... I am yours forever..." And today at Cerin Amroth, I am yours....


Chapter End Notes:

Sorry this one took longer :) please tell me what you guys think of it

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Romance and maybe some drama... :)

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Such a beautiful story about Aragorn and Arwen!


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